En el sorteo celebrado hoy viernes día 9 November 2018 in CPFIP links between schools registered in the "Cole Television" program, the extracted number is "2". According to the random list made with the registered centers (ENROLLED course colleges 2018-19), this number corresponds to the CRA Three Riberas, located in Maluenda and who attend school in the municipalities of Fuentes, Maluenda, Mara, Miedes, Morata, Paracuellos, Terrer and Villafeliche. El resto de centros que participarán en Cole Televisión serán: CEIP Catalina de Aragón de Zaragoza; CRA La Cepa, de Paniza; CEIP La Estrella, de Zaragoza; CEIP Santa Engracia, de Tauste; CEIP Belia, de Belchite; CEIP Antonio Beltrán Ramírez, de Zaragoza; CEIP Sancho Ramírez, de Huesca; CEIP Miguel Vallés, de Teruel; y CEIP Augusta Bílbilis, Calatayud. La lista de centros seleccionados se indica en el documento adjunto Participating schools course 2018-19, donde aparecen también los colegios que actuarán como reservas en caso de darse de baja alguno de los anteriores.

The ten selected centers have until 14 de diciembre para renunciar a su plaza enviando un correo a nuestra dirección de correo electrónico: coletelevision@gmail.com. In this case, the CPIFP Links will contact centers to match the square generated in the order of the draw and also indicated in the above documents.

Due to the high number of applications, since last year has chosen to leave at the end of the list to schools that have participated in the last two editions to give as many centers as possible option.

Nevertheless, and as we did last year, centers that have not left chosen in the draw are given the opportunity to perform tasks related to the world of television and the different activities existing jobs in this sector, such as educational visits to the sets where Cole recorded TV. And of course, We encourage you to try again in the next edition.

In the coming days, the selected schools will receive the documentation and information needed to begin participating in this educational adventure. In addition to the already usual sections on knowledge of the environment ( "Aragon on the board"), Foreign language ( "We / Nous / Wir") or use of ICT (header and advertising), among other, this year we maintain the section on risk prevention and gave such good results last year. You can check our YouTube channel.

Again, from CPIFP Links We thank all centers Aragonese Primary the efforts made to make this program a success shared learning.


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