Natalia Torres, former student and scholar Erasmus +, He gives us his vision of photography in Spain and elsewhere in Europe.

After nearly six years he is living and working in London and Edinburgh, Natalia Torres, former student of Image and Sound, Zaragoza again to develop his craft: photography. During Monday morning, 29 October, Natalia told the students of 1º and 2nd Lighting, Course, his experience with Erasmus scholarship + and his later work and apprenticeships in England and Scotland. In the talk he showed examples of his work of social photography, creative photography Street Photography or street photography. Natalia has encouraged students to take advantage of opportunities offered by European scholarship and engaging in serious learning and practicing photographic style that most appeals to them. The students have enjoyed the enthusiasm of this young photographer who returns to his city eager to develop new projects. This activity is included within the European Week FP, with which it aims to make visible throughout Europe teaching vocational training (

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