The call for the poster contest "Link Yourself to equality" aimed at students in 6th grade in Aragon

The CPIFP links within the Project “Link Yourself to equality” convenes the poster contest aimed at students in 6th grade in Aragon with the aim of working breaking gender stereotypes. The technique may be free (collage, painting, photography ...) and may be carried out by school groups cooperatively.

In the works should reflect equality in the choice of studies and profession. Anyone, regardless of gender or gender identity, You can exercise any professional activity. The work will the students to reflect on the fact that identity should not be an obstacle for professional development. We believe that show different perspectives can facilitate a collective reflection and, A) Yes, foster among all of social progress in this regard.

Delivery deadline: 27 March 2018. The award ceremony will take place on Thursday CPIFP Links, 10 May 2018 at 12:00. The prize may be declared void if none of the proposals meets the minimum required by the Jury.

For more information accompanying the contest rules

Link Yourself to contest posters equality aimed at Primary 6

Students CEIP San Juan de la Peña de Jaca (Huesca). Awarded last year

Students Qadrit CEIP Castillo Cadrete (Zaragoza) Winners last course

Zaragoza celebrates International Women's Day and girls in science. The CPIFP the links will be added with exposure around Figure Ada Byron

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed the 11 February each year the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. The institution approved 20 December of 2013 a resolution on science, technology and innovation for development, in which he acknowledged that access to and full and equal partners in these facets participation for women and girls of all ages, They were essential to achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.

On the occasion of International Women's Day and Girls in Science City of Zaragoza it joins the celebrations with several events. First, from 25 January to 11 February, Space Transit Center hosts the exhibition Stories "Is there any scientific in the room?". It is formed by exposure 27 panels that tell, from a point of view scientific divulging, researchers and professionals from each of the women researchers from the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (IPE-CSIC) landmarks, which they are the linchpin of the sample.

On the other hand, the House Women's Hall of Zaragoza It has scheduled a series of activities. These include the exhibition "The first three women in science" in which pays tribute to Angela Garcia de la Puerta, Jenara Vicenta Maria Antonia Arnal Yarza and Zorraquino Zorraquino, Bright students from University of Zaragoza who defended their doctoral theses between 1929 and 1930 and were the first doctors in Chemistry from the Spanish university. This exhibition will be the 1 to 15 February at the Rotunda Hall of the Casa de la Mujer (C / Don Juan de Aragón, 2).

By last, Enlaces", Center for Art and Technology "Ethiopia" Zaragoza Council (Avda. Soria City, 8) Joins this initiative by hosting educational and recreational activities for all audiences, from 8 to 10 February.

In the CPIFP Links it is preparing an exhibition about the life and work of the Primera personal que program, Ada Byron. Coming soon, can be visited in the hall of the school.

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In the CPIFP we premiered Links Decalogue for equality

From the Project “Link Yourself to equality” se consensuó un decálogo como compromiso de la Comunidad Educativa con la igualdad efectiva. With this skit we remind all teachers, families, usuarios y alumnado que nuestro trabajo diario como centro educativo se identifica plenamente con la igualdad.

¡No accedas al interior sin detenerte a leerlo!.


We practice respect to live in equality.

We like diversity.

All receive equal treatment.

We build equality from language.

Educamos para corregir la desigualdad.

To violence act. We are not complicit.

We manage conflicts through dialogue.

We accompany and support those in need.

Respect gender identity and sexual orientation of each person.

We promote the development of technical and personal skills of tod @ s.

Project "Link Yourself to equality"

Diseño realizado por: Biqubica (


In our exhibition hall exhibits ” imperfect bodiesrealizada por los colectivos: Integra voluntariado joven, Federación Aragonesa de Estudiantes y Mujeres libres. En ella se definen algunos términos relacionados con igualdad como: emponderamiento, feminism, patriarchy, love… This initiative is part of the events and activities of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women which was commemorated last 25 of November.

With this exhibition, among other objectives, sus creadores quieren transmitir la idea de que se puede amar a otra persona pero nunca renunciando al control sobre nosotros mismos. Cada persona debe tomar las decisiones sobre su vida personal, professional and social, sin someterse a dictados ajenos justificados en base a un mal llamado amor.



Our hall has been the scene of a forum theater session on gender violence offered by the House of Zaragoza woman, and addressed to groups 1 Intermediate. The representation was in charge of the Association Psiare, whose actors are psychologists, musicians and trainers. The students participated enthusiastically and was involved in a very intense way. The actors created the enabling environment for viewers reflexionasen and debatiesen on unequal relationships.

Since the commission Project “Link Yourself to equality” we believe that the activity has been successful. Forum theater has pleasantly surprised us by force that has been shown by allowing the audience to interact with the character representing the actor.

We thank the House for Women and the Association Psiare the work and have allowed our center to enjoy this interesting and effective session of Forum Theater.


Magenta LGBT (Lesbian, application, Transsexuals and Bisexuals) of Aragon and Mediators Students in gender violence organized by the Federation of Students of Aragon presented, in the lobby of our center, an exhibition with the aim that the reality of LGBT students is completed with the educational curriculum and introduce benchmarks in different areas that help you to freely live their sexuality.

