Students of Image and Sound collaborates with IAACC Pablo Serrano with audiovisual “Juana French. A researcher will”

In the IAACC Pablo Serrano Zaragoza can be visited until 5 May retrospective "French Juana. A researcher will ", in which our center has collaborated with the execution of the audiovisual work of Juana where French is reviewed. Weight recording and editing work has been done by group 2Lighting th cycle, Course. Taking and editing of the sound made Valentina Vogelman and Daniel Alonso 2nd Video disc jockey and sound. And voiceovers, on the job, are students Isabel González and Juan Manuel Zumeta. All of the professional family Image and Sound.

In this sample, which it is in the room 04 from the museum, It offers a complete overview of the history of Juana French (1924-1990) and offers the possibility of seeing gathered the work preserved in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the IVAM, the Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art and IAACC Pablo Serrano, the four institutions including the artist divided his work. The exhibition also includes works by other institutions such as the Provincial Council of Alicante – Museum of Fine Arts Gravina and CAI Foundation, and the collaboration of individuals Isabel Coloma, Elda Vasquez and Lino Esteve. The Education deparment, Culture and Sport have produced this sample is curated by Maria Pilar Sancet Good.

Since the Government of Aragon indicates that is a commitment to women's art and a way to show and claim artists who perhaps had not had all the visibility they deserved.

The exhibition includes a total of 54 works by Juana French, among which they stand out for their uniqueness one of the few light boxes that created the author, a piece of jewelry designed by herself and, especially, The three towers Participation, IAACC from the Pablo Serrano, the IVAM and MACA. Along with the works of French four sculptures of her husband included, the sculptor Pablo Serrano, (Rhythms in Space, Vaults for Man, Fajaditos and Unit-Yoke) which interact with the paint taken at each stage by the artist and allow authors illustrate how both influenced each other.

The exhibition and audiovisual are structured around the different stages in which the abstract creation of Juana French is organized: is part of Informalismo through the lands and peoples and lands of Spain, creations in which worked with sand on burlap that will lead to a matérica hard work, in which incorporated domestic waste materials and construction; second stage, called Man and the city where delves into the situation of human beings in the context of the big city and an industrialized world which is his reification, their dehumanization, conversion into a gear, in a number, a speech that is shaped in homúnculos, characters created by herself by industrial waste materials. To close the exhibition, submarines and Kites Funds, the last series in which the artist worked and sheds where the previous narrative and dramatic charge to present the sea and sky in motion. In addition to approach production, This distribution allows the visitor to transfer coherence from all his work and developments experienced in the conceptual dimension, in its plastic conception and the materials and techniques used.

See video:

Photo: Government of Aragon

Photo: Government of Aragon







Links intones the requiem, black tears, by the dead women, in so far this year, victims of gender violence

Our Centre, during the month of November he has sung a requiem for the 43 dead women, in what we had this year, victims of gender violence.

Forty-three tears, each with its black veil, with the name of each woman, the place and date of death, They have hung in the lobby of CPIFP Links.

our Réquiem, black tears, feels the pain of every woman and our students are directed to strengthen their self-esteem and respect people around them, preventing repeat this grave reality in their lives.

As well, in commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women joined this complaint the students of 2nd Audiovisual Production and Entertainment. Monday, 26 of November, In addition to presenting the short films made during the past year and the result of a profound reflection on this scourge, these students prepared for the entire educational community with a performance with which he wanted to stress the need to denounce this nonsense.


The headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, under the Award ceremony "Irene: Peace begins at home" for the project "Link Yourself to equality"

Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, He has delivered the director of CPIFP Links, Maria Pilar Megino, Yet the Project Coordinator, Carmen Sanchez, Enlaces", Award "Irene: Peace begins at home" with which it is intended “recognize and encourage "educational experiences developed in non-university education centers that help promote the prevention of violence against women.

Our project “Link Yourself to Equality” It has been awarded in the form of schools of Secondary Education, high school, Vocational training, Adult Education, Art schools, Sports Education and Language School. Moreover, “Crewing equality” Public Center and Primary Education María Pita de Galicia has received the award in the category of teachers preschools, Primary and Special Education.

The headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training was the setting for the awards that encourage prevention of violence against women from the education system were delivered. The minister thanked the work done in the classroom by teachers and students in building a better world: “Are spaces where bring peace to our society, to our homes, building with his daily effort a more just society, free and equal for men and women”.

Also they traveled to Madrid and two students show cycle Audiovisual Production, Juan Carlos Fuertes Gonzalez and Jose Julian Gracia Abenia , on behalf of all the students who participated in the various activities organized within the project proposals. With this initiative in addition to the prevention and reporting, also it aims to make visible the work of women in the various labor aspects related professional families present in the CPIFP Links.

The award ceremony of the awards coincides with the Week Against Gender Violence that closes the 25 November with the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. / Pages / 2018/201118-fp.aspx



The Ministry of Education and Training rewards the CPIFP Links for the project "Link Yourself to equality"

The Ministry of Education and Training rewards the CPIFP Links for the project "Link Yourself to equality" in the competition for good educational practices.

