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Every year, all school courses, usually they have events, events, activities and many vicissitudes to remember. A sometimes not very good, other good and sometimes extraordinary. But always, all must be analyzed, retained and considered for further improvement in the quality of the services the center provides. It is 2018 […]

European Week FP: Stop Motion Workshop

Among the activities performed in the CPIFP Links to mark the Week of European FP, our students the training cycle 1 “Audiovisual Direction” participate in an intensive workshop on stop motion techniques by Marc Ménager, one of the main founders and creators of […]

Parents meeting

From the Center to the fathers and mothers of the students it is offered the opportunity to know the Center where their children study, its training, your organization and the services available. The management team will provide attendees general information and then meet with the tutor of the corresponding group that will facilitate […]