I Job Fair for CPIFP FP Links: Participating Companies

The I Job Fair for Vocational Training CPIFP Links It is celebrated on Thursday, 1 February. The companies involved with an informative session and / or attention on a stand. Opening hours to the public is of 12 a 14 and of 16 a 18 hours.

Particiapant enterprises:

X Technical Conference CPIFP Links

Activities X Technical Conference CPIFP Links:

I Job Fair for FP: Schedule of information sessions of companies

Next 1 February It is held at our center I Job Fair for Vocational Training CPIFP Links.

From 12 a 14 and of 16 a 18 hours will be open to the public stands participating companies. Moreover, companies offer information sessions to publicize their activities and opportunities for professional development, according to the following schedule:


Time lounge Acts Class of
12:15 a 12:25 Integra Strategy and Technology Leroy Merlin S.A.
12:30 to 12:40 Media Markt Entrophy Zero
12:45 a 12:55 everis Aragon Sabeco supermarkets
13:00 to 13:10 Worldline (ATOS group) Aragon Film Commission
13:15 a 13:25 Eurohelp Consulting Cestrans
13:30 to 13:40 Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services Zaragoza
13:45 a 13:55 Deloitte


Time lounge Acts Class of
16:30 to 16:40 Mechanical Boss
16:45 a 16:55 Hiberus technology
17:00 to 17:10 uup
17:15 a 17:25 Idea Consulting Present
17:30 to 17:40 Grupo Sesé
17:45 a 17:55 KPMG Enseñalia



It is 2018 It is loaded with Challenges

Hello comrades s!

The truth is that we have begun to stop: launch of a new classroom design, a new challenge, this time increasing 6 weeks duration, some changes in the rules of the game, Also on computers ... many good news with which we started this 2018.

Our students actively participated in the new organization of the classroom during mini-reto, back in October. After choosing the ideas that seemed more geared to what they

we ask, a proposal for real change to the center was to carry it out. And it is here! There are still some things, mainly decorative, but the change is more than evident ... and we are very happy, the truth. This already looks a bit more like a #AulaABP, When completed we do not doubt that news alone with it and with many more photos.


And the #RetoEnlazado This second evaluation has already begun. The objective: Working with different media formats with variable duration that illustrate what they are learning in this challenge, as soon have new and interesting responsibilities, always related to our educational community. Y A) Yes is what we have told our students.

Since the main challenge is based on the realization of a more or less long video, we want to take this opportunity to thank Álvaro, our colleague Image and Sound, which passed through the morning and afternoon classes to explain to our students how to make a script in conditions, much appreciated thing. So we have no excuse!

note that, after our first participation during Christmas in a private challenge in the company of our friends Hunteet, is prepared and this new challenges in mobile application, Apart from fun, stimulate interest and work outside the classroom. Also our students participated SMR, along with other downtown, in the Aragon program last Wednesday Open 17 January (see here, from 1 hour and 20 minutes).

Moreover, the development of the challenge posed collaborations with the students of 2nd SMR in your web projects, participation in 1ª Job Fair for VET to be held in the center and, with a little luck, some another surprise in the form of visits and more than interesting excursions.

As you can see we continue to evolve, getting better, testing… and with our students to make this course an unforgettable one for all who are part of it.

See you soon!

FP Project Runway Fashion, present in the first act of homage to the couturier Manuel Aragón pays Pertegaz on the centenary of his birth.

The project FP Pasarela Fashion He materialized yesterday its first act of several that will drive around the fashion world. Yesterday, teachers and students from the six schools involved in the project (IES Luis Buñuel, IES Santiago Hernández, IES Pilar Lorengar, the CPIFP of Movera, CCE Jean Piaget and CPIFP links as promoter of the project) organized and materialized the first tribute to the Aragonese Community pays to turolense couturier Manuel Pertegaz on the centenary of his birth.

Hall of Crown Room of the Government of Aragon welcomed all students and teachers who have been involved in this project that will involve planning, development and implementation of a fashion event. The ceremony was chaired by the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport, Mayte Pérez, who announced that next spring will be held the first Fashion Week aragonesa to enhance the fashion industry and the creators of the Community. The Minister announced that Aragon Fashion Week will begin with the parade emerged from our project, the backdrop of the IAACC Pablo Serrano. From the direction of our center is to acknowledge the work done by the entire school community, especially the families of Commerce and Marketing and Image and Sound.