We thank the entire educational community involvement in all initiatives undertaken to work consciously equality:

  • The students who have actively participated in all workshops, preparation of exhibitions and theater sessions that have been invited. A special congratulations to the students of lighting and production cycles for their contribution to specific activities included in the project (photo exhibition and short).
  • Non-teaching staff, always ready to collaborate in what is demanded.
  • Teachers who have been involved in always working modules for students who seek their personal and professional development without influencing their choices to their sexual identity.
  • The Management Team for its decision to always work in the line of service learning, contributing not only to the professional development of students but also the staff, trying to contribute to the building of people with sensitivity to community problems.
  • The team that has supported the project, a group of women willing to create, reflect, to plan, design workshops, exhibitions, cutting hot wire, smart, hang exhibitions and ultimately, committed to equality.

Congratulations to the entire school community!

Three short films in relation to the campaign “No means no”

1st students of Higher Level Training Course Production has worked
in the production of three short films related to the campaign “No means no”. this is
It takes place in the Second Edition of audiovisual Laboratory, led by Professor Cristina
Ruberte, within the project “Link Yourself to equality”.
The laboratory has served to acquire the competency units and cycle
reflect on the spirit of the campaign “No means no”. Each short has its dossier (Record
technique, Organization chart, story line, synopsis, storyboard achievement, literary script and screenplay

Seeing the short, It understood that deeply reflected on the
micromachismos repeated continuously in society, respect that should exist
between people and the importance of sexual freedom. They have been able to analyze the
subject in depth and pass it to a small script, which teaches the viewer to meditate
what happens daily with traditional patterns in which we have
Through a private screening, students of 1 Advertising and Marketing and Management
Sales and Commercial Spaces was the first to share those reflections. As well
He met, Step by Step, Event production of short as a commissioned work
by Enlázate Equality project as a company.
Congratulations to Professor, Cristina Ruberte and the authors of the short.

The process of designing and mounting an exhibition at the CPIFP Links

Women underground literature emerge in the lobby of our center to show their status as authors. From the working group Link Yourself to equality that we want to show visible results in the hall they are the result of a joint effort involving the educational community desire to give visibility feel, them out of the shadow and shine with their own light.

The idea was that the writers emerged in underground links and saliesen. We investigate them, We perform a small selection and search content highlight in profiles. We reflected in small group and decided to present the exhibition as news Book Day. Background made decisions begin the process to get the result we see today in our center. The phases were as follows:

First, students drew Animation 1 a female profile.

Second, a combination of the idea of ​​students and teachers spent the profile of polystyrene plates.

Third, we cut eight profiles of the writers with hot wire machines provided by the Commerce Department.

Fourth, we gave a base primer later paint them with black tempera water.

Fifth, we type in black labels with white letters the names of the writers and the different ways they hide their true identity.

Sixth place the name on the head, the title of the best-known book author in the body and the form used to hide her womanhood in arms.










THE COLLEGE GETS Sansueña first prize in the Poster Contest "Link Yourself to EQUAL" FOR PUPILS OF PRIMARY

The school Sansueña Zaragoza won the first prize in the poster competition equal the CPIFP Links summons for all students of 6th of Primary Education of Aragon. The aim of this competition is that our center is one with all educational stages in the struggle for education and personal and professional development with equal rights and opportunities.

A representation of students of this school have visited us to collect the prize personally, and they have taken advantage of this visit to see our facilities and see approach Cole recording TV on our plate.

Great writers come to light in the CPIFP Links

On the occasion of the celebration of World Book Day, several famous authors of the history of literature are emerging in the CPIFP Links. These writers were in the dark and were silenced at the time of her womanhood, it is included, some as current as Joanne Rowling, they used pseudonyms or initials to hide such condition, fearing that they had fewer opportunities to reveal. The educational community center is receiving the surprise, but also with enthusiasm and joy "rescue" such brilliant writers. Students and teachers have expressed their desire that these situations do not happen again and that talent, comes from whoever comes, not remain underground.

You can see more of these writers in the school hall.












INFORMÁTICAS fantastic and Where to Find Them

“Because there is a story that is not in history and can only be rescued listening to the whisper of women” (Rosa Montero).

From CPIFP Links we try to know that part of the story concerning rescuing women of different professional sectors.

In March, students of CFGS Multiplatform Application Development (afternoon shift) conducted an investigation into great professionals in their sector, developing various murals that would allow us to meet these famous programmers, hackers, creators of technologies and applications of great social impact. This activity, Besides, He allowed reflect and discuss the prejudices, existing gender roles and ways to address them.

Come meet your stories! They are really interesting!

Irene Sanz, Pilar Ferrer and Ana Aparicio


The Federation of Students of Aragon held in the lobby of our dynamic center with students that involved placing a timeline on the date on which men and women have acquired various civil and political rights. The aim was to show the time gap that exists between each other. For example, Man gets the right to attend university in the twelfth century and women in the twentieth century, with a stoppage during the dictatorship of Franco. Man can obtain the driving license 1900 and women do not get up 1981.