Signed resolution of the next call for PEAC November 2018


Soon it shall be published in the Official Bulletin of Aragon resolution Summoning Procedure for Assessment and Accreditation of Professional Skills (PEAC) acquired through work experience or non-formal training of the competency units included in the following Professional Qualifications:

COM-2018-15: COM318_3: Organization and warehouse management

places offered: 60
IMS-2018-14: IMS441_3 Photographic production
places offered: 60
SEA-2018-16: SEA595_2: Surveillance operations and extinguishing forest fires and support for contingencies in the natural and rural
places offered: 75
  • AFD097_3 Fitness training in multi-purpose room
  • AFD162_3 Group fitness with music stand
places offered: 75
FME-2018-18: FME031_1 auxiliary mechanical manufacturing operations
places offered: 50
SEA-2018-19: SEA252_3 Interpretation and environmental education
places offered: 75
  • Requirements for candidates.
Those people who want to take part in this procedure must comply with the following requirements, the registration date in the notice published in the Official Bulletin of Aragon, the requirements of Real Decreto 1224/2009, of 17 July.
INSCRIPTION: The deadline for submission of applications is 3 to 21 December of 2018 , both included.