FP Dual Multiplatform Application Development: Talks of companies committed to the project

Next Wednesday 4 May morning, will be held at our Center a day in which companies committed to our project Dual Vocational Training cycle Multiplatform Application Development, They provide information to interested students about the work they do and the professional profiles looking.

This mode will allow the students to exceed the first course of these studies, perform synchronizing the second course training in our center with paid work in these companies.


A debate on the duties in Castilian, a competition on the "fragatino" in Catalan, a poem in English ... school CEIP Calasanz Fraga who visited us yesterday gave us a crash course in a language program that revealed the most polyglot.

With scenery as carefully, thanks to which we could admire curious images of the town, they told us some of the mysteries of the area and allowed us to take a tour of the legends and traditions fragatinas. We had the opportunity to see up close several "gifts of faldetes", the spectacular typical costume Capital bajocinqueña, they just look on the occasion of the festival of 23 April.

In the contest, Both teams were used well prepared thoroughly with toy hammers to be the first to answer questions hostess. All in Catalan with questions about the "fragatino" and the linguistic peculiarities of the area.

For the section on the use of foreign languages, school chose English and delighted us with two works of British writer Michael Rosen: a poem, and nothing more and nothing less than a rap, with those who could demonstrate their mastery of the language.

In the debate they addressed an issue that concerns teachers, students and families almost equally: the duties. On one side, a team came out in favor of the duties and recalled how important it is that children organize tasks and do not leave for the final papers and exams. At the other end, the members of the second team to book advocated work to the school environment and felt that the duties were time to family life and leisure.

And we have known a little more the town of Fraga through several commercials and explanations of the presenters. In summary, an exciting new program in which to learn and have a totally different day.

Thank you for participating and make us spend a great day!






Fifty Primary School College of Las Fuentes de Zaragoza have come to know and to see the facilities of our center in which "Cole Television" is recorded.

Throughout the morning, the children were able to walk around the room-setting and makeup area, They have been immortalized in the photo-call and they have even been released to play drums in our sound booth. Already in TV studio, schoolchildren have enjoyed playing seen in control monitors Making, and they have been put at the controls of the cameras as if it were real professionals. And of course we have used to play hide our "blanket of invisibility" using the technique of chroma key. It was a different for them and for us tomorrow that we all enjoyed and learned more.

School of Las Fuentes also have their own project related to television. It is called "Thrill TV", an initiative whose key communication and media. Thanks to this project are recording and posting videos on various subjects and of great interest as the visit of firefighters, fiestas del Pilar or the Day of Peace, among others. Here you can see his reports. http://cplasfuentes.org/emociona-tv/

Thanks for visiting and good luck with your project!







Second prize in poster competition Prevention of occupational hazards

The student's grade average cycle Microcomputer Systems and Networks our center, Pedro Calle Luna, has won the second prize in the poster competition Risk Prevention Weekdays called by the UGT and CCOO unions Aragon. The awards ceremony took place on 27 April at the Patio de la Infanta Ibercaja.

Talk-workshop INCIBE: “Fundamentals of website analysis”

Within the Technical Sessions 2016, It will impart Talk Workshop “Fundamentals of website analysis”, taught by INCIBE (National Cyber ​​Security Institute). This activity is aimed at students from the center of the upper cycles DAW (Web Application Development) and DAM (Multiplatform Application Development).


Today Monday 25/04/2016 at 17:30 h. will take place in the auditorium of the CPIFP LINKS (Zaragoza), briefing the start of phase PEAC advisory SEA-2016-01, competition units included in the Vocational Training of private security and surveillance.



But what a wonderful time we had yesterday with the students of Primary 5 Calamocha! There was a bit of everything: magic, gymnastics, geography, popular culture, mood ... and all with the participation of an audience given to the good work of their peers. But go to parties.

Calamocha is a town in the Teruel region of Jiloca in which they live more than 4.000 inhabitants and its festivities celebrating the 14 August, in honor of San Roque. In his school, CEIP Ricardo Mallen, there are 450 Students in elementary and primary levels, and use whiteboards to learn the most diverse materials. This told us yesterday in the presentation of the program that came to participate in the "Cole Television".

