The town of Zaragoza Belchite is famous throughout the world for having been the scene of bloody battles during the Spanish Civil War. Test still standing from those dark days are crumbling buildings, a horizon apart and that Belchite Viejo young and old of the town know so well.

scholars, tourists and even filmmakers have made those ruins the object of their analyzes, memories and images under the watchful eye of its inhabitants. Its importance could not be ignored for school at his school, el Youth, and it was precisely this matter the reason for discussion during his participation in Cole Television. For and against the different uses of Belchite Viejo, the students were scoring accurate center and interesting reflections arguments that we enjoy in your program.

No less remarkable was his Faldriquera, this voluntary part where everything fits. But no group of dancers go in Belchite! For this section dared to take a tour of the dances and music from the years 70 until today: rock and roll, Charleston, hip hop And till break dance. The audience was with us, the students of 1st International Trade in our center, and they left palms of both gorges clapping and cheering.

We also accompanied Claudia Ramos, alumna of upper Communicative Mediation, who explained to our young presenters systems exist to communicate with the deaf and the deaf-blind, which they are some of the contents that are discussed in this cycle of IES Maria Moliner.

On this occasion, The photographs were taken by Alejandro Murillo and Sandra lasobras, 2nd Lighting. And the catering, by pupils of CPIFP Movera, delicious and spectacular as ever. This time we were treated to some tasty and huge chocolate tresses which, Of course, It was not even a.

With the recording of the CEIP program Belchite Belia overcome the Cole Ecuador television this course. After the Easter holiday break will resume our programs, specifically with CEIP Antonio Beltran Martinez de Zaragoza.