Draft resolution X company Contest

Meeting the jury, it has been determined that the winners of Project X company contest course 2015-16 son:

First prize: “Mood”, Sara Lambán of God
Second prize"Kmleón", Laura Gracia Marquez and Helena Sánchez Peiró
Third prize"Vidmash", Alba Gracia Goalkeeper, Arcos and Elisa Ramirez Beatriz Royo Layunta

Zaragoza, a 18 March 2016
Carmen Sanchez
Head of Information Department, Job Counsel and Employment Department

VII contest of Business Idea

The CPIFP organizes Links VII Business Idea contest, in order to encourage an entrepreneurial culture center and thus promote the development of business ideas, that could be implanted in the Business Incubator from the center.
All ideas of the contest will be taken into account in order to ripen along your training center, even to be able to create your own company

Competition rules

  1. Participants
    All students may participate courses 1, all training courses CENTER, individually or in groups of up to three people.
  2. Deadline and delivery
    It may submit work in counseling or Employment Space center to the 20 April 2015 as follows:

    • In a large envelope shall be included the "document-draft" of the business idea.
    • Inside another envelope, It shall be included the name of the author of this idea, and the action to which they belong.
    • A copy shall be sent in digital format .pdf document that is on paper in competition, to the following email address: iope@cpilosenlaces.com
  3. Jury
    The jury will be composed of the members of the Departments of Professional Information and Guidance and Employment (IOPE) and Training and Employment Guidance (FOL).
    The result will be announced in early May, the same will be discussed in the bulletin board Space Center Jobs.
  4. Prize
    The prizes are awarded by the CPIFP "Links" are the following:
    First prize: A tablet
    Second prize: External Hard Drive
    Third prize: USB Memory
    It should be noted, the awarding of prizes may be "wilderness" if none of the projects received gather together the quality and presentation requirements estimated by the jury.
  5. Content
    The work should include the development of a business project libre.Los issue should contain different sections are as follows and in this order:

    1. Concreteness of thought and identification of promoters
    2. Analysis of potential sales market
    3. Company Location.
    4. Type of product and production process
    5. Plan de marketing

And matured correct implementation of the different aspects of it will be assessed, as well as creativity and presentation of the same.