They are already here! From this week and are available to the public in our YouTube channel the end of the recorded during this course at our facilities and those of the eleven schools participating programs (ten Aragoneses and one Russian) editions. During June, the colleges have made their “premieres” individuals in their respective centers and municipalities “with great success of critics and audiences”, as we have told themselves. Chronologically, you can see the work of schools Fernández Vizarra (Monzalbarba); María Moliner (Fraga); Lucien Briet (Zaragoza); Mateo Valero (Alfamén); Castillo Qadrit (Cadrete); Gil Tarín (The Grind); Rosales del Canal (Zaragoza); Cervantes (Moscow); Pedro J. Rubio (Huesca); Santiago Apostle (Grañén) and Francisco Galiay (Ballobar).

Throughout the course, They have participated in the project around 310 school and 30 teachers of 5th and 6th grade ten schools and one Aragonese Moscow. In carrying out the program, meanwhile, They have collaborated 160 students and 20 Training teachers branches of Image and Sound (CPIFP Links), Personal Image (IES Santiago Hernandez), Food Industries (CPIFP Movera) and Socio-Cultural Services and the Community (IES María Moliner).

New this year compared to the previous year has been the inclusion of a section on risk prevention entitled “the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section”, which it has allowed children to research and learn the field. Highly positive has also been the suggestion Cole Television this year on the content of the debate: gender equality.

With the publication of the final programs, Television equipment Cole closes an exciting course during which the project has been strengthened and guaranteed even at an international level with consideration of “Initiative Highly Commended” European awards by Medea. Television Cole was considered one of the best educational projects among the initiatives presented over a hundred countries from around the world.

We have already started working for the next academic year the project continues to grow and improve. In September we return more eager to learn. Until then Happy summer!






The following vacancies are available for distance course admission 2017/18.


Distance learning in September session exists for all modules, so the number of vacancies published here is a provisional estimate. The final number of vacancies will be announced when available notes of the September.

vacant Distance 26 06 2017 (1.8 MiB)

Tenth anniversary of the bilingual program CPIFP Links

The next course 2017/2018, the tenth anniversary of the Bilingual Program CPIFP be held at the Links at higher cycles of family Trade and Marketing.

during these 10 years of bilingualism, participating students have acquired basic professional terminology in both languages ​​(Castilian and English), improving their language skills, especially communicative, In addition to learning proper training contents of each module.

For the observed experiences and by passing through bilingual studies, our students have access to a wider workplace and has provided them, as well, greater geographical mobility for their better knowledge of the language and Anglo-Saxon culture.

CPIFP for Links, remains a major challenge their participation in the bilingual program and PIBLEA, in our mind, is always improving knowledge and skills of our students bilingual.

For more information about bilingual teaching can check our microsite on the center's website:

Graduation ceremony 26 June

Next 26 June at 12: 00 hours in the classroom setting will perform the graduation ceremony for students who have completed their training this school year. All students who find yourselves in that situation are invited.

The 100% of students of our school pass "Selectivity" Tests

The three students who have taken the Evau Tests have passed the subjects of the voluntary phase which they had enrolled on. This will add to an increase in the average course mark of between 1.4 and 2.5 points for the purpose of University admission.

For this reason, the school congratulates student Diego Ramos Bona of the Sales Management and Commercial Areas Course and Miriam Lizalde Jiménez and Alejandro Yuste Quiñones of the Audiovisual Production Course.


CPIFP Los Enlaces received an Honourable Mention for “innovation and the promotion of Vocational Training”, during the celebration of the Day of Aragonese Education, which took place last Friday morning, 9 June, in the Crown Hall of the headquarters of the Government of Aragon, in the Pignatelli building..

At a ceremony that was broadcast live, via streaming, on the web of CPIFP Los Enlaces, and it is available in the repository and accessible through this link, students and teachers appeared on stage to be recognized by the educational authorities and the Regional President, Javier Lambán.

It has been the second year that our centre has broadcast this celebration on the Internet, thanks to the initiative of Image and Sound teacher Álvaro Holguera, and the involvement of other teachers of the department and students of the Videodiscjockey Course.

CPIFP LOS ENLACES was recognized at the event, recalling pioneering innovation initiatives, such as creating, back in 2009, for the first time in a school of Aragon, of a Business Incubator, aimed at the implementation and development of business projects carried out by former students; it was also emphasized the presence of further “young projects” still absolutely consolidated, such as “ColeTV”, in which the chosen primary centres produce a television programme on curriculum themes, and “"Reframe my reality”, putting together the work done by students of the Image and Sound and Graphic Arts families, from CPIFP "Los Enlaces" and IES Pilar Lorengar, respectively, and students of theTransition to Adult Life Class from Public School Special Education Jean Piaget.

Representing the centre, the event was attended by Head of Studies, María Pilar Megino, and Head Teacher, Antonio Carrión, who picked up the diploma from the hands of the Councillor of Education, Culture and Sport, Mayte Pérez, and the President of the Government of Aragon, Javier Lambán.


On 19 June 2017, Orientation Session and Accreditation Certificate Delivery (* 1) Call (SSC-2016-07) will take place, regarding competency units included in the Professional Qualification SSC319_1: CLEANING SURFACES AND FURNITURE IN BUILDINGS (Order PRE / 2053/2015), included in the Certificate of professionalism (SSCM0108) CLEANING SURFACES AND FURNITURE IN BUILDINGS (RD 1378/2009, of 28 th August).


Calle Jarque de Moncayo 10
50012 – ZARAGOZA
Phone: 976.300.804 Fax:976.314.403
Date- 19 June 2017.
Location.- Assembly Hall.
Time- 18:00 h.



Having received the evaluation result, candidates may make pertinent complaints to the evaluation commission, addressed to its president, within three working days from the day following the accreditation delivery date.


(* 1) If unable to attend in person, certificates can be collected in the same session presenting written authorization and photocopy of applicant's identity card, together with the ID of the authorized person.
Accreditations will remain in the management centre for a period of 30 days, after which the manager centre will forward them to the Aragonese Agency of Professional Qualifications, where those interested will be able to collect them..


Films coming… to CPIFP Los Enlaces.

If you want to work as a trainee in a European blockbuster to be filmed this summer in Aragon, send your CV before 6 June to:

This offer is aimed at both current and former students of Image & Sound Vocational Courses.

Various sequences in the western "Les Fréres Sisters", by renowned film director Jacques Audiard will be shot this summer at various locations in our region thanks, partly, to the Aragón Film Commission.

The film features the participation of international actors like Joaquin Phoenix (Gladiator), Jake Gyllenhaal (Brokeback Mountain), Riz Ahmed and John C. Reilly.

The film will be shot in Spain and for that reason, the producer has opened a recruitment process. If you meet the following requirements, send your CV to

The deadline for receipt of applications is 6 June

– Requirements: current and former students of Image and Sound Vocational Courses

– Preferable: Driving licence, own vehicle, French language and / or English and experience in filming short films, feature films.