Promotional videos of Cycles

As a means of promoting Vocational Training center, we have prepared 3 videos that summarizes what is learned in the CFGS Audiovisual Production and Entertainment (Family Image and Sound), CFGS Marketing and Advertising (family Trade and Marketing), and CFGS Sales Management and Commercial Spaces (family Trade and Marketing).
The videos have been produced in response to some questions that have been raised along the course at the Centre, and summarized in a question that pops up when it arrives, above all, the process of admission and registration: “But I, What will I learn in this cycle?”.
With these videos you try to give a very brief and essential response to what is learned in each training cycle FP. We hope to be useful as a small orientation when making your choice of future studies.
The center wants to thank the participation of students in First Year of Cycles that are promoted, and their guardians, who have worked voluntarily and selflessly, and the work of the company's Nursery CPIFP Links, dopamine Productions, which has been responsible for recording and editing of audiovisual material.
These videos are also available in the section of training offer CPIFP Links, in each of the professional families they belong, within each of the CFGS to which they are intended, next to document the information sheet of each cycle.