Diploma for CPIFP the Ebrópolis Links Foundation

The CPIFP Links received a diploma Ebrópolis Foundation acreditativo of good practice carried out within the project “"Reframe my reality”. Last 13 December in the auditorium of Bantierra the act of delivery took place 17 Ebrópolis Award for Good Citizenship Practices. Our center was presented to this issue with the innovation project “"Reframe my reality” with which aims to facilitate mobility, promote the creativity of groups with special needs, support employability and foster the relationship between students of similar age but with different physical and psychic realities. This course students participate in the project of professional families of Image and Sound and Informatics and Communications CPIFP " Los and students of theTransition to Adult Life Class from Public School Special Education Jean Piaget .

The Ebrópolis Prize is made possible by the sponsors: City of Zaragoza, Aragon Television, The English Court, Fundación Caja Inmaculada, IberCaja Foundation, Fundación Caja Rural de Aragón, Radio Universidad de Zaragoza and Zaragoza.