They raised him in the debate: “let's talk about the differences between a small school in a small town, and a large cole in a big city”. And they debated intensely, with respect for all opinions and raising his hand to ask to speak to the moderator… even in moments “tense”, orderly and well-justified arguments. Each gave his reasons, all very successful, but if something does tip the balance towards smaller centers is that, as in the case of CEIP Santa Engracia, are students, students, teachers and families who make extremely large.
The school is precisely in Santa Engracia, the town that bears its name, hamlet of Tauste, in the region of the Cinco Villas zaragozanas. They explained that it is a municipality of colonization of barely half a century of life and that the school is composed of 18 Infant and Primary School, who worked long and hard with his “profes” to offer a spectacular program. A note also the collaboration of mothers and fathers of cole, who helped in the design and development of a stage like few have seen Cole Television: even a fireplace!
For section “the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section” They have offered us a very interesting topic: women workers in rural areas. Interview after interview, We have seen firsthand the security measures employing different professionals in their respective sectors: agriculture, commercial, livestock or automotive, among other.
For “,” counted with the presence of some very special yayos thanks to the dedication of the students of IES Santiago Hernández, they got to school age a few decades with their hair and makeup techniques. The warmth of home and the wisdom of a very salty yayo and yaya much memory we learn how Santa Engracia was born and how it evolved with the arrival of new families, companies and their school, among others.
With these and other interesting sections, Santa Engracia leave us a fun and spontaneous but very worked and a television aesthetic program. Soon we will see on our YouTube channel but for now you can guess by the pictures of Cristina Castán and Irina Gracia, Top grade students Lighting.