Quality politics

C.P.I.F.P Social Council. "Los Enlaces", aware that the fundamental objective of the Center is personal training, their academic and professional students, entrusts the direction extending its quality management system, already in place for the teaching of formal vocational training and courses Training for Employment, the various areas of work arising from the transformation of our organization in Integrated Center. This update aims to satisfy the expectations of our users.

Our response to these expectations is collected and renewed in the Functional Project and the Annual Work Plan, that guides our educational work. In it the lines that define our Center are collected, and refer to intentions, actions and objectives that we all share. The actions are based on feedback generated by the cycle that creates the socio-productive environment, the innovation, training throughout life through all available formulas and employability in such an environment. necessary actions related to the mobility of students and trainers consider, innovation and knowledge transfer, with a good provision of job opportunities and a line of work aimed at consolidating the culture of undertaking, using among our other business incubator. Special attention will be paid to gender equality, values ​​education and care for the climate of coexistence, in the conviction that an important part of our educational task. They are all important parts of our organization and must be included in our quality management system. we also want, promote innovative initiatives as an opportunity to improve our work, performing actions involving, definitely, improving our center and share them with those who we feel a responsibility to work under the principles of innovation.

To this end, and applying current legislation on education and quality, recently updated, the Management Team will ensure the effective management of all resources, personal and material, necessary for continuous improvement and quality assurance, besides planning and conducting periodic reviews. It will work also bearing in mind the plan rationalization of current expenditure, adjusting activity to the principles of effectiveness, efficiency, rationalization, transparency and effective service to citizens.

C.P.I.F.P Social Council. Links through the Center's management wants also, to maintain this system, achieve the commitment of all external entities, They are collaborating in the technical training of our students to meet the requirements demanded by the labor market getting better. Likewise, the address C.P.I.F.P. maintain and strengthen the links, where possible, existing relationships with foreign organizations, both companies and other social centers, It is one of the objectives sought with the implementation of this system, improving the quality of services oriented employment of our students, thus raising the prestige of our institution in the autonomous areas, National and international.
Approved in Social Council session date 19 November 2014

Antonio Carrión Sacacia

Carmelo Carasol Tresaco