The project “"Reframe my reality” It is enriched. Now the works of graphic arts students of IES Pilar Lorengar

Graphic arts students of IES Pilar Lorengar presented their marketing projects aimed at promoting the employability of special education kids of Jean Piaget. The activity is within the project “"Reframe my reality” which this year is dedicated to employment and its slogan “We like not stand. We are able”. Thank colleagues and students of Pilar Lorengar this magnificent work that will be part of the day on “Employment and Youth" Day,” we are organizing for 5 April Baltasar Gracian in the center of Zaragoza.

Pilar Miró, protagonist of the cycle “Women in the professional field” Enlázate project of equality

Under the project “Link Yourself to equality” the cycle starts over “Women in the professional field”. We started our journey to visualize the contribution of different women in science, cultural or social with those that best represent the professional families of cycles taught at the CPIFP Links.

To identify the family of Image and Sound we chose the director and producer, Pilar Miró, who had to make their way to work in film and television, reserved occupation at that time, above all, men. She proved her qualities making a tremendous effort to be finally recognized unanimously by the audiovisual world.

In the two stairs to students you can see examples of the work done by Pilar Miró in film and television.

Pilar Miró, protagonist of the cycle “Women in the professional field”

Some of his television credits