Then, in the section "Aragon on the board", we were left speechless with the unexpected end of two famous legends Aragonese. Lovers of Teruel, for example, They are living in Calamocha, They have had twins and remain as enamored as ever although "with the mortgage, diapers and crisis, Justice nos viene ", as we told yesterday the very Isabel de Segura and Diego de Marcilla. Also the dragon San Jorge has ended up living in Calamocha and working on his City Hall, particularly in the gardening service "comes to eating grass and branches" because so many people had eaten was starting to be overweight.

The debate was the most heated: games with new technologies and lifelong games outdoors? A deep reflection and of great interest for all, that did not leave indifferent even students of the links are responsible for the image and sound. Until the public took sides with applause and "Ohhhhh" when the words of the debaters seemed to them more or less interesting.

In the foreign language section, English school chose to present a complete information with holders, the latest news on the "Ham Bike" Calamocha in the sports section, or the time it does in the different municipalities of the region with map and everything ... and umbrella Of course!

Arrival "The faldriquera", when we thought that nothing could surprise us, the calamochinos presented us a complete performance of magic and humor with "Abracadamocha" and a gymnastic dance with "Elastimochas".

Thank you for such a varied program, fun and full.


PEAC / SEA-2016-01: Final list of admitted under advice on PEAC call for the professional qualifications of private security

    the final list published CANDIDATES ADMITTED TO PHASE ADVISORY in the Assessment and Accreditation of Professional Competences Procedure (Procedimiento de Evaluación y Acreditación de Competencias Profesionales), competences acquired through working experience or non-regulated training, included in the (PEAC SEA-2016-01) Convened by Resolution 15 February 2016 (GOOD 29/02/2016), regarding competency units included in the Vocational Training of private security and surveillance.

    CPIFP LINKS (Zaragoza), Monday 25/04/2016 at 17:30 h.

    Against this listing, that does not put an end to administrative proceedings, It may be lodged appeal with the Managing Director of the Aragonese Employment Institute within one month from the day following its publication, under Articles 114 and 115 of the law 30/1992, of 26 of November, Legal Regime of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure.

  • (1 *) CONTAINED IN THE LIST CANDIDATES ADMITTED TO THIS CALL, Who have confirmed their appropriate payment REGISTRATION FEE.


Best online store novel Virtual Fair Aragon stores a student Center

CRISTIAN Dueso ARIÑO, first-year student of the Higher Cycle Marketing and Advertising, has resulted awarded in the XI edition of the Virtual Stores Aragon, held last Friday 15 April, in Walqa-Huesca. The jury considered its online store: www.epis-services.com, the Virtual Store Best Novel.

Cristian has departed both the business idea and its technical configuration, and personally and alone bears the commercial management of its e-commerce, dedicated to selling clothes, footwear and accessories for safety at work. The usability of their web and good customer service as strengths, They have led to take six months selling national and international traffic. In these early months of 2016 It has doubled its turnover, regarding 2015, and it is considering expanding the workforce to continue combining studies and business.

Visit the store here:


Also in facebook


A Knight Templar yesterday presided over the participation of schoolchildren CEIP Primary 6 Monzon 3 in "Cole Television". It could not be otherwise. During the "Aragon on the board" section, a group of students told us the importance of the Knights Templar in the history of the capital when mediocinqueña, back in the centuries XII and XIII, It became its headquarters in the Crown of Aragon. We also talked about their influence on the life of then child, King James I of Aragon, Monsoon educated by the Master Templar Guillem de Montrodón. Of course we walked through the Castle and we talked about the many legends, both real and magical, that revolve around the impressive fortress that presides over the city.

We had a chance to see them dance, to visit the shrine Joy and give us a relaxing walk to the Fountain of Saso. We are told that a young college, born in 2013, and bilingual in English. And so, in English, they told us some peculiarities of those typical celebrations of the Anglo-Saxon world and we both sound like Halloween, Thanksgiving or San Patricio.

The participants in the debate raised us which style is better education for children: authoritarian or permissive. There were opinions for every taste and high-level arguments both on one side and another. At the end, all agreed with the moderator in the style of education is democratic because it secures the best values ​​of both.

And finally we were reminded how important sports are for them and new technologies, the radio workshop with the participation of both successes and are reporting them, and this approach to the world thanks to television, "Cole Television". In summary, enriching a new morning, fun and interesting.

Thank you for your participation!

And next Wednesday: Calamocha.