Application for admission to vocational training projects A2 Dual mode

Students who wish to participate in the next academic year projects Dual Vocational Training A2 mode offered by the Center, They must submit the application accompanied Secretariat resume in Europass format and a photocopy of ID.

The Center offers the opportunity to participate in dual vocational training projects of this type in cycles Cross-platform Applications (DAM), Sales Management and Commercial Spaces, and Transport and Logistics.

More information on Dual Vocational Training: Dual FP in CPIFP Links

Deadline for submission of applications: of the 1 to 8 June 2018.

The CPIFP Links receives recognition in Aragon Education Day

Nuestro centro C.P.I.F.P. Links has received recognition as “Autonomic Award Finalist 2017 Teacher Action” in Aragon Education Day, the innovation project “Link Yourself to Equality”.

As in previous years, the day of the Aragonese education has been broadcast on the Internet through the portal CPIFP Links.

To carry out, we have had students of 2nd Performing besides their teachers- to prepare, assemble and make this complex event.

You can see all unabridged act on our website:

Links Cloud – Aragon Education Day 2018

The day came FP Parade Fashion Show. 1 June, 17:00, School of Design of Aragon (ESDA)

On Friday, 1 June, at 17: 00 hours in the parking lot of the School of Design of Aragon (ESDA) fashion show dedicated to Manuel Pertegaz and innovation project completed FP Fashion Show took place. After several months of work, students in the six public education centers involved in this project showed everything done around the figure of the dressmaker turolense, on the centenary of his birth.

The project closes with this parade in twelve collections designed and made by students of FP and inspired by the work of Pertegaz presented, who has surprised and love them. The six schools are also responsible for the staging and organization of the whole event, Included in the Aragon Fashion Week (AFW).

The innovation project FP Fashion Show promoted by the CPIFP " Los It has meant planning, development and execution of this event with fashion and personal image as protagonists and has enjoyed working with students and teachers of the following public training centers: the IES Luis Buñuel, Enlaces", IES Santiago Hernández, Enlaces", IES Pilar Lorengar, Enlaces", CPIFP de Movera and Jean Piaget Special Education School.

In all these centers working to equip students with the technical skills needed to implement this type of event. Disciplines related to fashion design, personal image, The graphic design, el catering, floral ornament, the video, the photograph, event production, among other, They combine to develop a product that should serve to give public visibility to the work done within the FP in the Aragonese Community, at the same time, a simple way to pay homage close but couturier Manuel Pertegaz, on the other hand, a great unknown for them and now have been able to discover and appreciate.

In our gateway could enjoy 12 Collections Fashion made by students of IES Luis Buñuel and a sample of work designer Ana Corellano, alumnus of this vocational training center of Zaragoza.

You can also follow streaming


COLE TV / ARE YOU READY FOR Agustina De Aragon?

If someone wants to deepen or freshen English, Television Cole can we help CEIP thanks to Agustina de Aragon Zaragoza. The center is bilingual And you can tell! Virtually all your program is in this language so it's a great opportunity to practice.

They presented their center in English. A center, among other things, Basket is quarry Zaragoza is twinned with the British school Saint Paul, Brighton. His section “the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section” It is also in English and it reminds us some of the most common risks and problems at work, ie at school: falls, stress, contagious diseases… all it explained in a fun and very graphic.

The debate was in Castilian but very international as we spoke of the phenomenon of immigration from the point of view of people fleeing their homelands by war, hunger or persecution of all kinds. Depth conversations among children 11-12 years in showing their concern about these situations. Highly educational definitely.

We are looking forward to seeing your program, which it is also the last recording of this TV season Cole. But before you can enjoy all this work on our YouTube channel, Here you have some photographs taken by the students of 2nd Lighting Aitana Alba and Nacho Ballarín.



Open Day CPIFP Links

The Friday 18 of May starting at 12: 00 we celebrate in the center a Open Day for what anyone interested You can get information about facilities and activities that develop them.

The activity is part of the Week of Vocational Training, in order to provide students the choice of their studies, and it is aimed at students from other schools at all educational levels, their families, and society in general.

Day is scheduled as follows:

12: 00 Talk "Meet the CPIFP Links" and visit our facilities

13:00 Chat "Mobility and Erasmus Programs +"

13:30 am Chat "Cycles with high employment"

14:00 Chat "Meet the FP Dual"

If you want to know the Center or you are interested in any of these talks, we are waiting.


“For the people of Cole Television, handsome well to get us out and we applaud a lot. ¡Que viva!” With that surprise concludes “Paloteao” Tramacastilla I danced by schoolchildren CEIP Montecorona Sabinanigo on the set of The Links. Well orchestrated and led by their teachers, students of the school were marked serrablés a good dance and left us with a smile of gratitude and emotion.

No less admired were his representation “,”. This time reminisced about some episodes of the life of Don Santiago Ramon y Cajal, whose parents hail from the nearby town of Larrés, and we met some of his childhood curious wanderings. Interesting and equally curious was also discussion. It seems that in the school of Sabinanigo no reviews for all tastes around the use of the schoolyard, and so we explained with arguments, justifications and, above all, Politely and education in their interventions.

For foreign languages ​​brought to the set numerous instruments and voices to sing, English and French, this issue is almost an anthem for peace: “Imagine” of John Lennon. And how, In addition to striving much, Cole Television we also like to have fun learning, the video is a must have for section “the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section”. Only anticipate that there is a small shift occurs between parents and children…

How could it be otherwise, for advertising speak we were skiing, who enjoy very close. And until we “will sell” a very special house with mountain views… Made snow! We will see this soon in our YouTube channel but in the meantime here a few photographs taken by Juan Marc and Laura Yus (2nd Lighting) we leave.







This is to notify that students wishing to access Vocational Training Courses and Higuer Vocational Training Courses (on-site and off-site training), prior to the admission process, will request that the Vocational Schooling Guarantee Commission of each province, issue the relevant report stating that the applicant can overcome all the learning outcomes of professional modules that make up the curriculum of the Vocational Courses applied for, completing them entirely, without that entailing risk for the applicant's physical integrity and / or that of others.

From 21 to 25 May 2018 (Both included), applicants are to apply for the report mentioned to the corresponding Vocational Schooling Guarantee Commisssion.

It has more information on the following link: Secretariat of the Center

Link to the Centre's Office

Now available in the section secretariat information center admission process for the course 2018/2019.

Link to the Centre's Office


From 28 May to 1 June will take place:

Final exams 1st call for modules first courses and pending end call key and 2nd earrings no key modules.

From 8 to 13 June will take place:

Final exams 2nd call for second courses modules

From 14 to 19 June will take place:

Final exams 2nd call for modules first courses and pending key modules



The second end call tests distance mode cycles be held 13 to 19 June.

Distance Exam calendar June 2nd Conv 2018 PLANK (1.4 MiB)