"Maquillajeeeeee" is perhaps one of the words most heard during the recording sessions of the ten programs "Cole Television". And it is for everything to be as close to reality, we have had the collaboration of students and teachers of IES Santiago Hernandez for making up and combing more than 300 students who have passed through our set. Specific, 32 students and 9 Cycle teachers Aesthetics and Beauty, and 22 students and 2 Cycle Teachers Personal Image Consultancy and Corporate, nothing more and nothing less.

They were the first to get to school and also of the most anticipated because, to the 10-12 years, children are often not used or that much less to comb the lick it.

And is that television can not appear without makeup except, Of course, you want to risk apparently being sick. In addition any makeup that would seem normal for us to go outside can not be used, but they employ a special one for the television medium. The usual is that, except the public, everyone who goes on television go makeup. Good, even if someone in the audience, for any purpose, must participate in the action will pass through the hands of Team Makeup, at least, "Remove shine".

And that is what the students have made Santiago Hernandez. But, in addition to the special makeup for television, They have made much more complicated characterizations, when both makeup as when combing. And so, we have seen authentic Roman, Bandits time of Bandido Cucaracha, rappers, Legend characters Maella, drawings of suns and stars, and even a Cervantes and Shakespeare! Amazing what they can do these students with their study tools.

From the IES Santiago Hernandez, They consider their participation in this project as "very positive, especially considering the possibility that is offered to students in a professional field work in our center we have ".

Institute in Santiago Hernández teachings that are distributed, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training of the families of Administrative, Personal and Computer image. The school offers bilingual English We both Secondary and Vocational Training. In the case of Computer, Besides, There Vocational Dual.