The CPIFP Links has returned to live another day “Magic” and much interest in learning. This time it was thanks to 150 CEIP school Hispanidad Zaragoza from 3 and 12 years that have visited the facilities of the Department of Image and Sound, specifically the television studio and classroom-stage. The visit is part of the program “Awakening of vocations”, which facilitates access to primary and secondary school to different professional families of FP in our region in order to know how to work in our centers.

It is clear that older, already they born at the time of the buttons, They love that go activating devices and dare all, either a soundboard or camera on the set. They showed great interest by asking the students of our center, that exercise of these visits “ teachers” their small companions. And more than one he was eager to extend the visit or even, as they discussed their teachers to see their faces interest: “these pupils ye have someday”.

To the kids, meanwhile, everything seemed fantastic and presenting us enjoyed the visit with their smiles and their mouths open. For example, when they were made “disappear” under a blanket type croma-key and more than one chiquitín his legs was played impressed to see that on the screen were not: “But if they're here! Where are they?”. It is the magic of television and the magic of learning.

Thank you for sharing it with us and see you soon!






Yesterday, 22 March, again our hall was the scene of a forum theater session on gender violence offered by the House of Zaragoza woman, in this case the activity was aimed at groups 1 Sales Management and Commercial Spaces, SMR and Performing group 1 pm.

The representation was in charge of the Association Psiare, whose actors are psychologists, musicians and trainers. Students were involved, They participated enthusiastically and enjoyed an afternoon “special”. The actors created the enabling environment for viewers reflexionasen and debatiesen on unequal relationships.

Since the commission Project “Link Yourself to equality” we believe that the activity has been successful. The Forum Theater has pleasantly surprised us by force that has been shown by allowing the audience to interact with the character representing the actor, We value highly the way of working inequality from climate posed with this new staging.

We thank the House for Women and the Association Psiare the work and have allowed our center to enjoy this interesting and effective session of Forum Theater.

¡Inauguramos a SAT!

Hello comrades s!

Last monday 19 March was a very special day on our way full of challenges. Our students faced the task of organizing an opening event of a Technical assistance service, this objective challenge of the 3rd evaluation.

SMR students daytime and evening held two inaugurations. During the previous week took responsibility and actively decided to do in this day, who to invite… Definitely, what kind of event they wanted to have: invitations, posters, decoration and some pecking were the first ideas that appeared.


The influx of family, friends and even teachers from other departments it was all a success. They enjoyed a festive day where students shared some of the experiences and knowledge gained during what course lead, focusing not only on content, but also they tried to convey the way in which they have learned.




It lacked the participation of the management team greeting guests in the hall, where a video summary of what they have done in the challenge was projected 2, and cutting the red tape typical of this type of celebrations.

In the morning they set stands information and guided tours for visitors and afternoon routes created one photocall Very computer and dared to make a small competition based on Kahoot!. In both cases he enjoyed certain moments that remain in the retina of there we were.

The final party was in line with the rest of the day, where the cleaning crew took care to leave all spaces used in the best conditions for a school day the next day, where we have a SAT running and start to get the first incidents to be treated by the teams.

We continue with #RetosEnlazados …Until next news!

One more year, great success in the Table Tennis Tournament

Today was played the match for third and fourth place in the IV Tournament Table Tennis CPIFP Links, and with him it is given by closed this year. Congratulations to Eneko Dallo has been done with third place, joining Daniel Calvo and Jorge Gonzalvo who previously won the second and first prize respectively.

And there are four courses in which the PIEE links, with the collaboration of teachers of the department of image and sound, He has organized this tournament. And as in previous editions, students of different imaging cycles have taken the great opportunity offered by the celebration of an event as a sporting end to carry out a real practice, using equipment and facilities of the center.

This time we have had students in cycles 1 Realization, 1º Lighting, 1º and 2nd Video-DJ, as well as some of his teachers over the morning 14 of March, in just three hours, They managed to start lights, the cameras, miking and everything you need for a multi completion of the final, which it is played during recess with commentators, public, referee, lighting effects, live broadcast streaming and, Of course, finalists.

You can see the result of retransmission in our online repository:

We think it's an excellent opportunity for students to experience first assembling a feature event, with all the complexity involved at all levels.

Thanks to all who have helped this year the end result was so good: organizers, participants, students., teachers, commentators and referee, public Assistant, etc. We hope that next year will be even better.




Susana Zarazaga, Geoslab manager, He visited our center the day 20 to link with equality and highlight the role of women in the leadership of the company.

