In the draw held today 9 November 2016 on the links between CPFIP 17 Pre-registered centers in the "Television program Cole”, the extracted number was the "11". According to the allocation made last week, this number corresponds to Fernandez IEPC Vizarra Monzalbarba (Zaragoza) being the list of selected centers as shown in the attached document: schools draw 2016-2017

The centers selected have until 16 December to give up his post sending an email to any of the following addresses: O If reserves generated by this procedure, the CPIFP Links will contact centers to match the order generated in this drawing and indicated therein.

The selected schools will receive in the coming days all documentation and information necessary to begin the process of participation in the program. In addition to the already usual sections on knowledge of the environment (“,”), Foreign language (“We / us / Wir”) Or use of ICT (header and advertising), among other, This year a new section on risk prevention will be included for the little ones begin to make contact with the need to work in the safest way possible.

Moreover, and also as a novelty, centers that have not left chosen in the draw will be offered the possibility of relating to the world of television and the various jobs existing activities in this sector, such as educational visits to the sets where Cole recorded TV.

From the CPIFP Links we thank the great acceptance that have primary schools to our project, and we hope the success of this shared learning.


the list of applicants Television Cole schools is published for the course 2016-2017 with the number assigned to that will participate in the public lottery to celebrate the next day 9 November at the CPIFP Links. The draw will consist of extracting a random number 1 to 17 (Number of candidate schools) from which counted the 10 centers that have no place in the program, leaving the rest as reserves in case of possible resignations. Good luck to everyone!

applicants centers





Schools interested in participating in the call for Cole Television for this course 2016-2017 and they can submit their requests through our website or emails: and

Website today published the requirements and conditions of participation of the centers of this new edition, which will enable 300 Primary school in Aragon, more then 150 students in vocational training and a half hundred teachers from both levels to collaborate and work as a team in carrying ten educational television programs.




"Maquillajeeeeee" is perhaps one of the words most heard during the recording sessions of the ten programs "Cole Television". And it is for everything to be as close to reality, we have had the collaboration of students and teachers of IES Santiago Hernandez for making up and combing more than 300 students who have passed through our set. Specific, 32 students and 9 Cycle teachers Aesthetics and Beauty, and 22 students and 2 Cycle Teachers Personal Image Consultancy and Corporate, nothing more and nothing less.

They were the first to get to school and also of the most anticipated because, to the 10-12 years, children are often not used or that much less to comb the lick it.

And is that television can not appear without makeup except, Of course, you want to risk apparently being sick. In addition any makeup that would seem normal for us to go outside can not be used, but they employ a special one for the television medium. The usual is that, except the public, everyone who goes on television go makeup. Good, even if someone in the audience, for any purpose, must participate in the action will pass through the hands of Team Makeup, at least, "Remove shine".

And that is what the students have made Santiago Hernandez. But, in addition to the special makeup for television, They have made much more complicated characterizations, when both makeup as when combing. And so, we have seen authentic Roman, Bandits time of Bandido Cucaracha, rappers, Legend characters Maella, drawings of suns and stars, and even a Cervantes and Shakespeare! Amazing what they can do these students with their study tools.

From the IES Santiago Hernandez, They consider their participation in this project as "very positive, especially considering the possibility that is offered to students in a professional field work in our center we have ".

Institute in Santiago Hernández teachings that are distributed, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training of the families of Administrative, Personal and Computer image. The school offers bilingual English We both Secondary and Vocational Training. In the case of Computer, Besides, There Vocational Dual.




muffin, tea biscuits, Swiss rolls with chocolate, cookies, napolitanas, croisants, palm trees ... and up 1.820 units nothing more and nothing less. This is the number of lunches that have developed 15 freshmen Intermediate Pastry, Pastries and confectionery CPIFP Movera for students who have participated in "Cole Television" during this course.

Over ten programs, Movera students have delighted us with his work deserved leisure time, between the recordings. And they have done using 42 kilos of flour, 5 liters of oil and many other chocolate, more then 15 kilos of sugar, almost 11 kilos of margarine, 8 butter and 5 kilos of eggs (about 80 eggs).

Movera four teachers who have worked with us value the project as "very interesting" because "they have 'forced' to take responsibility, meet deadlines, production targets and know that they were working for an 'external' client, with what that entails in terms of responsibilities, both sanitary, that they are taken for granted, as organoleptic quality and customer satisfaction ".

In addition to lunches each program, Movera students have developed 600 giant cookies with scenes from television that children have taken home as a souvenir. this cookie, we are told teachers, "It was the result of a study-project carried out by sophomores last year, in addition to various proposals design a cost breakdown and nutritional contribution cookie was made ".

The CPIFP Movera offer lessons from professional families Agrarian and Food Industries. Regarding the latter two courses are taught Intermediate, one Prepared Food and other on Bakery, Confectionery and cakes; and a higher degree in Process and Quality in the Food Industry. Moreover, for next year is expected to offer the Basic Training Food Industry. The center has a bakery-pastry bakery and a fully equipped pilot food processing plant, and two laboratories for physico-chemical and microbiological.

