The first end call tests distance mode cycles be held 28 May to 1 June.


Exam calendar Conv Distance 1st June 2018 PLANK (1.5 MiB)

tombola Solidarity

From the Center we have prepared a tombola Solidarity which will be open during the week of Vocational Training (14 to 18 of May). All proceeds will be donated to the Spanish Association Against Cancer. If someone wants to do some additional donation, You will have available a piggy bank Association. Participates!

Week of Vocational Training

The week beginning (14 to 18 May) is the Vocational Training Week. From the Center they have prepared a series of activities to be developed according to the following schedule:


Fifty school CEIP Paradise Basilio Zaragoza yesterday visited the facilities of the links and attended part of the recording of TV program CEIP Cole Román García, Archbishop Albalate. The students, of between 6 a 8 years, They knew the library, Classroom-stage and TV studio, among other spaces that are already carrying out activities related to the world of the media, especially radio and television.

Our colleague Elena Gracia, Drawing teacher Cycle Animation 2D / 3D, He explained how important it was expressed through familiar tools to paint them as. So he suggested to small to draw pictures of what more draw the attention to them or they seem funnier. And we have been surprised, and I rejoice, with some posters that demonstrate their artistic talents and, above all, how well they enjoyed during the visit. Nevertheless, under his drawings, there were some of those things I especially like seeing children as they attracted them to participate in the debate Cole Television, colored lights or cameras. Not to mention the fun of it “we paint the hair”, referring to the students of hairdressing IES Santiago Hernández, also they contributed with our students to make them spend a different morning when, as reads a drawing, “what I liked most was all”.






We do not know how many hours, study and work have been dedicated in the CEIP Román García Archbishop Albalate their participation in Cole TV but we know that all that effort has its rewards. Theirs will be a spectacular program: very attractive in the visual part, extremely interesting pedagogical part, and most earthbound as far as content is concerned. But go to parties.

Visually appealing because section “,” We got a tour of their own history, of Albalate and the Aragonese in short but used ultraviolet light to it. They had worked in class magnificent drawings of monuments and characters using fluorescent colors to be displayed with black light, which offered us a show we had not seen before on TV but which Cole will enjoy soon in our YouTube channel and it was also a challenge for our students Realization.

Pedagogically interesting for many reasons. They focused their discussions on the ongoing journey, exposing positions for and against well-argued, with respect for the views of others and order in their respective defenses. But it is that section foreign languages ​​surprised us with the explanation of four typical local products… In four languages! Arab, English, Romanian and French.

And proud of their land and their culture because they filled our set with a jarring sound of gongs and drums. It could not be otherwise belonging to the Ruta del Tambor and the Bombo. Good work that our students also made VídeoDiscJockey adding sound performance in which the children were motivated and enthusiastic.

In short: a luxury program. And a luxury to have teachers so committed to their students also remembered our gifting them about allusive plates that can be seen in the photos taken by Chantal Navarro Muñoz and Alodia (2nd Lighting).



The process of designing and mounting an exhibition at the CPIFP Links

Women underground literature emerge in the lobby of our center to show their status as authors. From the working group Link Yourself to equality that we want to show visible results in the hall they are the result of a joint effort involving the educational community desire to give visibility feel, them out of the shadow and shine with their own light.

The idea was that the writers emerged in underground links and saliesen. We investigate them, We perform a small selection and search content highlight in profiles. We reflected in small group and decided to present the exhibition as news Book Day. Background made decisions begin the process to get the result we see today in our center. The phases were as follows:

First, students drew Animation 1 a female profile.

Second, a combination of the idea of ​​students and teachers spent the profile of polystyrene plates.

Third, we cut eight profiles of the writers with hot wire machines provided by the Commerce Department.

Fourth, we gave a base primer later paint them with black tempera water.

Fifth, we type in black labels with white letters the names of the writers and the different ways they hide their true identity.

Sixth place the name on the head, the title of the best-known book author in the body and the form used to hide her womanhood in arms.










