COLE TV / CEIP Fraga filled the set of links with legends of the Pyrenees, confetti… and rockin

CEIP Fraga invites us to know his new name, María Moliner, and to explore its newly released facilities in a spectacular header in which he has participated much of the student body and it will open its participation in the "Cole Television" program. The school, It opened in 2015, is trilingual in #, Catalan and English, and his students offered a program in which there was a bit of everything.

In the debate, school discussed the proposed theme of this course, gender equality, from the sporting point of view, but they surprised us with its high acting skills and ended up telling us about all those issues that concern them at home and at school. yes, It was a clean discussion, orderly and well run by a moderator who was at ease in front of cameras. It also looked very loose participants of the "We-Nous-Wir" section, in this case English, who filled our set of colorful balloons and confetti. And the center is a school of British Council, CHILE 2, and the school they are note.

For "My job is secure", kids moved to one of the most important companies in Fraga, Becton Dickinson, which is responsible for manufacturing syringe. Thanks to the collaboration of the firm and under the slogan "prevention is better than cure", school explained to us the peculiarities of the different tasks carried out in the company and how to prevent potential occupational hazards.

The kids Fraga took advantage of the sections of "The Faldriquera" and "Aragon on the board" to take from the art-a mannequin challenge very special and worked- to-the oldest traditional Aragonese legends about Pirene or jump Roldán, among other-.

Y, Finally, they used the commercial break to invite you to visit Fraga with own song and everything! A luxury, an impressive work of students and their teachers, They enjoyed by both preparation as with recordings. After seeing this ad is clear that we must visit Fraga ... soon able to check our YouTube channel. !! Congratulations!!







COLE TV / CEIP Vizarra of Monzalbarba Fernández inaugurates the new TV season Cole

What they have in common Hamlet, the "boomwackers", the sharing of housework and dance of Monzalbarba? Because apparently nothing but these were some of the varied and studied issues that were part of the first program of this season Cole Television. Chance wanted the first visit outside the school in CEIP Fernández Vizarra of Monzalbarba, and although at first they were worried about being responsible for icebreaker, they did so well and we would like to return to repeat.

They told us, Among many other things, are you at school 169 students and 14 teachers, and do not use textbooks! Actually, they themselves are responsible for preparing their own issues go well and carry out spectacular projects, like the one that allowed them to reform the library ... and now would not want to get out of there.

This year we proposed to work cabbages gender equality, and boys and girls Vizarra Fernández offered a debate on some of the most controversial about it as sharing household chores or the eternal dilemma of who leads worst aspects.

In the foreign language section we were transferred to Globe Theater, to dramatize the most significant fragments of the major works of Shakespeare ... of course in perfect English. Moreover, "Aragon on the board" allowed us to know a little better the "dance of Monzalbarba", a dance of sticks and swords preserved in the town for centuries and who made a representation on our plate.

Surprising, witty and instructive was the content of its "My job is secure", a block that this year we proposed as new to schools for the little ones aware of the importance of occupational risks. Monzalbarba in the school have taken the opportunity to make a didactic summary of some of the risks encountered schoolchildren in their "work": school. Falls chair or stairs, cuts or tropezones, among others, can be avoided if we follow their advice.

And in the Faldriquera they surprised us with its own version of "Eye of the Tiger" in instrumental version played by 22 virtuosos of "boomwackers". If someone does not know this instrument, as it happened to some of our students Links, You will have to wait to see the CEIP program ... Fernández Vizarra soon on our channel YouTube.


PEAC / SSC-2016-07: DEFINITIVE LISTINGS of accepted and rejected in the Professional Qualification PEAC surface cleaning AND FURNITURE IN BUILDINGS AND PREMISES

As it is established by the 7th section of the Order of 14 April 2011, establishing the procedure for recognition of Professional Competence:
Published the LISTS FINAL PHASE ALLOWED 3 (1 *) of candidates admitted to the Assessment and Accreditation of Professional Competences Procedure (Procedimiento de Evaluación y Acreditación de Competencias Profesionales),competences acquired through working experience or non-regulated training, included in the SSC-2016-07 called by Resolution of 28 July 2016 (GOOD 16/08/2016), regarding competency units included in the Professional Qualification: SSC319-1: SURFACE AND FURNITURE CLEANING IN BUILDINGS AND PREMISES
  • SSC-2016-07 DEADLINES
  • The admitted candidates , in accordance with the call requirements, have to “CONFIRMAR LA INSCRIPCIÓN (CONFIRM REGISTRATION)”using the “WEB APPLICATION (APLICACIÓN INFORMÁTICA)” . Confirmation of registration may be made from the 28 until the 30 of March 2017 (both inclusive).
    Documents generated during this process along with the paymnet fees, which must be stamped by the Bank, must be submitted to the managing centre CPIFP LOS ENLACES Zaragoza, they can also be sent via fax (976.314.403) until the day 30 March 2017.
  • This list is indicated the place and date of the first advisory group meeting.
  • Against this listing, that does not put an end to administrative proceedings, It may be lodged appeal with the Director General of Planning and Training within one month from the day following its publication.
  • Persons wishing to participate in the process of evaluation and accreditation of skills must comply, on the date of publication of the call in the "Official Gazette of Aragon" , the requirements of Real Decreto 1224/2009, of 17 July indicated in the fifth section of the mentioned Administrative Decision.

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