Nuestro salón de actos ha sido el escenario de una sesión de teatro forum sobre violencia de género ofrecida por la Casa de la mujer de Zaragoza, y dirigida a los grupos de 1º de Grado Medio. The representation was in charge of the Association Psiare, whose actors are psychologists, músicos y formadores. The students participated enthusiastically and was involved in a very intense way. The actors created the enabling environment for viewers reflexionasen and debatiesen on unequal relationships.

Since the commission Project “Link Yourself to equality” consideramos que la actividad ha sido un éxito. Forum theater has pleasantly surprised us by force that has been shown by allowing the audience to interact with the character representing the actor.

We thank the House for Women and the Association Psiare the work and have allowed our center to enjoy this interesting and effective session of Forum Theater.

Innovation Projects CPIFP links have been approved

It has left the resolution which approved innovation projects. Congratulations to everyone involved in them and a lot of encouragement to keep working on them.

Our center is present at the Second European Week FP

The CPIFP participates Links, like last year, at the Second European Week FP, whose main activities focus between days 20 and 24 of November. It is an initiative of the European Commission which aims to value education and vocational training oriented quality skills and employment. It includes events in the participating countries across Europe, a nivel local, regional and national.

The three professional families of our Center, Image and Sound, Comercio y Marketing e Informática y Comunicaciones han organizado, in relation to their studies, varias acciones que ya aparecen en el mapa de eventos y actividades de la web de la Comisión Europea:


En el sorteo celebrado ayer día 8 November 2017 in CPFIP links between schools registered in the "Cole Television" program, the extracted number is "25". Según la lista aleatoria confeccionada con los centros inscritos (COLLEGES ENROLLED COURSE 2017), dicho número corresponde al CEIP Román García de Albalate del Arzobispo (Teruel), quedando la lista de centros seleccionados como se indica en el documento adjunto: DRAW COURSE 2017-2018.

The ten selected centers have until 15 de diciembre para renunciar a su plaza enviando un correo a cualquiera de las siguientes direcciones electrónicas: O En este caso, the CPIFP Links will contact centers to match the square generated in the order of the draw and also indicated in this document.

Due to the high number of applicants, from this year those schools which have already participated in one of the previous two editions will at the end of the reservation list. The fact that several schools want to "repeat" course with us is certainly good news. However, It has taken this step to give opportunity to participate in those centers who have never done.

Nevertheless, and as we did last year, centers that have not left chosen in the draw are given the opportunity to perform tasks related to the world of television and the different activities existing jobs in this sector, such as educational visits to the sets where Cole recorded TV, where our students in vocational education will be the host exercising and even "teachers" of the smallest. And of course, We encourage you to try again in the next edition.

In the coming days, the selected schools will receive the documentation and information needed to begin participating in this educational adventure. Además de las ya habituales secciones sobre conocimiento del medio (“Aragón en la pizarra”), de lenguas extranjeras (“We/Nous/Wir”) o sobre utilización de las TIC (cabecera y publicidad), among other, this year we maintain the section on risk prevention and gave such good results last year. You can check our YouTube channel.

Again, from CPIFP Links We thank all centers Aragonese Primary the efforts made to make this program a success shared learning.



first challenge… Gotta!

We started strong.

Our students and we, their teachers, hemos trabajado duro durante algo más de dos semanas en nuestro primer reto (al cual hemos llamado mini-reto, make the idea of ​​what's coming…).

The objectives were clear from the outset and, If we have used tools for communication and management and occupational risk talked applied to the professional family, we have focused on making our group a team. Decision making, participation, Task structuring, resolución de los primeros (e inevitables) conflictos… an experience that is sure to help us to work the following more technical and longer lasting in the coming weeks aspects of work.

Ah! Y sin olvidarnos de que tuvieron que exponer en el salón de actos delante de sus compañeros y profesores, including video recording. Our students have been able to overcome gradually we have fared indicating and, Besides, surprise with different proposals and useful ways to collaborate equipment. Is that what it is, no?

If you want to know what it was, we leave the presentation with which we began the mini-reto back in mid-October in this link.

Best wishes,…y a por el siguiente reto !


And after a busy course starts… They start the challenge!

Last monday 16 October was a special day for us.

It all started last year when after receiving training our fellow Pyramid CPIFP we started to put the theory into practice in some of our classes first Microcomputer Systems and Networks.

Since those days of March until Monday, many meetings, much time spent, busy, many decisions…but, above all, a lot delusion. That has led us here. To have a project where 19 profesores de diferentes departamentos (Informática y Comunicaciones, English, FOL y Orientación) estamos colaborando para aplicar challenges based methodologies in the first year of middle grade training cycle Microcomputer Systems and Networks, in their Diurno modalities and Vespertino.

After a first weeks needed to organize, generate ideas and documentation, finally the starting signal is given, comenzando a trabajar donde realmente nos gusta: en el aula con nuestro alumnado.

First sessions where it has been demonstrated how important teamwork and, thanks to everyone's involvement has been a success. Class match up 5 teachers enjoying the dynamics of teamwork with our students, It was a special and meaningful feeling that what awaits us is different and very motivating.

In the coming days we will have to prove it and be able to solve the first challenges. ¡Allá vamos!


Magenta LGBT (Lesbian, application, Transsexuals and Bisexuals) of Aragon and Mediators Students in gender violence organized by the Federation of Students of Aragon presented, in the lobby of our center, an exhibition with the aim that the reality of LGBT students is completed with the educational curriculum and introduce benchmarks in different areas that help you to freely live their sexuality.

Among the selected we propose to mathematical as Alan Turing, a philosophers as Michel Foucault, a poets Federico García Lorca and Gloria Fuertes, a musicians Freddie Mercury. All of them, questioned and judged by their sexual condition, a activists who have defended the rights of women, as Judith Butler, or homosexuals as Harvey Milk, of the African LGBT Joel Nana.

From our center and next to these groups want the personal and professional development of our students, whatever their choices in their sexual life and that no one is discriminated against it. If we educate in equal from the centers they will not be needed political activists willing to die for the defense of these rights.

Parents meeting

From the Center to the parents of the students it is offered the opportunity to know the Center where their children study, its training, your organization and the services available. The management team will provide attendees general information and then meet with the tutor of the corresponding group provide them with specific information about the training cycle.
Interested parents are invited to attend the meeting to be held Wednesday 25 October at 14:30 am.


The following awards are available later FP-face made by the Provincial Service.

The deadline for registration ends on 5 October at 14:00 h.

Vacantes Fuera De Plazo Presencial Adjudicadas Por Servicio Provincial Al CPIFP Los Enlaces 2017 18 (2.0 MiB)

Outside vacancies Term Presencial awarded to applicants CPIFP Provincial Links For Service 2017 18 (2.1 MiB)


CPIFP students LINKS, in collaboration with the gallery NEGPOS PHOTO de Nîmes (France), They participated in the 2nd edition of the International Festival of contemporary photography border FOTOLIMO “Crossings and Borders” which took place in the towns of Portbou (Spain) and Cerbère (France). The tasks have been performed their own training cycles (CFGS Production of audiovisual and shows and DJ CFGM Video).