Links intones the requiem, black tears, by the dead women, in so far this year, victims of gender violence

Our Centre, during the month of November he has sung a requiem for the 43 dead women, in what we had this year, victims of gender violence.

Forty-three tears, each with its black veil, with the name of each woman, the place and date of death, They have hung in the lobby of CPIFP Links.

our Réquiem, black tears, feels the pain of every woman and our students are directed to strengthen their self-esteem and respect people around them, preventing repeat this grave reality in their lives.

As well, in commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women joined this complaint the students of 2nd Audiovisual Production and Entertainment. Monday, 26 of November, In addition to presenting the short films made during the past year and the result of a profound reflection on this scourge, these students prepared for the entire educational community with a performance with which he wanted to stress the need to denounce this nonsense.