Erasmus + Interview: Pedro Oliveros and Javier Bartibás (3D animation)

Still we travel to visit our students performing the FCTs in European companies. On this trip we travel 2600 kilometers to Tallinn, in Estonia. There three of our students the training cycle “3D Animation, Interactive Games and Environments”, Pedro Oliveros, Javier Bartibás and David Lierta They have already reached their first month internship in a company modeling, thanks to the Erasmus program +.

You can access your interview here, and previous interviews here.


We remind students of this course can still participate in the Contest moviemaking “LINKS TO THE PREVENTION 2017 COMMITTED”.

In addition to commiting to the prevention of occupational risks you can get a digital tablet and society thanks for your help.

The videos will be 3 maximum minutes, and the theme will be related to awareness, prevention and fight against occupational risks. You have until Friday 5 May.

The works must be submitted in a sealed envelope in hand, in the Department of FOL, 1first floor, one of the two responsible for Prevention: Marta Ferrando and Lola Macipe. Students afternoon shift and distance learning, They may deliver in the department of FOL on Tuesday afternoon, of 16.25 a 17.15 hours.

The selected videos will be uploaded to Center Youtube channel so that the public can vote them. The selection of the winner will take into account the votes obtained and score jury.

Check out the rules here.

Poster by student Ainhoa ​​Martínez López, de segundo de DAW


pea “English”, Three Dancers performing ballet “Don Quixote”, un trolleybuses, an Aragonese jota made in Russia or full table blinis and other delicacies. These are some of the different parts that make up the program developed for children Television Cole Primary 5 Cervantes school in Moscow. this center, Russian-Spanish bilingual, It is considered one of the best in Russia and has become our first international participant. Children studying in the Russian language, but the 7 years begin to study Spanish and receive up to five classes a week! And Secondary, Students have the opportunity to study double Baccalaureate and obtain the qualifications Russian and Spanish. Kids do many activities in Spanish and participate in various international projects, like ours, who knew thanks to YouTube channel.

So our students of Image and Sound are still with his mouth open to hear them speak in Spanish so correct and cultivated. But, Besides, to the 11 years begin to study English as a foreign language. And they showed that they have made good use of time in that language representing the popular tale Andersen “The princess and the Pea”.

We had violin music, live, because a girl played the part of “Jota Aragonese”, work of famous Russian author Mijail Glinka, a lover of Spanish popular music who lived in the first half of the nineteenth century. We also met the popular festival of Maslenitsa, Russian Carnival, serving farewell winter and lasts a week, during which it is traditional to eat blinis in large quantities.

For “the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section”, They have moved us to the Moscow streets and we have explained the basic rules of labor safety of operators trolleybus. The truth is that these children not only speak good Spanish but also know how to interpret as if they were real actors.

And our surprise was when we showed the work of Barbara, one of the girls with his own hands made the models of the St. Basil's Cathedral and the Basilica del Pilar, two of the architectural icons of Moscow and Zaragoza. Thank you for this visit as fruitful in that both have learned. We can enjoy the efforts of these Russian schoolchildren and their teachers very soon!







“We come forward from the neighborhood Rosales singing a Jotica to Cole Television”. With music and vocals. So we were surprised and excited students and teachers of CEIP Rosales del Canal (Zaragoza) while participating in Cole Television. La Jota dedicated was the end of the section “,”, a comprehensive and in-depth worked block in which the school told us about the adventures of Fermín Arrudi, better known as “giant SALLENT”. This singular character, who lived 1870 a 1913, He came to be more than 2,20 meters and, among other hobbies, He was a lover of music in general, and particularly Aragonese J. To tell his exploits, the kids in Rosales del Canal memorized a long text, They interpreted with grace, and they ended up dancing and singing this special Jota.

No less special was the foreign language section. Such as a bilingual center in English and several presentations as well as advertising on their theater had perfect British accent, it seemed that the language chosen out to be this, but no. Since its inception in 2009, Rosales del Canal works in Spanish / English Bilingual Project in accordance with the agreement between the Ministry of Education and the British Council, but also from the course 2014-2015 teach French as a second foreign language. They demonstrated telling the fable of “The Fox and the Crow” Jean de la Fontaine… in the form of rap. That's nothing.

“the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section” We also have the counting in English and also with grace, that these kids have an impressive art sale. Specifically we explained how to avoid some of the most common risks at school, when riding or to avoid falling in class, among others.

And for “La Faldriquera section” We have prepared a choreography with cambers, also presenting it was-, which it is a new activity that have developed in Physical Education. A lot of practice and hard work have had to spend to get the results that may soon see in our YouTube channel. Congratulations on the job!




Interview Erasmus +: Naiara Zabala (Lighting)

We continued the round of interviews with students in our school performing module FCTs in European countries, through the Erasmus + and PYIRENEFP schemes. This week we travel to Dublin to see first-hand experience Naiara Zabala, student of “Lighting, Capture and Image Processing”.

You can access your interview here.

