As it is established by the 7th section of the Order of 14 April 2011, establishing the procedure for recognition of Professional Competence:
Published the DEFINITIVE LISTINGS accepted and rejected (1 *) of candidates admitted to the Assessment and Accreditation of Professional Competences Procedure (Procedimiento de Evaluación y Acreditación de Competencias Profesionales), competences acquired through working experience or non-regulated training, included in the COM-2018-07, called by Resolution date 21 May of 2018, regarding competency units included in the Professional Qualification:COM411_1: ACTIVITIES ASSISTANT STORE (RD 1179/2008, of 11 July) as part of the professional certificate: (COML0110) ACTIVITIES AUXILIARY WAREHOUSE (RD 15/22, 31 October).


  • PLAZOS COM-2018-07
The admitted candidates , in accordance with the call requirements, have to “CONFIRMAR LA INSCRIPCIÓN (CONFIRM REGISTRATION)” using the “WEB APPLICATION (APLICACIÓN INFORMÁTICA)” . Confirmation of registration will be the days 24, 25 Y 26 October of 2018 (both inclusive).
Documents generated during this process along with the paymnet fees, which must be stamped by the Bank, They must be submitted to the Center Manager 26 October of 2018 CPIFP LOS ENLACES Calle Jarque de Moncayo 10 50012 – Zaragoza , directly in the secretariat (of 9,00 a 14,00 h), by fax ( 976 31 44 03 or email (
Indicated in the final list
Against this listing, that does not put an end to administrative proceedings, It may be lodged appeal with the Director General of Planning and Training within one month from the day following its publication.
Persons wishing to participate in these procedures for evaluation and accreditation of professional skills must comply, on the date of registration, those under the Real Decreto 1224/2009, of 17 July as indicated in the fifth paragraph of of theResolution date 21 May of 2018


(1 *) in the list include ADMITTED CANDIDATES ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CALL ESTABLISHED, SHOWING THEM competency units each candidate has listed in its REGISTRATION.