Auditing ... Un Beso, A FLOWER AND A mailman who traveled to Japan

Alpartir schoolchildren yesterday offered a program with stories of those that excite and surprise, and they can only be in one of our small but great Aragonese towns. Great because the people who inhabit them make them grow.

Ramon y Cajal Alpartir school is famous for the many awards that holds in the field of educational innovation. In his participation in "Cole Television" We talked about some of the projects that have been actively involved and have earned them many and varied awards: your library, their entrepreneurial or cooperative coexistence programs, among others. All this in a center studying 35 students and around which much of life tour of the town, as we explained to children, yes English, as it was the language chosen for intervention dedicated to the knowledge of foreign languages ​​block.

"Between you and me", the Discussion section, It focused on an issue of great concern to the educational community as are the tasks outside school hours. Arguments he was in favor and against, although in the end we are left with one of the conclusions drawn by the moderator when it concluded that "the duties should not be raised because of discrimination or as a punishment" but, On the contrary, "As a motivating activity".

Motivator as fascinating as we thought the theme they chose for "Aragon on the board", dedicated to the Environmental Awareness block. There we talked about the young Japanese Masako Kimura, what in 1963 he managed to fulfill his dream of entering a convent in Arnedo (La Rioja) through the mediation of Doña Mari, maestra de Auditing, and the collaboration of journalist Alberto Oliveras, which at the time it had a famous radio program on the SER. You may wonder what role he played postman Alpartir and why traveled to Japan. It turns out that Rafael Barranco, that it was called, was commissioned to lead parents Masako the thousands of postcards that came from across the country to assure them that their daughter was happy and well cared for in Spain. Several books and two films tell the story.

They parted singing "breaking ... a kiss and a flower" but before we left several reflections that I transcribe because since "Cole Television" the fully share:

  • "If you want studious people give them enough time to play".
  • "To travel far there is no better ship than a book".
  • "Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I recovered, Involve me and I learn ".
  • "The teaching that leaves a mark is not made of head to head but heart to heart".