Talk to mark the 40 anniversary of the Spanish Constitution

Don Ricardo Almalé Bandrés, Director General of Educational Planning and Training, He has shared a talk with students of CPIFP Links, by reason of 40 anniversary of the Spanish Constitution.


Today 21 of November It was published in the Official Bulletin of Aragon Resolution of 5 November 2018 Director General of Planning and vocational training which is called the the Assessment and Accreditation of Professional Competences Procedure (Procedimiento de Evaluación y Acreditación de Competencias Profesionales), acquired through work experience or non-formal deformation of the competency units included in the caesarean Professional Qualifications.


As you read on the website of the Agency, this center will have been awarded qualifications
IMS-2018-14: Production Photographic IMS441_3 and COM-2018-15: COM318_3: Organization and warehouse management.

The headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, under the Award ceremony "Irene: Peace begins at home" for the project "Link Yourself to equality"

Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Isabel Celaá, He has delivered the director of CPIFP Links, Maria Pilar Megino, Yet the Project Coordinator, Carmen Sanchez, Enlaces", Award "Irene: Peace begins at home" with which it is intended “recognize and encourage "educational experiences developed in non-university education centers that help promote the prevention of violence against women.

Our project “Link Yourself to Equality” It has been awarded in the form of schools of Secondary Education, high school, Vocational training, Adult Education, Art schools, Sports Education and Language School. Moreover, “Crewing equality” Public Center and Primary Education María Pita de Galicia has received the award in the category of teachers preschools, Primary and Special Education.

The headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training was the setting for the awards that encourage prevention of violence against women from the education system were delivered. The minister thanked the work done in the classroom by teachers and students in building a better world: “Are spaces where bring peace to our society, to our homes, building with his daily effort a more just society, free and equal for men and women”.

Also they traveled to Madrid and two students show cycle Audiovisual Production, Juan Carlos Fuertes Gonzalez and Jose Julian Gracia Abenia , on behalf of all the students who participated in the various activities organized within the project proposals. With this initiative in addition to the prevention and reporting, also it aims to make visible the work of women in the various labor aspects related professional families present in the CPIFP Links.

The award ceremony of the awards coincides with the Week Against Gender Violence that closes the 25 November with the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. / Pages / 2018/201118-fp.aspx



The Ministry of Education and Training rewards the CPIFP Links for the project "Link Yourself to equality"

The Ministry of Education and Training rewards the CPIFP Links for the project "Link Yourself to equality" in the competition for good educational practices.

We thank the entire educational community involvement in all initiatives undertaken to work consciously equality:

  • The students who have actively participated in all workshops, preparation of exhibitions and theater sessions that have been invited. A special congratulations to the students of lighting and production cycles for their contribution to specific activities included in the project (photo exhibition and short).
  • Non-teaching staff, always ready to collaborate in what is demanded.
  • Teachers who have been involved in always working modules for students who seek their personal and professional development without influencing their choices to their sexual identity.
  • The Management Team for its decision to always work in the line of service learning, contributing not only to the professional development of students but also the staff, trying to contribute to the building of people with sensitivity to community problems.
  • The team that has supported the project, a group of women willing to create, reflect, to plan, design workshops, exhibitions, cutting hot wire, smart, hang exhibitions and ultimately, committed to equality.

Congratulations to the entire school community!

Jean Piaget hosts the first activity center project “"Reframe my reality” in its fourth edition

Students of 1º Audiovisual Production and Entertainment Links of CPIFP involved with students Transition to adult life Special Education Center Jean Piaget a dynamic with which aims to promote relations between them in order to start work in this fourth edition of Innovation Project “"Reframe my reality”.

During this school year is to design and launch a website hosting leisure alternatives for all these young. The aim is to offer a range of local and spaces with their characteristics, from the point of view of physical and cognitive accessibility, that they can access at your leisure time.

In addition to the dynamic, Jean Piaget students of their school taught students the links and then, in the lunch period, shared conversation and laughter.


Two students of Image and Sound and one of Computer Science this course have been selected for Audiovisual and Informative aerials CIPAJ, respectively, in our center. The populars “antennas” students are collaborating with the Center for Information and Counseling Youth of the City of Zaragoza (CIPAJ) to facilitate access to information and services of interest to young people.

Diego Aznar (2nd of Performing and Audiovisual Performances) and Pili Segura (2nd Lighting, Capture and Image Processing) are Audiovisual Antennas and this course will be responsible for making audiovisual pills on various topical issues. Moreover, Luis Lazaro (1-Dual Web Design Applications) is the Fact that Antena, Among other functions, will invigorate the bulletin located in the break room of students and access to information from the CIPAJ through their famous newsletter.

If you have information to share with other students / as the center you can contact the antennas that will lend a hand. In the coming days will tell you how to. moment, you can see his first video to know.


Signed resolution of the next call for PEAC November 2018


Soon it shall be published in the Official Bulletin of Aragon resolution Summoning Procedure for Assessment and Accreditation of Professional Skills (PEAC) acquired through work experience or non-formal training of the competency units included in the following Professional Qualifications:

COM-2018-15: COM318_3: Organization and warehouse management

places offered: 60
IMS-2018-14: IMS441_3 Photographic production
places offered: 60
SEA-2018-16: SEA595_2: Surveillance operations and extinguishing forest fires and support for contingencies in the natural and rural
places offered: 75
  • AFD097_3 Fitness training in multi-purpose room
  • AFD162_3 Group fitness with music stand
places offered: 75
FME-2018-18: FME031_1 auxiliary mechanical manufacturing operations
places offered: 50
SEA-2018-19: SEA252_3 Interpretation and environmental education
places offered: 75
  • Requirements for candidates.
Those people who want to take part in this procedure must comply with the following requirements, the registration date in the notice published in the Official Bulletin of Aragon, the requirements of Real Decreto 1224/2009, of 17 July.
INSCRIPTION: The deadline for submission of applications is 3 to 21 December of 2018 , both included.