Who was Carinus? Why Carignan shield wears a face without ears or nose? Why in the nineteenth century the French came to Carignan… to buy wine? Why do students CPIFP Movera chocolate palm trees so delicious? Questions like these and many more had their answer yesterday during the recording of the first issue of the educational program “Cole Television” corresponding to the course 2015-2016, which he received technical assistance from students Accomplishment, Production, Lighting and Video Disc Jockey Links.

CEIP students Santo Cristo de Santiago de Carignan moved to our center to stage on the set and in front of our cameras all the work and effort made in recent months working all disciplines and subjects seen during their studies Primary. They and we learned a lot about the history of this city and its region, around which took us tourist route nothing less than perfect English.

For discussion we raised the eternal dichotomy between town and city, Where better lives? And in the free section “La Faldriquera section” we had to raise the cameras to record the moment when Bacchus, the god of wine, He climbed up a human tower of almost three meters made figures acrosport. Students Aesthetic IES Santiago Hernandez ambientaron recreation perfectly with the Roman-fashioned hairstyles and makeup care.

Soon we will have the final video on our YouTube channel, in which we will also have the collaboration of the IES Maria Moliner, that translate a block sign language. For now we leave here some photos of the day.

Next week we visit Maella and Monsoon. We look forward to seeing all they have prepared.






IES María Moliner students will interpret Sign Language Television blocks Cole.


Students from Higher Level Language Interpreting Signs Maria Moliner Institute of Zaragoza this course will join the "Cole Television" program CPIFP Links. Maria Moliner participation will incorporate a window into some blocks of the television program with translation, that language, for people with hearing problems.

To this end, and as a pilot project, several students have interpreted the statements made by those responsible for the three primary schools that participated in the program last year (Hispanidad, José Antonio Labordeta and Don Bosco), as you can see in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-YeBhnsVYM. Thus it is intended that Cole TV more accessible to all citizens and Aragonese, especially, deaf children.

With the María Moliner and three institutes are collaborating with us in the staging of Cole Television, next to IES Santiago Hernández, that deals with the makeup and hair, and CPIFP of Movera, which it handles the catering.

Sign language, Psychosociology of deaf and deafblind population, deafblind, International system or Applied Linguistics Sign Language signs are some of the modules taught the two courses over the duration of the cycle is given in the María Moliner.

The student group is smaller than that established by the regulations in other higher vocational training, because the methodology is completely practical and teaching is more individualized. When they finish the cycle, Students are able to interpret sign language to spoken language and oral language into sign language at any level (educational, doctor, legal, …), and adapt messages to any communication system for deafblind people.

The probationary period is usually performed in deaf and deafblind associations, although in recent years they have covered more areas, communication and mediation functions are performed particularly preferred hearing impairment colleges and colleges of education with deaf and deafblind.



Author: Diana Cebrián and Silvia Redín (Flash Go) / Ester Abellán (Flash Go Photography)

Author: Diana Cebrián and Silvia Redín (Flash Go) / Ester Abellán (Flash Go Photography)


At the draw held on 11 November 2015 on the links between CPFIP 23 Pre-registered centers in the "Television program Cole”, the extracted number has been "19" corresponding to College Christ of Santiago de Carignan (Zaragoza) being the list of selected centers as shown in the attached document: COLETV_sorteo_15_16.

The centers selected have until 18 December to give up his post sending an email to any of the following addresses: coletv@cpilosenlaces.com O coletelevision@gmail.com

If reserves generated by this procedure, the CPIFP Links will contact centers to match the order generated in this Sweepstakes.

The selected schools will receive in the coming days all documentation and information necessary to begin the process of participation in the program.

Since “Cole Television” we want to thank the great success of the project and providing that teachers have had pre-registered to the same centers.



Author: Diana Cebrián and Silvia Redín (Flash Go) / Ester Abellán (Flash Go Photography)

Author: Diana Cebrián and Silvia Redín (Flash Go) / Ester Abellán (Creative Factory)

All schools in Aragon with students of 5th / 6th Primary Education interested can send their applications to participate in the first edition of the program “Cole Television” at: coletv@cpilosenlaces.com

After the three pilot programs developed last year, “Cole Television” It began its journey that will culminate in the months of April and May with recording, on-site CPIFP Links, programs prepared by schools during the first two quarters.

And that lack swim will have the professional makeup by students of IES Santiago Hernandez, Special catering prepared by the students of CPIFP to move and the technical assistance of students in the upper grades of Realization, Production, Lighting and animation Links.