Audiovisual equipment Antennas CIPAJ in Links has developed this new video to congratulate the holidays and the new year. Last November, thirty young antennas came to our center to participate in a training session on editing and video recording with mobile. The “antennas” boldest put into practice what they learned and took the opportunity to make his first steps in different areas of our workshop Image and Sound: classroom-stage, TV studio, Performing control, dressing rooms, makeup, photo-call…

During this course, a total of 77 Young collaborate with CIPAJ facilitating access to information. distributed by 34 schools and 12 universities of Zaragoza, They are responsible for managing an important flow of information from the various administrations, public and private entities, and organizations of all kinds to their peers. There are also two teams specialized in communication through Radio and Audiovisual, specifically the one on links for third consecutive year.

Here you can see the video:

Enjoy it and Happy Holidays!





IES María Moliner students will interpret Sign Language Television blocks Cole.


Students from Higher Level Language Interpreting Signs Maria Moliner Institute of Zaragoza this course will join the "Cole Television" program CPIFP Links. Maria Moliner participation will incorporate a window into some blocks of the television program with translation, that language, for people with hearing problems.

To this end, and as a pilot project, several students have interpreted the statements made by those responsible for the three primary schools that participated in the program last year (Hispanidad, José Antonio Labordeta and Don Bosco), as you can see in this video Thus it is intended that Cole TV more accessible to all citizens and Aragonese, especially, deaf children.

With the María Moliner and three institutes are collaborating with us in the staging of Cole Television, next to IES Santiago Hernández, that deals with the makeup and hair, and CPIFP of Movera, which it handles the catering.

Sign language, Psychosociology of deaf and deafblind population, deafblind, International system or Applied Linguistics Sign Language signs are some of the modules taught the two courses over the duration of the cycle is given in the María Moliner.

The student group is smaller than that established by the regulations in other higher vocational training, because the methodology is completely practical and teaching is more individualized. When they finish the cycle, Students are able to interpret sign language to spoken language and oral language into sign language at any level (educational, doctor, legal, …), and adapt messages to any communication system for deafblind people.

The probationary period is usually performed in deaf and deafblind associations, although in recent years they have covered more areas, communication and mediation functions are performed particularly preferred hearing impairment colleges and colleges of education with deaf and deafblind.


Course INAEM “Professional English for business”

Our center will provide from 22 December of 2015, a training module “Professional English for Commercial Activities”, of 90 hours, preferably aimed at people who have participated in the PEAC Sales Activities 2015, but also people who participated in the PEAC from previous years and that have the same training needs, and unemployed workers in general, they also have those same training needs.
The training module corresponds to the certificate of professionalism 1002_2 Level 2, Sales activities, and it aims to communicate in English with an independent use, in commercial activities.
Being a subsidized course, It is free for candidates who are selected, and the selection test will be Tuesday 15 from December, at 16: 00 hours in the Hall of CPIFP Links.
The requirements to participate in this screening test are:

1. Be previously registered as unemployed and seeking work in INAEM.

2. And accredit meet the requirements of having participated in the PEAC sales activities (COM-2015-06), or in previous years PEAC 2015.

The option to pre-register INAEM page is now open, in the list of courses, or through the following links:

For more information, doubts and / or consultations, You can contact us using the form below:

Courses PIEE second quarter (January to March)


Youth between 12 and 30 years

Price of all courses 30 € (Except creative sewing 25 €)



Arduino and 3D Printing:

Monday 15:30 to 18:30 am

From 18 Jan. 29 February (21 h.)


Digital Design with Indesing CC:

Monday 16 a 19

From 18 Jan. 29 February (21 h.)


3DS MAX (Texturización):

Tuesday 18:00 to 21:00

From 19 Jan. 23 February (18 h.)


Script for Film and Television:

Tuesday 11 a 14

From 19 Jan. 1 March (21 h.)


Recording studio:

Wednesdays 16 a 19

From 20 Jan. 9 March (24 hours)


Programming with Unity 3D Games:

Wednesdays 18:30 to 21:00

From 20 Jan. 2 March (18 h.)


Basic and creative sewing:

Thursday 15 a 16:30 am

From 21 Jan. 17 March (14 h.)


Personal Shopper:

Wednesdays 16 a 19

From 20 Jan. 9 March (24 h)


Interpretation in audiovisual works:

Timetable to be


Process baremación Erasmus + 2015/2016

Publication scale after the final meeting of 11 December where claims are resolved and guidelines and instructions will follow

enters as a guest: erasmus area 15/16