Students in 2nd Realization, Aragón TV tonight

Students in 2nd Realization of audiovisual projects and shows of our center have participated in the program as a public "Anochece which is no small" Aragon TV, tonight is emitted from the 21: 30 hours.

Space, led by Luis Larrodera, features singer visits Manel Navarro, and multifaceted Miriam Díaz Aroca, Besides the usual visits and sections of Agustina de Aragón, el “youtuber” Tonacho, or monologuista Juako Malavirgen, among other.

However, Realization for students, as much or more interesting than the program itself, It is to see in situ what happens behind the line of cameras and, Of course, within control of embodiment. A visit to the facilities of Aragon TV and a subsequent conversation with the director of the new late nigth autonomic chain, Ricardo Domínguez, Live it allows them to know the development of a complex production program to six cameras, including a crane and a steadycam, and insertion of a live chroma, among other technical curiosities.





Our hall has been the scene of a forum theater session on gender violence offered by the House of Zaragoza woman, and addressed to groups 1 Intermediate. The representation was in charge of the Association Psiare, whose actors are psychologists, musicians and trainers. The students participated enthusiastically and was involved in a very intense way. The actors created the enabling environment for viewers reflexionasen and debatiesen on unequal relationships.

Since the commission Project “Link Yourself to equality” we believe that the activity has been successful. Forum theater has pleasantly surprised us by force that has been shown by allowing the audience to interact with the character representing the actor.

We thank the House for Women and the Association Psiare the work and have allowed our center to enjoy this interesting and effective session of Forum Theater.

Innovation Projects CPIFP links have been approved

It has left the resolution which approved innovation projects. Congratulations to everyone involved in them and a lot of encouragement to keep working on them.

Our center is present at the Second European Week FP

The CPIFP participates Links, like last year, at the Second European Week FP, whose main activities focus between days 20 and 24 of November. It is an initiative of the European Commission which aims to value education and vocational training oriented quality skills and employment. It includes events in the participating countries across Europe, a nivel local, regional and national.

The three professional families of our Center, Image and Sound, Trade and Marketing and Information and Communications have organized, in relation to their studies, several actions that already appear on the map of events and activities on the website of the European Commission:


In the draw held yesterday 8 November 2017 in CPFIP links between schools registered in the "Cole Television" program, the extracted number is "25". According to the random list made with the registered centers (COLLEGES ENROLLED COURSE 2017), this number corresponds to IEPC Roman Garcia of Archbishop Albalate (Teruel), it being selected centers list as shown in the attached document: DRAW COURSE 2017-2018.

The ten selected centers have until 15 December to give up his post sending an email to any of the following addresses: O In this case, the CPIFP Links will contact centers to match the square generated in the order of the draw and also indicated in this document.

Due to the high number of applicants, from this year those schools which have already participated in one of the previous two editions will at the end of the reservation list. The fact that several schools want to "repeat" course with us is certainly good news. However, It has taken this step to give opportunity to participate in those centers who have never done.

Nevertheless, and as we did last year, centers that have not left chosen in the draw are given the opportunity to perform tasks related to the world of television and the different activities existing jobs in this sector, such as educational visits to the sets where Cole recorded TV, where our students in vocational education will be the host exercising and even "teachers" of the smallest. And of course, We encourage you to try again in the next edition.

In the coming days, the selected schools will receive the documentation and information needed to begin participating in this educational adventure. In addition to the already usual sections on knowledge of the environment ( "Aragon on the board"), Foreign language ( "We / Nous / Wir") or use of ICT (header and advertising), among other, this year we maintain the section on risk prevention and gave such good results last year. You can check our YouTube channel.

Again, from CPIFP Links We thank all centers Aragonese Primary the efforts made to make this program a success shared learning.



first challenge… Gotta!

We started strong.

Our students and we, their teachers, We have worked hard for more than two weeks on our first challenge (which we have called mini-reto, make the idea of ​​what's coming…).

The objectives were clear from the outset and, If we have used tools for communication and management and occupational risk talked applied to the professional family, we have focused on making our group a team. Decision making, participation, Task structuring, Resolution of the first (and inevitable) conflict… an experience that is sure to help us to work the following more technical and longer lasting in the coming weeks aspects of work.

Ah! And without forgetting that they had to exhibit in the hall in front of their classmates and teachers, including video recording. Our students have been able to overcome gradually we have fared indicating and, Besides, surprise with different proposals and useful ways to collaborate equipment. Is that what it is, no?

If you want to know what it was, we leave the presentation with which we began the mini-reto back in mid-October in this link.

Best wishes,…and for the next challenge!