INFORMÁTICAS fantastic and Where to Find Them

“Because there is a story that is not in history and can only be rescued listening to the whisper of women” (Rosa Montero).

From CPIFP Links we try to know that part of the story concerning rescuing women of different professional sectors.

In March, el alumnado de CFGS de Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Multiplataforma (turno vespertino) realizó una investigación sobre grandes profesionales de su sector, developing various murals that would allow us to meet these famous programmers, hackers, creators of technologies and applications of great social impact. This activity, Besides, He allowed reflect and discuss the prejudices, existing gender roles and ways to address them.

¡Ven a conocer sus historias! ¡Son realmente interesantes!

Irene Sanz, Pilar Ferrer and Ana Aparicio