“The best day of my life”Sixty schoolchildren 3 a 5 years our set visit

¡Ha sido el mejor día de mi vida!” Although the links are used to having visitors leave happy, we can ensure that the latter has been the most rewarding for both our young visitors and for us. And we have visited 60 school of 3 a 5 Don Bosco school years, zaragozano located in the district of Vadorrey, they are developing a project related to television.

The children were accompanied for a walk around the area of ​​dressing rooms and makeup, the recording booth and classroom-stage, where they showed their artistic talents dancing and singing. Already in TV studio, Children had the opportunity to get in front and behind the camera, and feel as presenters and technicians. All thanks to the collaboration of the students of 2nd Realization, they also enjoyed simply explaining what is a zoom or chroma. And is that, Of course, “the sheet invisibility” from chroma-key It was one of the elements that caught the attention of small when, shouting “abracadabra”, They saw his companions disappear.

Hubo tiempo también para la realización de fotos divertidas e incluso para cantar el cumpleaños feliz a dos de los pequeños que, todo hay que decirlo, se fueron de la mano quejándose con un lamento: “go, already it finished the afternoon, has been very short”. ¡Para nosotros también!


Fotografías de Sergio Ramírez (2º de Realización).


En el sorteo celebrado ayer día 8 November 2017 in CPFIP links between schools registered in the "Cole Television" program, the extracted number is "25". Según la lista aleatoria confeccionada con los centros inscritos (COLLEGES ENROLLED COURSE 2017), dicho número corresponde al CEIP Román García de Albalate del Arzobispo (Teruel), quedando la lista de centros seleccionados como se indica en el documento adjunto: DRAW COURSE 2017-2018.

The ten selected centers have until 15 de diciembre para renunciar a su plaza enviando un correo a cualquiera de las siguientes direcciones electrónicas: coletv@cpilosenlaces.com O coletelevision@gmail.com. En este caso, the CPIFP Links will contact centers to match the square generated in the order of the draw and also indicated in this document.

Due to the high number of applicants, from this year those schools which have already participated in one of the previous two editions will at the end of the reservation list. The fact that several schools want to "repeat" course with us is certainly good news. However, It has taken this step to give opportunity to participate in those centers who have never done.

Nevertheless, and as we did last year, centers that have not left chosen in the draw are given the opportunity to perform tasks related to the world of television and the different activities existing jobs in this sector, such as educational visits to the sets where Cole recorded TV, where our students in vocational education will be the host exercising and even "teachers" of the smallest. And of course, We encourage you to try again in the next edition.

In the coming days, the selected schools will receive the documentation and information needed to begin participating in this educational adventure. Además de las ya habituales secciones sobre conocimiento del medio (“Aragón en la pizarra”), de lenguas extranjeras (“We/Nous/Wir”) o sobre utilización de las TIC (cabecera y publicidad), among other, this year we maintain the section on risk prevention and gave such good results last year. You can check our YouTube channel.

Again, from CPIFP Links We thank all centers Aragonese Primary the efforts made to make this program a success shared learning.



Open the deadline to participate in the program Television CPIFP Cole Links

Until the next 27 October is open pre-registration deadline in Cole TV program corresponding to the current school year. Cole Television CPIFP Links Zaragoza is an initiative aimed at students in grades 5 and 6 of primary schools supported with public funds Aragon.

The goal is that students of these courses can apply different knowledge acquired in primary education in making a television program.

Some of the proposed activities will be developed in each school and complete recording of the program will take place on the set of TV Links, with the help of students from the middle and upper cycles of Image and Sound (Video Disc-jockey, Lighting, Production and realization) and the collaboration of CPIFP of Movera (catering), IES Santiago Hernández (hair and makeup) and IES María Moliner (communicative mediation).

Registration centers concerned can be made through either of these addresses: coletelevision@gmail.com and coletv@cpilosenlaces.com.

The CEIP and Rural Centers Grouped concerned may make a request for up to 40 students.. The registration period ends next 27 October. For this edition will be selected 10 centers. Should the number of applications is higher, the day 8 November a public lottery would be held in the CPIFP Links.

Teachers participating in the program are eligible for a training course related to the proposed activity.

Cole performances TV schedule


They are already here! From this week and are available to the public in our YouTube channel the end of the recorded during this course at our facilities and those of the eleven schools participating programs (ten Aragoneses and one Russian) editions. During June, the colleges have made their “premieres” individuals in their respective centers and municipalities “with great success of critics and audiences”, as we have told themselves. Chronologically, you can see the work of schools Fernández Vizarra (Monzalbarba); María Moliner (Fraga); Lucien Briet (Zaragoza); Mateo Valero (Alfamén); Castillo Qadrit (Cadrete); Gil Tarín (The Grind); Rosales del Canal (Zaragoza); Cervantes (Moscow); Pedro J. Rubio (Huesca); Santiago Apostle (Grañén) and Francisco Galiay (Ballobar).

