Great program which the students of CEIP La Estrella de Zaragoza prepared: a policy debate as “animal”, a “,” poetic and “Wi, we, we” the most moved. But go to parties.

Presenting her school was the most original. These boys and girls have great talent for interpretation, and we showed staging a very common situation: a family interested in enrolling their children in a school. And so, Thanks to this scene, we learned that you are a bilingual French center featuring native teachers, they are also a large school that has two buildings, and have library, garden and even open on holidays.

In this cole they are very concerned with the care and treatment of animals. The discussion focused precisely on them, and specifically on two controversial issues around them. So, They outlined the reasons, for and against, the appearance of animals in the circus and other shows, although they also discussed the holding or no pet at home. yes, a debate was very polite and well moderated. Also one of its advertisements versa revolves around this issue. In particular is raising a plea for children and adults think twice before adopting an animal, because sometimes they end up in the protective unowned and unloved. Very interesting what they have told us.

Miguel Servet, Pilar Lorengar, Francisco de Goya and Isabel Zapata, among others, They talked among rhymes, which it is a way of learning that attracts us and encourages us.

” It was Pilar Bayona

brilliant pianist


big concert”

And what about your section in English? Well, we did dance and sing to the rhythm of the Waka-waka. Certainly a great program that we can soon enjoy our YouTube channel. Meanwhile you can see some photographs taken by the students of 2nd Lighting and Silvia Catalán Gimeno Saray.