Tenth anniversary of the bilingual program CPIFP Links

The next course 2017/2018, the tenth anniversary of the Bilingual Program CPIFP be held at the Links at higher cycles of family Trade and Marketing.

during these 10 years of bilingualism, participating students have acquired basic professional terminology in both languages ​​(Castilian and English), improving their language skills, especially communicative, In addition to learning proper training contents of each module.

For the observed experiences and by passing through bilingual studies, our students have access to a wider workplace and has provided them, as well, greater geographical mobility for their better knowledge of the language and Anglo-Saxon culture.

CPIFP for Links, remains a major challenge their participation in the bilingual program and PIBLEA, in our mind, is always improving knowledge and skills of our students bilingual.

For more information about bilingual teaching can check our microsite on the center's website: