usually we collaborate with different companies, always looking for proximity to our production environment and the employment of our students. Forms that can collaborate are:

Training in Workplaces (FCT)

In all studies offered by the Vocational Training Center, the student has an internship in a company, which gives professional experience in a real production environment and facilitates their employment, often in the same company in which he has made. There are two possible periods for the FCT: March to June or September to December. The implementation schedule is set depending on the day that is done, since the amount of hours the student must remain in the company is fixed.

In each training cycle there is a tutor assigned and managed by the FCT said that the company should contact if you want students in this modality.

Dual Vocational Training

This mode allows companies to have students while completing their studies at our Center, a contract for training and learning of one year (to which they are associated certain tax advantages). This allows the student to work in a real environment while completing their studies, giving it a more comprehensive and enriching vision, and accustomed to internal business processes, and employing technologies. The company finally has a trained worker and is already adapted to the day-to-day position held.

From the Center we offer this modality in cycles Multiplatform Application Development (Family Professional Information Technology and Communications) and Sales and Management (Professional Family Trade and Marketing) Commercial Spaces.

Companies can join projects already underway or propose the start of this modality to other studies. If there is demand from other companies, or the number of students requested is enough to have a group, we can design a project tailored to the participating companies. For more information or to participate, Contact Dual Vocational Training Coordinator.

No Labor Practices (PNL)

From our center we also offer courses for employment INAEM. The NLP practices are carried out by our students at the end of these courses. If the company wants to accommodate students in this modality, Contact Course Coordinator INAEM.

Customized training

We are able to organize courses that respond to needs expressed by companies. For more information, contact the Director of Studies for Employment.

Collaboration in lectures and workshops

Regularly organize technical conferences including talks and workshops. It may be a good opportunity to introduce the company to the students. For more information, contact the Department of Innovation.

Employment Exchange

From the center is available an employment, which manages the job offers coming to the center and coming through the INAEM for the profiles of our students. INAEM intermediary labor working in our Center helps manage said bag.

If your company is interested in using the bag to record job, follow the instructions below:

As-be-de-high-in-bag-company (148.1 KiB)