Every year, all school courses, usually they have events, events, activities and many vicissitudes to remember. A sometimes not very good, other good and sometimes extraordinary. But always, all must be analyzed, retained and considered for further improvement in the quality of the services the center provides.

It is 2018 Links for CPIFP has been one of those special years, not because it has been neither better nor worse, but remarkable in that the center, work and enthusiasm of all, It has achieved notoriety and has shown how important teaching activity and educational innovation, as all efforts to revitalize the center.

An example of this are the many activities we have developed and recognitions. A selection of the most remarkable in this 2018 have been:

  • 13 January involvement in CPIFP Links Forqué Awards Gala in the Palacio de Congresos de Zaragoza;

  • 17 obtaining January "Aragon Committed to Prevention 2017" award in its seventh edition and in the category of Best Performance in risk prevention for schools located in Aragon;

  • 25 January celebration Aragon first tribute paid to fashion designer Manuel Pertegaz on the centenary of his birth within the innovation project "FP Fashion Show " held at the Crown Room of the Government of Aragon;

  • 26 January student participation cycle Marketing and Advertising in the second edition of Marketing Challenge contest;

  • 31 January 1 February Technical Conference and Job Fair;

  • from 14 to 18 May celebration Week of Vocational Training workshops, visits, talks, etc. ending with the Open Day to present teachings;

  • from 14 to 18 May tombola Solidarity whose income, this time, They were dedicated to the Spanish Association Against Cancer;

  • 25 May obtaining recognition, "Autonomic Award Finalist 2017 Action Magistral" the innovation project "Link Yourself to Equality" in Aragon Education Day;

  • 1 June, organization fashion show dedicated to Manuel Pertegaz with the innovation project was closed "FP Fashion Show ", included in the Aragon Fashion Week (AFW);

  • 30 participation in June Simon Awards Gala;

  • from 19 to 30 September participation of students of audiovisual production cycles and Video shows and disc jockey and sound in Fotolimo International Festival 2018, Cerbère and Portbou developed (France);

  • 16 October, I am meeting with the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and the Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, to see firsthand our work as regards innovation center, entrepreneurship and as a driver of Vocational Training. This meeting was also attended our students of FP Dual, nurseries and representatives of major companies with which we collaborate regularly;

  • 13 November involvement in the Madrid conference "Future + Progress + = + FP"

  • 20 of November obtaining the first National Prize awarded by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training "Best Practices Award Irene: Peace begins at home" with the innovation project "Link Yourself to equality" received at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in Madrid. The award was collected from the hands of the Minister of Education and Vocational Isabel Celáa.

  • 30 November holding a commemoration of 40 anniversary of the Spanish Constitution with the presence of the Director General of Planning and FP Ricardo Almalé.

  • 13 from December participation in 17 Ebrópolis Awards edition of our innovation project "Reframing my reality"

In this way, almost without realizing, working with enthusiasm, desire and enthusiasm has been flowing in one year CPIFP Links. Now doors of the new year, we just want to thank the involvement of the entire educational community to work everyday and projects can be realized and, we want the year 2019 bring us new challenges and new hopes.

We do not want to forget all our colleagues who this year have entered a new stage of life, the retirement. For them, for all businesses, entities, organizations working daily in conjunction with the center and, especially for the entire educational community CPIFP Links, the management team wants to wish a happy and prosperous 2019.