CPIFP students LINKS, in collaboration with the gallery NEGPOS PHOTO de Nîmes (France), They participated in the 2nd edition of the International Festival of contemporary photography border FOTOLIMO “Crossings and Borders” which took place in the towns of Portbou (Spain) and Cerbère (France). The tasks have been performed their own training cycles (CFGS Production of audiovisual and shows and DJ CFGM Video).


An Erasmus + interview: Amador Alonso (Audiovisual Direction)

Zaragoza to Zagreb

Today we fly to Zagreb, Croatia, to visit Amador Alonso, a student of the “Audiovisual Direction” Course who is doing his Internship placement with an Erasmus + scholarship . If you want to find out about his experiences, please access his Erasmus + interview, as well as previous Erasmus + interviews of year 2016/2017 ..

Entrevista Erasmus+: Alex Ciria (Marketing)


We go back to Travel, this time on English soil. We visited our student Alex Ciria, coursing “Marketing and publicity” and you are making the module FCTs in a company in Bristol . Pulse here to access your interview or here to read previous interviews.

Erasmus + Interview: Marcos City (Production)

¿Snow in May?

Today we fly to the land of Santa Claus, Finland. There our student Marcos City, from the course of “Audiovisuals and Shows Production“, You are performing module FCTs the Erasmus + program in a Finnish producer.

Want to read what you are doing? Then accesses your interview here. You can also read previous interviews with other students here.

An Erasmus+ Interview: Mario Codes (DAM)

Hello! Do you speak German?

Today we fly to Germanic , to visit Mario Codes, a student of the “Cross-platform Applications (DAM)”. Mario is the only student who is carrying out an Internship placement in German, and has already completed half of the training period in a company in Bremen, thanks to the Erasmus program +.

You can find out about his experience and work here, and access previous interviews of our students in Europe here.

Erasmus+ 2017/2018: Meeting presentation of the program for students of Higher Vocational Training

Want to make the module FCTs in companies of the European Union?



The days 16 and 18 We will make the presentation meeting to participate in the program Erasmus+ during the course 2017/2018.

Those students of 1 Vocational Training Higher Level interested can attend the presentation in the hall of the center at the following times:

  • Tuesday 16 May, at 1810 for students later.
  • Thursday 18 May, at 1110 for students tomorrow.

Distance students can attend either meeting. After the meeting students interested perform the preregistration to participate in the program.

Pulse here to access more information about the Erasmus program +.

Cheer up!

Erasmus + Interview: Pedro Oliveros and Javier Bartibás (3D animation)

Still we travel to visit our students performing the FCTs in European companies. On this trip we travel 2600 kilometers to Tallinn, in Estonia. There three of our students the training cycle “3D Animation, Interactive Games and Environments”, Pedro Oliveros, Javier Bartibás and David Lierta They have already reached their first month internship in a company modeling, thanks to the Erasmus program +.

You can access your interview here, and previous interviews here.

Interview Erasmus +: Naiara Zabala (Lighting)

We continued the round of interviews with students in our school performing module FCTs in European countries, through the Erasmus + and PYIRENEFP schemes. This week we travel to Dublin to see first-hand experience Naiara Zabala, student of “Lighting, Capture and Image Processing”.

You can access your interview here.

Erasmus + Interview: Samuel García (GRAB)

During this school year 2016/2017, more then 20 students are taking the FCT (in-service training) in European countries, through the Erasmus + and PYIRENEFP schemes. During the third quarter we will conduct a series of interviews about their experience.

For the first interview we travelled to Bratislava to talk to Samuel García, from the course of “Computer Systems and Networks”. You can access the Erasmus + interviews here.


During this two week MasterClass taught by a prestigious European professional photography will take place: Patrice Loubon, who will share their experiences with students of Vocational Training Professional Family Image and Sound. These classes are funded through the allocation of a grant for ERASMUS + teaching professionals.
Patrice Loubon It is a benchmark of European photography, which it is especially issues of Latin America and heads, Besides, Gallery NEGPOS Nimes (France)