centers participating in the open day: 31 mayo 2016

  1. IES Martínez Vargas. Barbastro
  2. IES Hermanos Argensola. Barbastro
  3. CPIFP Montearagón. Huesca
  4. Pyramid CPIFP. Huesca
  5. IES Sierra de Guara. Huesca
  6. IES Biello Aragón. Sabiñánigo
  1. IES Emilio Jimeno. Calatayud
  2. IES Leonardo de Chabacier. Calatayud
  3. CPIFP Movera. Zaragoza
  4. CPIFP " Los. Zaragoza
  5. IES Miralbueno. Zaragoza
  6. IES Pablo Serrano. Zaragoza
  7. IES Modern Times. Zaragoza
  8. IES Luís Buñuel. Zaragoza.
  9. IES María Moliner. Zaragoza
  1. CPIFP San Blas. Teruel
  2. IES Segundo of Chomón. Teruel

Congratulations ARASAAC Mention for its Educational Innovation

The CPIFP Links wants to congratulate José Manuel Marcos and David Romero, coordinators ARASAAC (Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication) by Educational mention Innovation which has given them within the events of the "Day of Education 2016 Aragonesa". You deserve for the work and enthusiasm that you put in everything you do. We want, Besides, thank you for your support in the project "Reframing my reality. Social networks".

Congratulations on the medal, and now the Princess of Asturias Award!.

opening exhibition “Reframed my reality. Social networks”

The exposition “Reframed my reality. Social networks” and you can visit in the center of Zaragoza Joaquín Roncal until next 18 June. The Minister of Education, Cultura y Deporte del Gobierno de Aragón (Education, University, Culture and Sport Department of the Aragonese Government), Mayte Pérez, He participated in the opening of this exhibition in which students were also Special Education Center Jean Piaget and students Lighting, Treatment CPIFP Image Links and Graphic Arts IES Pilar Lorengar, all of them work as artisans now presented.

The main objective of this collaborative work, which it is run by the artist Beatriz Orduña, It is the creation of a joint photographic project between students from different schools and have different physical and psychological circumstances. The selected theme is social media and how it communicates through them, the dangers and advantages they represent and their role in personal and professional life. The exhibition is divided into fourteen blocks, as many working groups, and each of them has created a (real or fictitious) profile through photographs he has “given life” networks. These characters are defined in a phrase that is accompanied by pictograms made by ARASAAC (Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication). Thanks to them the exposure is made more accessible to people with communication difficulties.

More information in:

News release


"It has happened to us very fast, hopefully it will never end ". So yesterday fired its "Cole Television" CEIP students Maestro Don Pedro Orós of Movera. So with a surprise in the form of poem recited by two students. But before leaving back to Movera or, for now, Sos del Rey Catolico. Yes, because there they took us these school within the section "Aragon on the board". Taking as the municipality cincovillés, They made a historical tour and told us about the War of Independence, during which joined the lives of Navarre guerrilla Espoz and Mina and the inhabitants of the town of Sos, then taken by the French. During the Civil War, Sos was the scene, as many Spanish cities, of fierce battles and was completely destroyed. Nonetheless, and thanks to the efforts of its inhabitants, Sos remains one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. La película “La vaquilla” (Luis García Berlanga, 1985) se rodó allí, and if you visit you will be able to sit in chairs and read texts that filming of the movie slates placed beside them. Apetece approach, ¿verdad?

Movera has become the third school that used the debate to address the issue of duties outside school hours, demonstrating the high interest raised the matter between our school and teachers. The debate was "warm", full of arguments for and against. All seasoned with a grace, a saltshaker and a staging that if they wanted the best programs of some national chains. At the end, a student of those who were in favor switched sides and he was replaced by a spontaneous. Not tell you more, you will see it in the final program, but I anticipate that was hilarious and instructive.

Foreign language section brought us recorded the center because they wanted us to see the spectacular garden they have there. They grow everything and want to try everything, but they have also learned a lot of English vocabulary thanks to this presentation.

And we can not fail to say that we had to take off his hat with his section "The faldriquera". No faltó de nada: guitarra, drawer, palms and a chorus of wonderful voices to interpret a song composed by themselves. A luxury to have these artists in our set.

With this recording we also just recordings of this course 2015-2016, y lo cierto es que ellos tenían toda la razón: se nos ha pasado muy rápido. Todavía nos queda mucho por hacer: editar las grabaciones, the making of, learn more about the students and teachers of the collaborating centers ... finally, we are not going at all. We will keep you informed.






Open day at CPIFP Los Enlaces 31 of May

Next 31 May it be performed in our center open day. For more information see the program:


Pre-registration will be made to the course program 2016/2017
Thursday 26 at 18.10 evenings for students
Friday 27 for pupils morning at 11.10
Distance students can attend any meeting.

PEAC / SEA-2016-01: Final list of candidates enrolled in the evaluation phase in the PEAC call for the professional qualifications of private security.

Published the DEFINITIVE LISTS OF CANDIDATES ENROLLED IN PHASE ASSESSMENT in the Procedure for Assessment and Accreditation of Professional Skills competences acquired through working experience or non-regulated training, included in the PEAC SEA-2016-01 convened by Resolution 15 February 2016 (GOOD 29/02/2016), regarding competency units included in the Vocational Training of private security and surveillance.

The Evaluation Commission will contact each candidate within a maximum period of 10 days after the publication of these lists.


Exam calendar June

June exam schedule in the attached file:



What you have to do with David Guetta Cantània? And with Cesaraugusto acrosport? And lettuce with a bishop? Well, although it seems that nothing, the fact is that yesterday were all together in our set during recording of the program that students of Primary CEIP prepared Hispanidad Zaragoza. Yes, because this center has school garden, developed a chess program and participates in the project Cantània, among many other activities, as we were told in the presentation of your recording for "Cole Television".

For the section "Aragon on the board" we were moved to the old Cesaraugusta and, hand of three Roman perfectly dressed and characterized, We visited the only bridge of the time, public latrines or the famous hot springs ... "which today is a spa, come on", as he explained the presenter.

Cesaraugusta And we went to a set of bilingual TV! School made their own version of "Surprise, surprise "with the peculiarity that the presenter and surprised young lady spoke English perfectly until suddenly appeared ... .¡David Guetta! From that moment, They began to speak equally well in French, in honor of the guest, while "surprised" he embraced his idol. These children stunning and impressive also the work of the students of IES Santiago Hernandez characterizations for this program.

"The faldriquera" gave us the opportunity to make our first recording outdoors and moved to our yard a huge tatami on which they danced 12 boys and girls. Good: dance, double, climb over each other, re-double, stretch ... and do all sorts of very complicated shapes to the beat of music. Choreography acrosport risky that repeated almost no muss.

But there was also time for more serious matters. The debate began with the participants and the moderator carrying banners against bullying, as was the theme chosen for "Between you and me". Perfectly led by an effective moderator, the debaters had thoroughly researched on the subject and was delivered very well prepared. They defined the term and explained the differences between violence and bullying. They drew the profile of the bullied child but also the stalker, and we talked about that other form of harassment that uses social networks to harm through the "cyberbullying". They conclude with suggestions for action in cases where such situations are detected, and they outlined interesting ideas that are taking place in neighboring countries to end them. From "Cole Television" we want to remind you that if you need help regarding this matter you can call the official phone 900 100 456, where you will attend experts in the field. Whether you are victims and witnesses, any day of the year and at any time.