GeoSLab is created in 2007 to transfer technology developed by the group of Advanced Information Systems at the University of Zaragoza society. They are defined as experts geolocation.

Among its best known products are the web and mobile solutions that facilitate citizen access to municipal information.

Susana offered an overview of the products and services your company offers, and it focused on the way that makes marketing to serve as a model to students present in the talk of the family business and marketing. GeoSLab is a company with roots in the University that focuses mainly on innovation and participation in European projects.

She is an active and socially concerned person who not only runs his company but has actively participated in various urban and rural associations always volunteer (Musical Association Virgen del Rosario de Alpartir, Culturarte, urban y rural kinitting). Highlight within the associations his gaze always towards the third world, collaborating in collecting aid for different NGOS. The title of his talk ” My place in the world” related to the object of your company always reflects its commitment to economic development, social and cultural development of peoples.

Our project aims to present Susana make visible the participation and success of women in business and reflect and medium term shows that profitability increases in work centers led by women because of attributes that they possess skills communication, empathy, ability to resolve conflicts and teamwork. From the center to thank Susana coming to bind at par with us and give visibility to the company in women.

ESTHER Briz link to our center to visualize WOMEN IN SPORT


Esther Briz Zamorano, gold medal at the World Junior Rowing held in August 2017, en Trakai (Lituania), It was linked to the educational community CPIFP Links, in the space “Female Current Aragonesa.” No fear of dreaming” was the title he chose for his talk Esther. To obtain the gold medal after the long period of hard training he called “daydreaming”. She transmitted his passion for rowing and provided its formula, no magic, but based on discipline and daily work: ” To achieve the success, the most important is the mental strength at all times and give the best of oneself”. With these brushstrokes champion gave us all a lesson in humility and simplicity.

Our project seeks the presence of Esther make visible the participation of women in national and international sport and reflect the discrimination that still prevails in institutions, media and families.

Video Contest “Committed to Prevention Links 2018”

By clicking on the attachment to see the contest rules:



Project Catwalk Fashion FP is already surpassing its Ecuador . They learn the first models parading and guidelines for designers continue their activity

With just over two months for students in six schools involved in the innovation project FP Fashion Show culminate in an attractive fashion show, the work they have developed in class in recent months.

This week the teacher gateway, Gil kind words, of the company Globe He was in the IES Luis Buñuel giving some small indications to our nóveles models . Students of this center and CEE Jean Piaget They enjoyed the explanations of the model at all times encouraged them to show their potential on “The tables” and, above all, enjoy because the real work is what has been done before. As well, They could be seen the first ready-made costumes and designers with the students of Personal Image IES Santiago Hernández They began to realize the look of each. Moreover, students Realization and of Production our center not lost detail to ensure that the pre-production of the act follows the appropriate channels.

Links CPIFP teachers participating in the Erasmus Mobility Program + KA107 with the Russian University of Rostov

Teachers of professional families of Image and Sound and Informatics and Communications will be all week in Russia participating in a mobility program Erasmus + KA107 with the Russian University of Rostov. Specific, mobility aims observational learning and studying the functioning of INPO (similar innovation program "Cole Television" Russian program developed in CPIFP Links, but in the Russian case aimed at students of secondary and high schools) and the study of teaching methodologies used in the area of ​​computer science, where Russia is a strategic power.

The CPIFP Links presented this project to the Erasmus National Agency + in Spain to obtain funding for its completion and took second place in the list of subsidized projects.

On April, six teachers of our center will travel to Shanghai Industry & Commerce Foreign Language College in the international cooperation project, Also as part of this same program. Finally, in the month of May will be four Russian teachers from the Technical University of Rostov (which also has vocational training courses) those traveling to CPIFP Links. This visit will coincide with Cole TV recordings that are made with students in grades 5 and 6 of primary schools Aragonese.


In the image, Anna Kopeykina, Amparo Vilaplana, angel Gómez, Irene Yera and Trini Albesa


Esther Briz, Spanish first athlete to get a gold medal at a World Junior Women, visit the CPIFP Links 20 of March.

Esther Briz Zamorano sportswoman visit our center next 20 of March to participate in a talk with whom you want to give visibility to women in sport. This aragonesa has made a small hole in the history of Spanish sport. Swimming rower the Helios Center became Trakai (Lithuania) in the first Spanish athlete who achieved a gold medal in a women's world junior. This young athlete has a habit of starring in great performances. Only in 2017 He hung gold in the junior category of the Championship of Spain of rowing ergometer with record included, in the Fund-Trial Championship Winter and Spring Open skiff.