THE COLLEGE GETS Sansueña first prize in the Poster Contest "Link Yourself to EQUAL" FOR PUPILS OF PRIMARY

The school Sansueña Zaragoza won the first prize in the poster competition equal the CPIFP Links summons for all students of 6th of Primary Education of Aragon. The aim of this competition is that our center is one with all educational stages in the struggle for education and personal and professional development with equal rights and opportunities.

A representation of students of this school have visited us to collect the prize personally, and they have taken advantage of this visit to see our facilities and see approach Cole recording TV on our plate.

Open Day

The Friday 18 of May starting at 12: 00 we celebrate in the center a Open Day for what anyone interested You can get information about facilities and activities that develop them.

The activity is part of the Week of Vocational Training, in order to provide students the choice of their studies, and it is aimed at students from other schools at all educational levels, their families, and society in general.

Day is scheduled as follows:

12: 00 Talk “CPIFP knows Links” and visit to our facilities

13:00 Chat “Mobility and Erasmus + programs”

13:30 am Chat “Cycles with high employment”

14:00 Chat “FP Dual Meet”

If you want to know the Center or you are interested in any of these talks, we are waiting.


This is one of those times when you have to take your hat off to acknowledge the work well done. And it is that the students of CEIP Emilio Moreno Calvete Cole came to television with a lot of things well prepared and, Of course, to spend some more fun. This school is located in the neighborhood of Delicias Zaragoza, Its history goes back no less than 1902 and it is a clear example of coexistence and multiculturality. So also they told us during his presentation, thanks to which we learn, Among many other things, They are working different solidarity projects, education for peace and equality, to name a few.

In the section of “,”, We enjoyed taking a look at some of the most famous legends of our community. One of them is the famous princess Pyrene. But there were two more of which we will not advance anything that we can soon see them, narrated by themselves, in our YouTube channel. Also there we can see her heated but educadísimo debate on our proposal for this course: gender equality. At the end, as it could not be otherwise, all ended up agreeing on the need to work for equality between men and women. But the fact that some school had to step into the shoes of those who are against it made them realize the inconsistency of those who defend such arguments.

Essential, and not less worked, was your tour. We were taken to visit the Tower of London, Big Ben, and we even got a ride for the fantastic Westminster Abbey. but of course, everything is much more interesting if done in perfect English. And so we showed.

Photographs of Pilar Diaz Fernando Garcia (2nd Lighting)





Four professors from the Technical University of Rostov – DSTU (Russia) visit the CPIFP Links Zaragoza to meet our educational system, deepen the exchange of teaching methods and facilitate the implementation of projects that promote the mobility of students and teachers.

It responds to another visit in March last four teachers Links to this University by obtaining by a scholarship Erasmus Links + KA107. Specific, two professors of Computer traveled to Rostov to know the different educational techniques related to computer science, in which Russia has great potential. Moreover, Russia is scheduled to class teachers taught our students for several sessions on subjects in which they are considered pointers.

In the case of Image and Sound, collaboration is focusing primarily on the sharing of educational strategies related to "Cole Television" project. Russian University annually hosts the celebration of Rostov TV School TEFI, an innovative project that involved with television technicians and producers across the country aimed at students in secondary and high schools.

In fact, one of the first activities undertaken Russian teachers in Zaragoza will attend recordings "Cole Television" scheduled for next week, in particular the colleges Emilio Moreno Calvete, Zaragoza, and Roman Garcia, Archbishop Albalate (Teruel).

Equally, They are scheduled visits to companies with which the CPI Links has collaboration agreements for the training of our students, as Aragón TV. Thus it is affecting the education system, Russian teachers will visit the IES Miralbueno and the Center for Advanced Technologies, national reference center in the formation of ICT and audiovisual. In the cultural sphere, teachers are expected to make a visit to the Cortes of Aragon and the Aljafería Palace.

Erasmus + KA107 scholarship has enabled this exchange with the University of Rostov also facilitated, last April, members of the management team and teachers of our Department of Informatics desplazasen to Shanghai, specifically to Shanghai Industry & Commerce Foreign Language College (SICFL) China, where they held meetings to strengthen cooperation between the two institutions and taught different classes to students of this University.