They are already here! From this week and are available to the public in our YouTube channel the end of the recorded during this course at our facilities and those of the eleven schools participating programs (ten Aragoneses and one Russian) editions. During June, the colleges have made their “premieres” individuals in their respective centers and municipalities “with great success of critics and audiences”, as we have told themselves. Chronologically, you can see the work of schools Fernández Vizarra (Monzalbarba); María Moliner (Fraga); Lucien Briet (Zaragoza); Mateo Valero (Alfamén); Castillo Qadrit (Cadrete); Gil Tarín (The Grind); Rosales del Canal (Zaragoza); Cervantes (Moscow); Pedro J. Rubio (Huesca); Santiago Apostle (Grañén) and Francisco Galiay (Ballobar).

Throughout the course, They have participated in the project around 310 school and 30 teachers of 5th and 6th grade ten schools and one Aragonese Moscow. In carrying out the program, meanwhile, They have collaborated 160 students and 20 Training teachers branches of Image and Sound (CPIFP Links), Personal Image (IES Santiago Hernandez), Food Industries (CPIFP Movera) and Socio-Cultural Services and the Community (IES María Moliner).

New this year compared to the previous year has been the inclusion of a section on risk prevention entitled “the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section”, which it has allowed children to research and learn the field. Highly positive has also been the suggestion Cole Television this year on the content of the debate: gender equality.

With the publication of the final programs, Television equipment Cole closes an exciting course during which the project has been strengthened and guaranteed even at an international level with consideration of “Initiative Highly Commended” European awards by Medea. Television Cole was considered one of the best educational projects among the initiatives presented over a hundred countries from around the world.

We have already started working for the next academic year the project continues to grow and improve. In September we return more eager to learn. Until then Happy summer!