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Congratulations to the students of our center Dancharinea DANIEL CORREA family Trade and Marketing and PATRICIA TORRES VICENTE, Family of Image and Sound, who they have obtained Extraordinary Prize for Higher Level Vocational Training in the field of Aragon, for the year 2015

Según la ORDEN ECD/1801/2016, 2015 7 of November, por la que se resuelve la convocatoria de los Premios Extraordinarios de Formación Profesional de Grado Superior en el ámbito de la Comunidad Autónoma de Aragón, for the year 2015, los alumnos DANIEL CORREA DANCHARINEA de la familia de Comercio y Marketing y PATRICIA TORRES VICENTE, 2015 […]

Presentation of a study on the professions of the future

A study presented by the Aragonese Observatory of the Information Society (OASI) Department of Innovation, Research and University of the Government of Aragón identified 40 new professions, mostly related to the ICT sector, such as those that have increased demand for professionals in the coming years. The study, que se ha […]

operation Kilo 2016

A year Refuge Brotherhood Zaragoza launches Operation Kilo consisting of collecting non-perishable food. This institution serves more than 200 Children in the "Drop of Milk", to 53 children in the nursery school and gives accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner a few […]


The CPIFP developing the project Links “Link Yourself to equality” with which it is intended to work in all areas of the center, in a conscious way, equality regardless of sex. Since the commission of equal our center we would urge all members of the educational community (and students, personal no docente […]


Next day 24 of November, Thursday, to 14:30 hours, a lecture will be held by the president of the association brake the Ictus, July Agredano. This conference will be recorded on video and broadcast in streaming within the Innovation project “Links Cloud” via link: Los Enlaces en […]

Simon Poster Competition Awards 2017

This year the Zaragoza CPIFP Links collaborates with the Academy of Aragonese theater Poster Competition Awards Simon 2017. Check out the rules here: POSTER CONTEST AWARDS SIMÓN2017 (486.5 KiB)