Nearly a hundred schoolchildren 10-11 CEIP Miguel Angel years Artazos TAME Utebo visited the facilities of CPIPF Links to learn about some of the professions that may have interest in playing in the future. This is the first of a series of educational visits organized at the center aimed to bring together the smallest with the working world from a pedagogical and playful perspective, always adapted to their ages.

Distributed in small groups, schoolchildren have been received by students and teachers from the three Vocational Training families taught at Los Enlaces., and they have carried out various activities related to them..

In the ICT Department, Artazos the students were able to see and touch a computer inside, as well as outside, since they have had the opportunity to enjoy what has been, for some of them, their first contact with computer programming. Moreover, in the area of ​​Trade and Marketing they have simulated shopping for different products in a variety of virtual stores created by students at Los Enlaces, and they participated in a workshop on decorative wrapping.. In the area of ​​Image and Sound, the students have "deejayed" some of their favourites with VideoDJ students and have enjoyed the "cloak of invisibility" thanks to the television set's chroma.

Both for "older" students at Los Enlaces, who have performed as "profes" (teachers), as for "small" of Artazos, in their role of students, it has been much of a real experience. Who knows if in the future some of them will remember this day as the one which awakened them to their professional vocation.


Exam schedule in March 2017

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Exams Calendar March 2017 (2.8 MiB)


The CPIFP Links Zaragoza, in collaboration with the Directorate General of Planning and Training and the National Network of Public Centers Faculty of Image and Sound "Sync", organizes day 15 and 16 February the State Congress II Technology Training for Teachers of FP Image and Sound, cycle dedicated 3D animations, Games and Interactive Environments.

The Congress will last two days and will be completed within the premises of CPIFP Links Zaragoza, in Street Moncayo Jarque, 10 (Zaragoza). It will feature presentations by industry professionals and representatives attend public centers throughout the country.

The aim is to bring together the largest possible number of teachers of schools providing the Professional Family Image and Sound and which have been introduced or plans to introduce the training cycle Higher Grade 3D animations, Games and Interactive Environments order to share knowledge, experiences, means, agree on criteria, etc. to better adapt the contents of the cycle to learning and working environment.

This newly created cycle has a high demand due to the great interest aroused among young people and not so young- and the enormous business opportunities expanding sector.
The diversity of profiles involved in the curriculum cycle: audiovisual, computer, artistic, etc., It is an important feature to consider in order to adopt the pedagogical and methodological criteria necessary to provide good training, This has led to some Autonomous Communities to postpone the implementation of the cycle waiting to achieve adequate training for faculty.

The interest in this meeting is reflected in the excellent response from the centers that have indicated their intention to attend the Congress, as it will include representatives of all the Autonomous Communities.

With this conference is to:

  • Pooling ways of working and teaching materials among teachers, clarify the coordination between profiles
  • Establish which applications are best suited to introduce into the classroom, as well as the necessary hardware
  • Knowing the point of view of the professional sector and the needs of businesses in welcoming trainees or future workers, as well as their level of participation, involvement and collaboration with educational / training centers FP
  • Establish training needs of workers in the sector companies.



As it is established by the 7th section of the Order of 14 April 2011, establishing the procedure for recognition of Professional Competence:

Published the LIST OF CANDIDATES ENROLLED EVALUATION (1 *) in the call

(SSC-2016-07), from Procedure of evaluation and accreditation of professional skills acquired through non-formal way of training or work experience, units of competence included in the following Professional Cualification:

SSC319_1: SURFACE AND FURNITURE CLEANING IN BUILDINGS AND PREMISES(Order PRE / 2053/2015), also included in the following Professional Certificate: SSCM0108) CLEANING SURFACES AND FURNITURE IN BUILDINGS AND LOCAL (RD 1378/2009, of 28 th August)

Calle Jarque de Moncayo 10
50012 – ZARAGOZA
Phone: 976.300.804 Fax:976.314.403
Calle Jarque de Moncayo 10
50012 – ZARAGOZA
Phone: 976.300.804 Fax:976.314.403

(1 *) NOTE: The Evaluation Commission will contact each candidate during the second half of February 2017.

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Integrated learning centers to develop its Communication Plan Links

The CPIFP Links hosted the day “Communication and Marketing Plan in CPIFP”, which has held the 31 January in the Hall.

The activity, of 5 hours, They attended by the management teams of all Integrated Public Centres of Aragon, to learn or improve their communication plans and marketing, a point that is set as a priority in the Regulations of the ICC Community.

the rapporteur, Ricardo Barco, Company Advisor 2 You (pictured with Professor of Marketing and Advertising CFGS links, Teresa Cuervo), He was reeled in his paper how to approach the design of a marketing and communication plan for our centers. So, the objectives to be achieved, the strategy, and develop concrete actions, They preceded the explanation of how to translate them into a timeline and control which indicators are useful to implement that plan centers. The evaluation of the plan and how to shut continuous improvement explanatory block, before proceeding to analyze specific cases of how to address planning internal and external communication in the CPI.

Throughout the day, organized by the CIFPA, They emerged interesting topics such as managing exhibition centers in Social Networks, and its use to improve the visibility of concrete projects and activities in which we work daily in the centers, in order to give a true picture as possible and extended what public schools are integrated into society.

V Poster Contest Occupational Health and Safety

The CPIFP "Links" organizes the V Poster Contest Occupational Health and Safety, with the aim of fostering a culture center in the prevention and thus promote the professional development, to guarantee occupational health issues. The winners of this contest may participate as representing the center in upcoming contests that can promote various social institutions.

Poster contest rules prevention of occupational hazards

call sign

Poster competition on breaking gender stereotypes

The CPIFP "Links" organized a poster competition showing the break with gender stereotypes, with the aim of promoting the center a culture of equality and thus promote the personal and professional development of people, regardless of gender.

“Social progress can be measured by the social position of female”

(Karl Marx)

Bases break sexist competition