1. Convener: Coordination of Occupational Safety and Health CPIFP Links
  1. Purpose of the competition

The purpose of the contest is to raise awareness about the risks arising from work and the importance of compliance with prevention measures, to preserve the health of workers.

  1. Participants

Participation in the call for this contest means full acceptance of their bases.

It may participate via one of two categories:

  • CPIFP students of the course Links 2018/19.
  • Schools participating in the project ColeTV.
  1. Topic

The theme of the videos will focus on the Occupational Health and Safety, highlighting audiovisual form values ​​and displaying the same for this, risk or good practices.

It may be performed on any professional sector.

  1. Participation requirements

The contest will be to develop a video, with a maximum of 3 minutes (excluding the credits), through a composition of still images (photos) or moving accompanied by sound (music, voice-over, texts, etc.).

The 100% thereof must be original and not taken from other sources. In the event that includes music or images rights will be excluded from the contest.

For images where people appear recognizable, contestants must be authorized them.

The theme of the video will be related to awareness, prevention and fight against occupational risks.

They may present individually or in groups of a maximum of three authors.

In the case of participating schools in ColeTV, videos will be made with the collaboration of students in these schools.

  1. Video Delivery

Jobs are sent in formats .mp4, .avi o .mov. Delivery will be made through wetransfer.com, to the following address: prevencionderiesgos@cpilosenlaces.com, indicating in the subject line, category (Alumnado CPIFP Schools Cole links or TV)

The shipment will contain the following files:

  • Video file, whose name is the title of the work
  • Another file containing:

In the category of students of the Center: the personal data of the author / s (name, surnames, telephone and DNI), whose name will be: Title of work- Data.

In the category of schools: the name of the College, Name and phone rep, whose name will be: Title of work- Data

  1. Selection of works

A jury will select the finalists videos. This jury is composed by:

  • The director of CPIFP Links or his delegate, who will act as President
  • A / Professor / a Department of Image and Sound
  • A / Professor / a Department of Commerce and Marketing
  • A / Professor / a Department of Information and Communications
  • A / Professor / a Department of Foreign Languages
  • A / Professor / a Department of Training and Employment Guidance
  • The coordinator of occupational health and safety, which will also act as secretary

These videos will be presented through YouTube channel that will be released to participants.

From the moment they are in this channel, the Internet audience will vote all finalist videos.

The result of the vote will count 50% for the selection of the winning videos. The other 50% It will be decided by the jury.

Within each category, the videos submitted will be sorted in ascending order according to the number of votes received by Internet, so that it has obtained fewer votes will receive 1 point, the second 2 and so on. Similarly, the jury will sort videos in ascending order of acceptance and will be awarded points in the same way. In case of a tie, the points tied corresponded between videos will be shared.

Later, points obtained by each video through the feedback will be added and by the jury. In each category, the winner will be established by order of punctuation, add the most points is the winner video. In the category of students in CPIFP Links, in addition to the winner, the following video in order of score will get an honorable mention. In case of a tie, the jury will take a consensus decision for resolving it.

  1. Awards
  • In the category of "Student of CPIFP Links course 2018/19", the author / Video is who wins, as the base 7 this call, you will get a prize of a tablet. In case there is more than one author in developing the winning video, It will also deliver a hard disk 1 Tb for each, up to two.

Also, You may be granted a second prize that will be awarded 64Gb pen drive by Author.

  • In the category of "participating schools in the project ColeTV", school of the winning video will be awarded a camcorder.

Once selected the winners, It shall be informed through the same telephone number provided.

  1. Calendar

The deadline videos admission date to participate in the contest is the 13 May 2019.

They will be posted on the YouTube channel during the third week of May and you can vote up 3 June at 12,00 hours. This vote will be a 50% the final decision.

Then the jury will evaluate the videos. This assessment will involve the other 50% the final decision.

The jury considering the above, inform the authors whose videos have been rewarded before Friday 14 June 2019.

The prize / s will be held at the end of the school year. It will be communicated to all the winners place, date and time of the awards ceremony, assistance being essential for them.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

The authors of the finalist videos and winners, the mere presentation of their contest entries, cede gratuitously and for the CPIFP Links, copyrights, communication, distribution, transformation and public disclosure.

This contest will meet the requirements of the L.O. 15/1999 Protection of Personal Data.

Participation in this competition implies acceptance of these rules in full.

Not be eligible for the prize works that do not meet the bases.