COLE TV / CEIP Gil Tarín leaves us a dose of mystery, much respect and courage

Can you make a soap opera on television? You are right. It can. School CEIP Gil Tarín La Muela (Zaragoza) they showed us during his participation in television Cole advantage that we wanted to tell the famous legend of Roland. Dim light and with great makeup done by the students of IES Santiago Hernández, children of La Muela we showed her acting skills but also their technical skills in creating sound effects. Do we need horses? Because for that brought coconuts. Do we need swords? Because they came with metal hangers. All supported by one of the teachers, that from behind the camera line exerted perfect “prompter”. A most interesting experience. Soon we will see in our YouTube channel and enjoy the result.

Y, and if that was not enough, also they surprised us with a rap, in english of course, These children come stomping and speaking clearly… in several languages.

The new section incorporating this course in Cole Television, “the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section”, He is leaving us priceless moments. In the Department of FOL our center, promoter of the idea, They are impressed with the work of the kids, and Gil Tarín has been no less. If someone works long hours sitting or standing long hours, and want to know how to avoid the risks associated with these positions have to watch your video.

The discussion focused on the proposed theme for this course, gender equality. The moderator gave depth to order masterfully the many interventions. Nothing more and nothing less than twelve school, the most massive debate in the history of Cole Television, and not a word was heard higher than another, or anyone “treading” no intervention. Respect, well, there was much.

And it is that respect is essential in this center, as we wanted to show their work to the section of the Faldriquera. The school brought a cover of The Langui, “They wanted brave”, an issue against bullying they sang and performed a very personal way. Congratulations.







COLE TV / Day by emotions “The club bow tie” Cadrete

“Christmas World Children” It is a popular French carol, with the holiday excuse, calls for peace and the union of humanity, and calls for the end of wars so that children can live as they deserve. It was the solidarity and magical note that we experienced school CEIP of Castillo Qadrit Cadrete (Zaragoza) singing in French for the foreign language section in its participation in Cole Television. A luxury. As he was also hearing from those same voices, this time in Castilian, the words of Aragonese authors like José Antonio Labordeta, Soledad Puértolas or Amaral. Those words we all know but that only they know the right place in order to get thrill. All within section “,”, which concluded at a good pace with the theme “Salta” group of Aragon.

The debate was extremely entertaining, although the proposed theme for this course, gender equality, It is certainly very serious. Children of Cadrete let us clear who know perfectly express and defend their positions with respect and courtesy ... even if they do not agree with the view of those who have front. A lesson for older, it is clear.

And what is also clear is that these boys and girls are delighted with his people and his school. Only then deploy that have shown us both the header and advertising that have been prepared and recorded there himself explained, and thanks to which we know the city a little better. Now we can only go to visit the famous and spectacular castle, among other interesting things. Moreover, They told us that in the “cole” They have a very interesting club, “The club bow tie”, through which they have carried out joint initiatives against bullying or social discrimination, and thanks to which they won in 2015 the National Prize for Coexistence. Congratulations on this award and for the work done to Cole Television, we can soon enjoy our YouTube channel.





Visit of students of Commerce and Marketing at the fair of virtual stores in Walqa

On Friday 7 April, before going on holiday, students of the first courses of higher vocational family Trade and Marketing CPIFP Links, They attended the XII edition of the virtual stores Walqa.

For second consecutive Year, accompanied by their teachers and invited by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Zaragoza they learned from numerous issues papers will then work in their classes.

Again the goal of enjoying a recreational activity fulfilled and training.

Erasmus + Interview: Samuel García (GRAB)

During this school year 2016/2017, more then 20 students are taking the FCT (in-service training) in European countries, through the Erasmus + and PYIRENEFP schemes. During the third quarter we will conduct a series of interviews about their experience.

For the first interview we travelled to Bratislava to talk to Samuel García, from the course of “Computer Systems and Networks”. You can access the Erasmus + interviews here.

COLE TV / Trumpets Music, rap and lots of art, with “los venas" from” CEIP Mateo Valero, Alfamén (Zaragoza)

For though the official demonym is "alfameneros" or "alfamenenses", it turns out that the people of Alfamén are known as “"venas" ("veins" in Englsh)”. They say it is because of the nobility of its people. Until yesterday, most of those present on the set at Los Enlaces, had not found out. But alas what to see what we learn with Cole TV!

The visit from students of CEIP Mateo Valero, based in this town in the comarca of Campo de Cariñena allowed us to learn these and many more things.. For example, they are famous for growing the best watermelons and melons, and they hold their annual village holiday 15 August, San Roque's Day. And we were offered a preview of what, surely, you will hear this year through the streets of the village during the local holiday, since they brought with them, their saxophones, flutes and oboes to give a live performance of a part of their section of La Faldriquera. A pleasantly surprised special audience, 25 Secondary 3rd Year students from IES Miguel Servet in Zaragoza, accompanied us and asked, between wonder and admiration: “but they touch them?” Well, yes, they did., They performed themselves.. VídeoDiscJockey students once again worked hard to make everything sound perfect..

In the field of foreign languages, the “"venas" ("veins" in Englsh)” staged an entire class, blackboard and all…well, the class was in English. So then they started rapping… in English, of course. Amazing!

For the section “,”, they staged several passages of the legend of St. George… dragon and all. And for “the "Mi trabajo es seguro" section” they went to the local wine cooperative as its wines are famous throughout the world, although they know that “because "so say the elderly"”, as two witty presenters explained. You will be able soon to watch it all on YouTube channel.

Thank you for visiting us and learn so much together!