Throughout the course, They have participated in the project around 310 school and 30 teachers of 5th and 6th grade ten schools and one Aragonese Moscow. In carrying out the program, meanwhile, They have collaborated 160 students and 20 Training teachers branches of Image and Sound (CPIFP Links), Personal Image (IES Santiago Hernandez), Food Industries (CPIFP Movera) and Socio-Cultural Services and the Community (IES María Moliner).

New this year compared to the previous year has been the inclusion of a section on risk prevention entitled “the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section”, which it has allowed children to research and learn the field. Highly positive has also been the suggestion Cole Television this year on the content of the debate: gender equality.

With the publication of the final programs, Television equipment Cole closes an exciting course during which the project has been strengthened and guaranteed even at an international level with consideration of “Initiative Highly Commended” European awards by Medea. Television Cole was considered one of the best educational projects among the initiatives presented over a hundred countries from around the world.

We have already started working for the next academic year the project continues to grow and improve. In September we return more eager to learn. Until then Happy summer!






With the CEIP Francisco Galiay Sarañana of Ballobar we close the phase Cole recordings Television 2016-2017. It was a close overhand ... and most colorful. It is the first time that Cole Television presenters are… rag. And it is that the kids in this town oscense fun came up with the idea of ​​using puppets to tell us about how it would be spectacular program.

We were told that, among many other activities, for more than 20 years this program develop the community together to promote reading. It is an experience involving teachers, parents and even the municipal library.

By section “the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section”, we have met all the risks that exist to perform tasks in the field and, above all, How to avoid Them. Sulfatar masks or cap to avoid harmful sun rays are some of its recommendations.

They have made us smile and enjoy advertising, who wanted to devote to own Ballobar. Scholars have traveled the municipality asking your neighbors so they seem nicer than the town: the chapel of San Juan, Roman bridge 1312, the two rivers that cross it (the Alcanadre and Cinca), or gastronomic delights such as dried tomatoes or donuts. Dan really wanted to come up there because it also used the section “,” to tell some famous legends of Ballobar. Mystery, Magic, custom, tragedy ... a mixture of the most interesting.

Many interesting things that we can enjoy our soon YouTube channel.

See you soon!




Ramón Acín's bow ties overflew the set at CPIFP Los Enlaces filling it with green, and white, and flooding it with a pleasant smell of basil. Students from CEIP Santiago Apostle Grañén (Huesca) remembered Huesca-born multifaceted artist in the "Aragón en la pizarra" section “,” and took an iconic part of his work to Cole Television.

Children in this public school come from several villages in the Monegros Comarca (a level of territorial division below the provincial one), sharing, as they said, “a school in a very old building, but full of creative , fun and very modern ideas… they even have mini-gardens on the windows at the school”. It is very likely that the school cook will have gone for a walk around the orchard in search of some delicacies, although the interview we see in his programme focuses on other issues. Well, the school children have taken advantage of “the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section” so that the cook tells them how to avoid risks in the kitchen and how to cook good things with the security that the issue deserves. What a good idea!

The foreign language block is a surprise. You cannot say or explain, but, well, you have to know English to understand. What will happen? Well, we will have to wait to see the full programme on our YouTube channel… and play. And that is all we can count.

And their work for the “La Faldriquera section” It will surprise many people because it is amazing how many good magicians there are in a single school: letters that appear and disappear, marker pens with a life of their own or water that does not wet. The show is completed with an evocative "jota", modern dance and even a karate exhibition. Nothing is beyond the Grañén schoolchildren!





Cole dish TV has been visited by Clara Campoamor, Donald Trump, Frida Kahlo… These were some of the characters who gathered for the debate on gender equality thanked the students of CEIP Pedro J. Rubio Huesca. As explained Pilar Martín, project coordinator at school, all were in favor of gender equality so they had to step into the shoes of these and other characters to discuss convincingly. And what if they did! They not only brandished arguments based on what they had researched the characters, but also enjoyed the cameras and presented with a vehemence and acting talent that if they wanted many professionals.

We were also pleasantly surprised with their interpretations “,”. They were dressed for the occasion of Anayet, Features y la “is” from both, Cubililla, Formigal transformed after fleeing Balaitus, in what was a beautiful representation of the legend of the most famous Pyrenean ants. We counted everything in aragonesa fabla, how could it be less, with beautiful outfits, the students of IES Santiago Hernandez completed a hairdresser and makeup worthy of the best shows.

And since the program was in crescendo They returned to leave us open-mouthed with foreign language section. Our set have passed languages ​​like English, the French, the German, Slovak, Catalan or, recently the Russian. But until the visit of Peter J. Rubio had not had children singing… in Chinese. With traditional dance included!