The project FP Pasarela Fashion in different media:










"Aragón committed Prevention 2017" award for CPIFP Links

Our center has obtained the "Aragon committed Prevention 2017" award in its seventh edition, in the category of "Best Performance in risk prevention for schools located in the autonomous community of Aragon", awarded by the Aragon Council of Occupational Safety and Health.

The ceremony was held at the Crown Room of the Government of Aragon and was chaired by the Minister of Economy, Industry and Employment, Marta Gaston Menal, who defended the importance of awareness to combat industrial accident.

From our center we want to congratulate the other winners in the various categories: Sesé Group, Machined Moon Gregorio, Centro San Valero and Aragon TV. Special mention for his career and legacy in risk prevention Benito Carrera Modrego.

Obtaining this award, It encourages us to follow the path taken to train future workers engaged in getting future, in which strictly limit occupational accidents and occupational diseases.

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issuance program “Aragon Open”

Today 17 January in the program “Aragon Open”, which it is output from the 18: 00 Aragon Television, will a report on our Center.

PEAC new calls: open enrollment period.

Open enrollment period PEAC in the following calls:


SEA-2017-14: SEA252_3: Interpretation and environmental education

The CPIFP Links in Forqué Awards Gala which was held at the Palacio de Congresos de Zaragoza.

Invited by EGEDA, Entity Management of Audiovisual Producers Rights, CPIFP links as the training center of Image and Sound of Aragon was present at the XXIII Forqué Awards Gala held at the Palacio de Congresos de Zaragoza.

At the gala, organized by EGEDA, the Government of Aragon and RTVE, the director gave oscense Carlos Saura Gold Medal as a tribute to his whole career. The movies “The bookstore” and “The author” They received the Award José María Forqué 2018 Best Feature Film or Animation; the award for Best Documentary Feature went to “Many children, a monkey and a castle”; the award for Best Short Film received it “Mother; Premio José María Forqué de la Prensa a la mejor interpretación fue para Javier Gutiérrez in the film “The author”; el galardón por la mejor interpretación femenina lo recogió Nathalie Poza, by “I can not say goodbye”; el Premio a la mejor película latinoamerica del año fue para “A fantastic woman” and, by last, Prize José María Forqué 2018 the Film and Values ​​Education “What really matters”.

At the gala also they attended many Aragoneses present in the world of film as director Paula Ortiz, actresses and actors Luisa Gavasa, Elena Rivera, Marisol Aznar and Jorge Asin.

They traveled to Zaragoza to participate in this event other representatives of the audiovisual sector as Maribel Verdu, Juana Acosta, Dafne Alvarez, Ana Saura, Elena Sánchez, Boris Izaguirre, Antonio Velázquez, Aitor Luna, Alvaro Cervantes, Miguel Angel Muñoz, Pablo Rivero, Javier Gutiérrez, Director Isabel Coixet, President of EGEDA, Enrique Cerezo, Huesca writer, light Gabás, movie pundit, Luis Alegre y los cantantes Sergio Dalma y Pastora Vega, among others. There were also contestants and singers TVE program, “OT”.

Invitation to the First Job Fair for CPIFP FP Links for professional families “Information and Communication Technology ”, “Commerce, Marketing, Transport and Logistics” e “Image and Sound” 1 February 2018

On 1 February 2018 It is to celebrate I Job Fair for Vocational Training CPIFP Links in center facilities (C / No Moncayo Jarque 10, 50012 Zaragoza) for Families Professional Training Cycles taught therein: Information and Communication Technology , Commerce, Marketing, Transport and Logistics, e Image and Sound.

The aim of the fair is that students in vocational training of these professionals Families, have the opportunity to meet the productive environment and the possibilities it offers, and to establish relationships to get a job or an internship now or in the future. This fair aims to boost the labor market in the corresponding productive sectors, favoring the employment of students.

The stands of the various participating companies will be open to the public of 12 a 14 and of 16 a 18 hours. At the same time there will be information sessions for companies to publicize their activities and the possibilities offered.

The fair is open to any student or graduate of any training cycle of these families Professionals Whatever its center of origin and employment status, so everyone is invited to attend and should bring several copies of Curriculum Vitae prepared.


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