During the course 2015/2016 They have been enrolled in these studies a total of 120 students.. The Department of Food Industry consists 8 teachers and two specialists pastry bakery.





"It has happened to us very fast, hopefully it will never end ". So yesterday fired its "Cole Television" CEIP students Maestro Don Pedro Orós of Movera. So with a surprise in the form of poem recited by two students. But before leaving back to Movera or, for now, Sos del Rey Catolico. Yes, because there they took us these school within the section "Aragon on the board". Taking as the municipality cincovillés, They made a historical tour and told us about the War of Independence, during which joined the lives of Navarre guerrilla Espoz and Mina and the inhabitants of the town of Sos, then taken by the French. During the Civil War, Sos was the scene, as many Spanish cities, of fierce battles and was completely destroyed. Nonetheless, and thanks to the efforts of its inhabitants, Sos remains one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. La película “La vaquilla” (Luis García Berlanga, 1985) se rodó allí, and if you visit you will be able to sit in chairs and read texts that filming of the movie slates placed beside them. Apetece approach, ¿verdad?

Movera has become the third school that used the debate to address the issue of duties outside school hours, demonstrating the high interest raised the matter between our school and teachers. The debate was "warm", full of arguments for and against. All seasoned with a grace, a saltshaker and a staging that if they wanted the best programs of some national chains. At the end, a student of those who were in favor switched sides and he was replaced by a spontaneous. Not tell you more, you will see it in the final program, but I anticipate that was hilarious and instructive.

Foreign language section brought us recorded the center because they wanted us to see the spectacular garden they have there. They grow everything and want to try everything, but they have also learned a lot of English vocabulary thanks to this presentation.

And we can not fail to say that we had to take off his hat with his section "The faldriquera". No faltó de nada: guitarra, drawer, palms and a chorus of wonderful voices to interpret a song composed by themselves. A luxury to have these artists in our set.

With this recording we also just recordings of this course 2015-2016, y lo cierto es que ellos tenían toda la razón: se nos ha pasado muy rápido. Todavía nos queda mucho por hacer: editar las grabaciones, the making of, learn more about the students and teachers of the collaborating centers ... finally, we are not going at all. We will keep you informed.








What you have to do with David Guetta Cantània? And with Cesaraugusto acrosport? And lettuce with a bishop? Well, although it seems that nothing, the fact is that yesterday were all together in our set during recording of the program that students of Primary CEIP prepared Hispanidad Zaragoza. Yes, because this center has school garden, developed a chess program and participates in the project Cantània, among many other activities, as we were told in the presentation of your recording for "Cole Television".

For the section "Aragon on the board" we were moved to the old Cesaraugusta and, hand of three Roman perfectly dressed and characterized, We visited the only bridge of the time, public latrines or the famous hot springs ... "which today is a spa, come on", as he explained the presenter.

Cesaraugusta And we went to a set of bilingual TV! School made their own version of "Surprise, surprise "with the peculiarity that the presenter and surprised young lady spoke English perfectly until suddenly appeared ... .¡David Guetta! From that moment, They began to speak equally well in French, in honor of the guest, while "surprised" he embraced his idol. These children stunning and impressive also the work of the students of IES Santiago Hernandez characterizations for this program.

"The faldriquera" gave us the opportunity to make our first recording outdoors and moved to our yard a huge tatami on which they danced 12 boys and girls. Good: dance, double, climb over each other, re-double, stretch ... and do all sorts of very complicated shapes to the beat of music. Choreography acrosport risky that repeated almost no muss.

But there was also time for more serious matters. The debate began with the participants and the moderator carrying banners against bullying, as was the theme chosen for "Between you and me". Perfectly led by an effective moderator, the debaters had thoroughly researched on the subject and was delivered very well prepared. They defined the term and explained the differences between violence and bullying. They drew the profile of the bullied child but also the stalker, and we talked about that other form of harassment that uses social networks to harm through the "cyberbullying". They conclude with suggestions for action in cases where such situations are detected, and they outlined interesting ideas that are taking place in neighboring countries to end them. From "Cole Television" we want to remind you that if you need help regarding this matter you can call the official phone 900 100 456, where you will attend experts in the field. Whether you are victims and witnesses, any day of the year and at any time.





Auditing ... Un Beso, A FLOWER AND A mailman who traveled to Japan

Alpartir schoolchildren yesterday offered a program with stories of those that excite and surprise, and they can only be in one of our small but great Aragonese towns. Great because the people who inhabit them make them grow.

