The present CPIFP Links, Another edition, in Forqué Awards Gala

Invited by EGEDA, Entity Management of Audiovisual Producers Rights, CPIFP links as the training center of Image and Sound of Aragon was present at the XXIV Forqué Awards Gala held at the Palacio de Congresos de Zaragoza.

At the gala, organized by EGEDA, the Government of Aragon and RTVE, producer he surrendered José Frade Gold Medal as a tribute to his whole career. The movie “champions”, of Javier Fesser he received the José María Forqué Award 2019 Best Feature Film or Animation; the award for Best Documentary Feature went to “The silence of other”; the award for Best Short Film received it “cerdita“; José María Forqué Press Award for best male performance for Antonio de la Torre in the film “The kingdom”; Press the award for best female performance she picked him up Eva Llorach, by 'Who will sing'; Award for best Latin American film of the year was to “Roma” and, by last, Prize José María Forqué 2019 the Film and Values ​​Education was also “champions”.

Gala participated in many world cinema Aragonese. They were the director Paula Ortiz, movie pundit, Luis Alegre and actresses and actors Alexandra Jiménez, Marisol Aznar and Jorge Asín.

They traveled to Zaragoza to participate in this event other representatives of the audiovisual sector penelope Cruz, Jose Coronado, Juan Antonio Bayona, Carlos Saura, Imanol Arias, Gloria Ramos, Miguel Angel Muñoz, Elena Furies and the president of EGEDA, Enrique Cerezo, among others. The event featured musical performances by Marta Sánchez and Carlos Baute, Blas Cantó, Ana Guerra and all participants "Operation Triumph 2018 '.

Elena Sanchez and Edu Soto They were the drivers of the act. Soto said goodbye to the public thanking the host city: “we will always Zaragoza”, He said, before giving way to Calanda drums.