The section of the Faldriquera recorded in the center and took the opportunity to all school, from the smallest to the oldest, as well as teachers participate in dance. They also recorded at school “the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section” but, and here comes the hardest yet, they dared to do so by technique stop motion. Safety pins advice on first aid and reminder 112, emergency phone, that children and adults can use, well, responsibly. Very soon we will see those tips and the rest of his fantastic program in our YouTube channel.





pea “English”, Three Dancers performing ballet “Don Quixote”, un trolleybuses, an Aragonese jota made in Russia or full table blinis and other delicacies. These are some of the different parts that make up the program developed for children Television Cole Primary 5 Cervantes school in Moscow. this center, Russian-Spanish bilingual, It is considered one of the best in Russia and has become our first international participant. Children studying in the Russian language, but the 7 years begin to study Spanish and receive up to five classes a week! And Secondary, Students have the opportunity to study double Baccalaureate and obtain the qualifications Russian and Spanish. Kids do many activities in Spanish and participate in various international projects, like ours, who knew thanks to YouTube channel.

So our students of Image and Sound are still with his mouth open to hear them speak in Spanish so correct and cultivated. But, Besides, to the 11 years begin to study English as a foreign language. And they showed that they have made good use of time in that language representing the popular tale Andersen “The princess and the Pea”.

We had violin music, live, because a girl played the part of “Jota Aragonese”, work of famous Russian author Mijail Glinka, a lover of Spanish popular music who lived in the first half of the nineteenth century. We also met the popular festival of Maslenitsa, Russian Carnival, serving farewell winter and lasts a week, during which it is traditional to eat blinis in large quantities.

For “the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section”, They have moved us to the Moscow streets and we have explained the basic rules of labor safety of operators trolleybus. The truth is that these children not only speak good Spanish but also know how to interpret as if they were real actors.

And our surprise was when we showed the work of Barbara, one of the girls with his own hands made the models of the St. Basil's Cathedral and the Basilica del Pilar, two of the architectural icons of Moscow and Zaragoza. Thank you for this visit as fruitful in that both have learned. We can enjoy the efforts of these Russian schoolchildren and their teachers very soon!







“We come forward from the neighborhood Rosales singing a Jotica to Cole Television”. With music and vocals. So we were surprised and excited students and teachers of CEIP Rosales del Canal (Zaragoza) while participating in Cole Television. La Jota dedicated was the end of the section “,”, a comprehensive and in-depth worked block in which the school told us about the adventures of Fermín Arrudi, better known as “giant SALLENT”. This singular character, who lived 1870 a 1913, He came to be more than 2,20 meters and, among other hobbies, He was a lover of music in general, and particularly Aragonese J. To tell his exploits, the kids in Rosales del Canal memorized a long text, They interpreted with grace, and they ended up dancing and singing this special Jota.

No less special was the foreign language section. Such as a bilingual center in English and several presentations as well as advertising on their theater had perfect British accent, it seemed that the language chosen out to be this, but no. Since its inception in 2009, Rosales del Canal works in Spanish / English Bilingual Project in accordance with the agreement between the Ministry of Education and the British Council, but also from the course 2014-2015 teach French as a second foreign language. They demonstrated telling the fable of “The Fox and the Crow” Jean de la Fontaine… in the form of rap. That's nothing.

“the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section” We also have the counting in English and also with grace, that these kids have an impressive art sale. Specifically we explained how to avoid some of the most common risks at school, when riding or to avoid falling in class, among others.

And for “La Faldriquera section” We have prepared a choreography with cambers, also presenting it was-, which it is a new activity that have developed in Physical Education. A lot of practice and hard work have had to spend to get the results that may soon see in our YouTube channel. Congratulations on the job!




COLE TV / CEIP Gil Tarín leaves us a dose of mystery, much respect and courage

Can you make a soap opera on television? You are right. It can. School CEIP Gil Tarín La Muela (Zaragoza) they showed us during his participation in television Cole advantage that we wanted to tell the famous legend of Roland. Dim light and with great makeup done by the students of IES Santiago Hernández, children of La Muela we showed her acting skills but also their technical skills in creating sound effects. Do we need horses? Because for that brought coconuts. Do we need swords? Because they came with metal hangers. All supported by one of the teachers, that from behind the camera line exerted perfect “prompter”. A most interesting experience. Soon we will see in our YouTube channel and enjoy the result.

Y, and if that was not enough, also they surprised us with a rap, in english of course, These children come stomping and speaking clearly… in several languages.

The new section incorporating this course in Cole Television, “the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section”, He is leaving us priceless moments. In the Department of FOL our center, promoter of the idea, They are impressed with the work of the kids, and Gil Tarín has been no less. If someone works long hours sitting or standing long hours, and want to know how to avoid the risks associated with these positions have to watch your video.

The discussion focused on the proposed theme for this course, gender equality. The moderator gave depth to order masterfully the many interventions. Nothing more and nothing less than twelve school, the most massive debate in the history of Cole Television, and not a word was heard higher than another, or anyone “treading” no intervention. Respect, well, there was much.

And it is that respect is essential in this center, as we wanted to show their work to the section of the Faldriquera. The school brought a cover of The Langui, “They wanted brave”, an issue against bullying they sang and performed a very personal way. Congratulations.