Ramon y Cajal Alpartir school is famous for the many awards that holds in the field of educational innovation. In his participation in "Cole Television" We talked about some of the projects that have been actively involved and have earned them many and varied awards: your library, their entrepreneurial or cooperative coexistence programs, among others. All this in a center studying 35 students and around which much of life tour of the town, as we explained to children, yes English, as it was the language chosen for intervention dedicated to the knowledge of foreign languages ​​block.

"Between you and me", the Discussion section, It focused on an issue of great concern to the educational community as are the tasks outside school hours. Arguments he was in favor and against, although in the end we are left with one of the conclusions drawn by the moderator when it concluded that "the duties should not be raised because of discrimination or as a punishment" but, On the contrary, "As a motivating activity".

Motivator as fascinating as we thought the theme they chose for "Aragon on the board", dedicated to the Environmental Awareness block. There we talked about the young Japanese Masako Kimura, what in 1963 he managed to fulfill his dream of entering a convent in Arnedo (La Rioja) through the mediation of Doña Mari, maestra de Auditing, and the collaboration of journalist Alberto Oliveras, which at the time it had a famous radio program on the SER. You may wonder what role he played postman Alpartir and why traveled to Japan. It turns out that Rafael Barranco, that it was called, was commissioned to lead parents Masako the thousands of postcards that came from across the country to assure them that their daughter was happy and well cared for in Spain. Several books and two films tell the story.

They parted singing "breaking ... a kiss and a flower" but before we left several reflections that I transcribe because since "Cole Television" the fully share:

  • "If you want studious people give them enough time to play".
  • "To travel far there is no better ship than a book".
  • "Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I recovered, Involve me and I learn ".
  • "The teaching that leaves a mark is not made of head to head but heart to heart".




Oh what salty see what are the school of Alfredo Muiños College Swirls! And they say not only for the famous salt mines of the town of which we spoke yesterday, but above all by the brash and sympathy lavished students in grades 5 and Primary 6, who visited us to record their program "Cole Television". And is that, during the course they have worked so much, they had a huge desire to show them on camera. They did, so they offered, among other things: teatrillo English, a musical "band" instruments without hands, and a representation of the Dance of swirls with their traditional garb and even his "paloteao" and all. Impressive!

They began presenting the people, located in the Zaragoza region of Alta Ribera del Ebro, and in which they reside almost 1.200 habitants. Famous for his paintings of Goya and its salt mines both the year-end race call here the "Go Wild" -, Swirls also enjoys privileged groves and mountains for hiking and "some pools where had a great summer", as we were told.

They explained that the CEIP Alfredo Muiños is a school that participates in many educational programs in addition to the "Cole Television", such as "Cantània", "Learning to undertake", "Enlatamus" (which is a container where a micro-museum for exhibitions) and also for a short time are a bilingual center in English. We showed daring to teach a class in English which ended in a fire (simulated of course) and representing a fun sketch they passed by Shakespeare, Cervantes and David Beckham, among others.

For discussion they had researched the uses of renewable energy and nonrenewable, and they outlined the pros and cons of both arguments as enthusiastically as. The section "Aragon on the board" focused on zaragozano writer Fernando Lalana and, although we cited some of his best-known books, they made us a summary of a novel that has especially liked: "The Curse of bronze". A book they recommended because it is "full of intrigue and excitement".






They say that in the mid-nineteenth century, a bandit nicknamed "The Cockroach" went the region of Los Monegros along with his cronies stealing and robbing what they could to right and left. Some say that robbed the rich to give to the poor, although the story is not entirely clear. What it is clear is that the students of CEIP Santiago Apostle Grañén did spend a great morning yesterday by participating in the "Cole Television". Y, so we were told, They also enjoyed the experience of making a television program that "encouragement and lessons" take.

In the section "Aragon on the board" we talked about that bandit, "The Cockroach", and they told us very interesting stories about this curious character of its region. We also recalled that Grañén is a village lucky because he has won the lottery several times and that "has made us quite famous". But they also have more luck things, for example, to have near the beautiful Laguna de Sariñena, The Gabarda and other tiny towns but with so much charm like yours, as Poleñino, Sodeto the Callen.

Of course they told us about their "cole", a center 125 students and 16 teachers, health promoting school, committed to their environment and entrepreneurship as the kids in fifth and sixth school cooperatives develop pathways through which manufacture different products.

For block foreign language, Grañén students chose English poems of Richard MacWilliam on the moon, Sun, the stars ... and those reasons, Aesthetic the students of IES Santiago Hernandez had the opportunity to show off to make a decorative make-ups of the most spectacular.

The debate was very interesting, well documented and better argued. A team considered important the use of mobile and computer, while the other was not so clear and argued for a more restricted use of new technologies for the benefit of other possibilities for leisure. An eternal dilemma among youth and adolescents today.

In "The faldriquera" We had opportunity to listen to accompany a folk song with nothing more and nothing less than 18 children with their recorders, but we could also see them dance a modern song for which they gave their all, and before going we were thrilled when three of the students sang us a jot.

A luxury!