muffin, tea biscuits, Swiss rolls with chocolate, cookies, napolitanas, croisants, palm trees ... and up 1.820 units nothing more and nothing less. This is the number of lunches that have developed 15 freshmen Intermediate Pastry, Pastries and confectionery CPIFP Movera for students who have participated in "Cole Television" during this course.

Over ten programs, Movera students have delighted us with his work deserved leisure time, between the recordings. And they have done using 42 kilos of flour, 5 liters of oil and many other chocolate, more then 15 kilos of sugar, almost 11 kilos of margarine, 8 butter and 5 kilos of eggs (about 80 eggs).

Movera four teachers who have worked with us value the project as "very interesting" because "they have 'forced' to take responsibility, meet deadlines, production targets and know that they were working for an 'external' client, with what that entails in terms of responsibilities, both sanitary, that they are taken for granted, as organoleptic quality and customer satisfaction ".

In addition to lunches each program, Movera students have developed 600 giant cookies with scenes from television that children have taken home as a souvenir. this cookie, we are told teachers, "It was the result of a study-project carried out by sophomores last year, in addition to various proposals design a cost breakdown and nutritional contribution cookie was made ".

The CPIFP Movera offer lessons from professional families Agrarian and Food Industries. Regarding the latter two courses are taught Intermediate, one Prepared Food and other on Bakery, Confectionery and cakes; and a higher degree in Process and Quality in the Food Industry. Moreover, for next year is expected to offer the Basic Training Food Industry. The center has a bakery-pastry bakery and a fully equipped pilot food processing plant, and two laboratories for physico-chemical and microbiological.

During the course 2015/2016 They have been enrolled in these studies a total of 120 students.. The Department of Food Industry consists 8 teachers and two specialists pastry bakery.