The short film is presented in the Center Zaragoza Stories “room 110” in which members of the educational community CPIFP Links

Tomorrow Saturday, 3 February, at 19 hours is presented in the Center Zaragoza Stories
the short film "Room 110" , the debut as a director and actress Ana García Arnaiz zaragozana writer. In this audiovisual work they have participated in the artistic squad and technical staff members of the educational community CPIFP Links: Cristina Casero, Ana Maria Bruned, Patricia Torres, Diego Aznar, Pilar Gutierrez and Yolanda Blanco.
The film is a tragicomedy which reflects the frustration of three women who want to escape, even for a day, in a hotel room. It is two waitresses hotel (Yolanda Blanco and Ana Garcia) and his encounter with an actress winning a Goya provinces (Rosa Lasierra). One of them is about to divorce, other content with a precarious job and actress who long ago gave up fame, he resigns himself to make bowling underpaid. Barely know, but need to share their

This short has been selected in the Saint-Petersburg International Film Festival (SPIFFs).

Link to trailer "Room 110":

Zaragoza celebrates International Women's Day and girls in science. The CPIFP the links will be added with exposure around Figure Ada Byron

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the 11 February each year the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The institution approved 20 December of 2013 a resolution on science, technology and innovation for development, in which he acknowledged that access to and full and equal partners in these facets participation for women and girls of all ages, They were essential to achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

On the occasion of International Women's Day and Girls in Science City of Zaragoza it joins the celebrations with several events. First, from 25 January to 11 February, Space Transit Center hosts the exhibition Stories "Is there any scientific in the room?". It is formed by exposure 27 panels that tell, from a point of view scientific divulging, researchers and professionals from each of the women researchers from the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (IPE-CSIC) landmarks, which they are the linchpin of the sample.

On the other hand, the House Women's Hall of Zaragoza It has scheduled a series of activities. These include the exhibition "The first three women in science" in which pays tribute to Angela Garcia de la Puerta, Jenara Vicenta Maria Antonia Arnal Yarza and Zorraquino Zorraquino, Bright students from University of Zaragoza who defended their doctoral theses between 1929 and 1930 and were the first doctors in Chemistry from the Spanish university. This exhibition will be the 1 to 15 February at the Rotunda Hall of the Casa de la Mujer (C / Don Juan de Aragón, 2).

By last, Enlaces", Center for Art and Technology "Ethiopia" Zaragoza Council (Avda. Soria City, 8) Joins this initiative by hosting educational and recreational activities for all audiences, from 8 to 10 February.

In the CPIFP Links it is preparing an exhibition about the life and work of the Primera personal que program, Ada Byron. Coming soon, can be visited in the hall of the school.

For more information:

I Job Fair for CPIFP FP Links: Participating Companies

The I Job Fair for Vocational Training CPIFP Links It is celebrated on Thursday, 1 February. The companies involved with an informative session and / or attention on a stand. Opening hours to the public is of 12 a 14 and of 16 a 18 hours.

Particiapant enterprises:

X Technical Conference CPIFP Links

Activities X Technical Conference CPIFP Links:

I Job Fair for FP: Schedule of information sessions of companies

Next 1 February It is held at our center I Job Fair for Vocational Training CPIFP Links.

From 12 a 14 and of 16 a 18 hours will be open to the public stands participating companies. Moreover, companies offer information sessions to publicize their activities and opportunities for professional development, according to the following schedule:


Time lounge Acts Class of
12:15 a 12:25 Integra Strategy and Technology Leroy Merlin S.A.
12:30 to 12:40 Media Markt Entrophy Zero
12:45 a 12:55 everis Aragon Sabeco supermarkets
13:00 to 13:10 Worldline (ATOS group) Aragon Film Commission
13:15 a 13:25 Eurohelp Consulting Cestrans
13:30 to 13:40 Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services Zaragoza
13:45 a 13:55 Deloitte


Time lounge Acts Class of
16:30 to 16:40 Mechanical Boss
16:45 a 16:55 Hiberus technology
17:00 to 17:10 uup
17:15 a 17:25 Idea Consulting Present
17:30 to 17:40 Grupo Sesé
17:45 a 17:55 KPMG Enseñalia



It is 2018 It is loaded with Challenges

¡Hola compañer@s!