Among the selected we propose to mathematical as Alan Turing, a philosophers as Michel Foucault, a poets Federico García Lorca and Gloria Fuertes, a musicians Freddie Mercury. All of them, questioned and judged by their sexual condition, a activists who have defended the rights of women, as Judith Butler, or homosexuals as Harvey Milk, of the African LGBT Joel Nana.

From our center and next to these groups want the personal and professional development of our students, whatever their choices in their sexual life and that no one is discriminated against it. If we educate in equal from the centers they will not be needed political activists willing to die for the defense of these rights.


The project "Link Yourself to equality"Which aims to work consciously equality
gender within the educational community CPIFP has been a finalist Links
autonomous in category B (Secondary) in the Teacher Action Award 2017. They also have
reached this stage in the same category IES Pablo Serrano Andorra (Teruel) with
project "Rolling green" whose objective is the defense of the environment enhancing the
cycling and knowledge of the natural and cultural heritage proposing different
routes in our community and the IES Parque Goya with "A valuable object of my grandmother" to
bring students to the figure of their elders and learn from them.
On the prize masterstroke participating teachers carry out projects with social values,
and it is convened by the FAD, BBVA and the Spanish National Commission for Cooperation with the
UNESCO and with the collaboration of the Department of Education, Culture and Sport
Government of Aragón.
From the management team welcomes the whole school for participation in the project, to
and students, non-teaching staff, teachers, and especially to all those who have made
possible it would play out in such a manner satisfactory.

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CEIP Hispanidad and CPIFP projects linked Links Equality

CEIP Hispanidad with his project "You're not worth more than me. Music and Gender "and links to CPIFP “Link Yourself to equality” They have worked together this year with the aim of knowing, understand and respect differences between people and equal rights and opportunities
men and women. In the case of Primary Center, He has worked around music and have developed processes for discussion and reflection that will translate into different media to be disseminated through social networks, trying to the greatest extent possible. Moreover, the CPIFP Links contributed center Primary expertise in the various activities undertaken within the project “Link Yourself to equality”. Moreover, two pupils of upper Lighting, Image Capture, Lighting and Processing, Rebeca Manuel y Lucia Ariza, They have developed their project in order to cycle around the initiative of CEIP Hispanidad and have been responsible for planning and performing the recording and editing of several videos showing all the activities that have taken place at the school within the project “You're not worth more than me. Music and gender”.

Attempts have been a very fruitful and interesting for the educational community of both public institutions and insurance cooperation will continue in other school courses.

Carlos Martínez (project coordinator) and Clara Yáñez working activity: Artists and Athletes

Carlos Martínez, CEIP coordinator Clara Yáñez Project Hispanidad and working the
Activity: Artists and Athletes

Coco Channel letter to the Educational Community

Estimated person present:

I am COCO CHANEL address you permit me to tell you my experience in the past and provide some suggestions to walk the walk. I did not like my life, so I created a new, I made me assuming that everything I did not like would have an opponent who would love. During my childhood I only longed to be loved. Every day I am thinking about how to take my life, although deep down she was dead; Only pride saved me how many worries disappeared when I decided to be somebody instead of something! Do not waste time hitting against a wall, hoping to transform it into door. The most courageous act is to think for the same, aloud. You want to achieve success. Allow me two assessments: Only triumphs with what you learn Keep your head, high heels and principles. You're asking me about the time that beauty appears in you. Beauty begins at the moment you decide to be yourself. It must begin in the heart and soul, otherwise cosmetics are useless. The face you have at twenty is what gives you the nature, It depends on you the face you have at fifty. Elegance is not a privilege of those who have passed adolescence, but those who have taken possession of their future, and only occurs when the inside is as beautiful as the outside. The important thing is not the appearance but the essence, it is not money but education, It is not clothes but the class. Finally tell you only live once, Make it fun

Paris 12 May 1967

Coco Channel

Inaugurated the exhibition on Coco Chanel in the project “Link Yourself to equality”


Why do we choose to visualize thinking and entrepreneurial vision of Coco Chanel?

Coco believe that defends a conception of the free woman. Design a style and a wardrobe that allows her to be herself. It invites us to self-esteem and constant work to achieve our goals. she says ” Only triumphs with what you learn”.

It's an example to follow, for students of our three professional families, for his enormous creative capacity and working.

Innovative essentially, is a benchmark for the world of marketing and entrepreneurship:

Coco build a brand image that has managed to survive over time. Interestingly the study of its signature logo inspired by the windows of the abbey orphanage where he spent his childhood, as well as the wheels of cars transiting through their city. Another symbol of refinement and sophistication that identifies the Chanel camellia is the white house. Coco decided to incorporate it into their creations, to attend representation ” The Lady of the Camellias”. Today you can not miss in the packaging to identify your brand.

André Malraux Diria: “Of this century, in France three names will be remembered: De Gaulle, Picasso and Coco Chanel”