Accreditation ceremony of the call PEAC SSC2017-03

yesterday 19 December Orientation Session and ceremony of the SSC Accreditation call took place 2017-03 (Stage IIC) the procedure for assessment and accreditation of skills related to qualifications HEALTHCARE TO DEPENDENTS IN HEALTHCARE INSTITUTIONS AND PEOPLE AT HOME.

The event was chaired by Mr. Roberto Santolaria Malo, Director of the Agency of Professional Qualifications of Aragon. Also they attended the delivery the presidents of the two evaluation committees, Mª Moreno Reyes Vázquez Villar and Maria Mar Salavera and EAC heads of department and our management center IOPE, Ana Costea and Carmen Sanchez Guerrero Floria.

We give our heartfelt congratulations to the 134 candidates who obtained their accreditation.