La verdad que hemos empezado a tope: puesta en marcha de un nuevo diseño del aula, a new challenge, this time increasing 6 weeks duration, some changes in the rules of the game, Also on computers ... many good news with which we started this 2018.

Our students actively participated in the new organization of the classroom during mini-reto, back in October. After choosing the ideas that seemed more geared to what they

we ask, a proposal for real change to the center was to carry it out. ¡Y ya está aquí! Aún faltan algunas cosas, mainly decorative, but the change is more than evident ... and we are very happy, the truth. This already looks a bit more like a #AulaABP, When completed we do not doubt that news alone with it and with many more photos.


And the #RetoEnlazado de esta segunda evaluación ha comenzado ya. The objective: trabajar con diferentes formatos audiovisuales con duración variable que visibilicen lo que están aprendiendo en este reto, as soon have new and interesting responsibilities, always related to our educational community. Y A) Yes is what we have told our students.

Since the main challenge is based on the realization of a more or less long video, we want to take this opportunity to thank Álvaro, our colleague Image and Sound, which passed through the morning and afternoon classes to explain to our students how to make a script in conditions, much appreciated thing. ¡Así no tenemos excusa!

note that, after our first participation during Christmas in a private challenge in the company of our friends Hunteet, is prepared and this new challenges in mobile application, Apart from fun, stimulate interest and work outside the classroom. Also our students participated SMR, along with other downtown, in the Aragon program last Wednesday Open 17 de enero (ver here, from 1 hour and 20 minutos).

Moreover, the development of the challenge posed collaborations with the students of 2nd SMR in your web projects, participation in 1ª Job Fair for VET to be held in the center and, with a little luck, some another surprise in the form of visits and more than interesting excursions.

As you can see we continue to evolve, getting better, testing… and with our students to make this course an unforgettable one for all who are part of it.

See you soon!

FP Project Runway Fashion, present in the first act of homage to the couturier Manuel Aragón pays Pertegaz on the centenary of his birth.

The project FP Pasarela Fashion He materialized yesterday its first act of several that will drive around the fashion world. Yesterday, profesores y alumnos de los seis centros implicados en el proyecto (IES Luis Buñuel, IES Santiago Hernández, IES Pilar Lorengar, the CPIFP of Movera, el CCE Jean Piaget y el CPIFP Los Enlaces como impulsor del proyecto) organizaron y materializaron el primer homenaje que la Comunidad aragonesa rinde al modisto turolense Manuel Pertegaz en el centenario de su nacimiento.

Hall of Crown Room of the Government of Aragon welcomed all students and teachers who have been involved in this project that will involve planning, development and implementation of a fashion event. The ceremony was chaired by the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport, Mayte Pérez, who announced that next spring will be held the first Fashion Week aragonesa to enhance the fashion industry and the creators of the Community. The Minister announced that Aragon Fashion Week will begin with the parade emerged from our project, the backdrop of the IAACC Pablo Serrano. From the direction of our center is to acknowledge the work done by the entire school community, especially the families of Commerce and Marketing and Image and Sound.

The project FP Pasarela Fashion en diferentes medios de comunicación:


"Aragón committed Prevention 2017" award for CPIFP Links

Our center has obtained the "Aragon committed Prevention 2017" award in its seventh edition, in the category of "Best Performance in risk prevention for schools located in the autonomous community of Aragon", awarded by the Aragon Council of Occupational Safety and Health.

The ceremony was held at the Crown Room of the Government of Aragon and was chaired by the Minister of Economy, Industry and Employment, Marta Gaston Menal, who defended the importance of awareness to combat industrial accident.

Desde nuestro centro queremos felicitar a los demás premiados en las distintas categorías profesionales: Grupo Sesé, Machined Moon Gregorio, Centro San Valero and Aragon TV. Special mention for his career and legacy in risk prevention Benito Carrera Modrego.

Obtaining this award, It encourages us to follow the path taken to train future workers engaged in getting future, in which strictly limit occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

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issuance program “Aragon Open”

Today 17 January in the program “Aragon Open”, which it is output from the 18: 00 Aragon Television, will a report on our Center.

PEAC new calls: open enrollment period.

Abierto el plazo de inscripción en las siguientes convocatorias PEAC: