Call finals March

The document and have it available to the finals schedule for convening March Course 2014/15.

Visit of the students of Jean Piaget

Last Tuesday 3 February we were visited by a group of students from special education center Jean Piaget, exactly the classroom 10. Students Performing 2nd were taught the various facilities, stage, the set-up, the recording booth, the set and the chroma. They explained in a very entertaining way learn to perform, to light, to handle a camera and to present an informative.

It was a very interesting and fun experience. This was the first collaboration between the two centers and we hope to continue with other activities.
'' Now we have to restore the visit !!!

Information Days of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education

In the coming weeks we will have a series of briefings of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education for students who are interested in further study a university degree.

  • Wednesday 18 February 14.30 (Assembly Hall)
    Talk University of Zaragoza (directed to Family Computing and Communications / Trade and Marketing Family and Family of Image and Sound)
  • Thursday 19 February 14.30 (Assembly Hall)
    Talk CESTE International Business School (directed to Family and Family Information and Communications Trade and Marketing)
  • Wednesday 25 February 14.30 (Assembly Hall)
    Talk San Jorge University (directed to Family Computing and Communications / Trade and Marketing Family and Family of Image and Sound)
    Talk Estudios Superiores (directed to Family Computer)

CPIFP meeting between the links and the Lycée Pierre de Coubertin de Calais (France)

From 2 to 5 FebruaryO, students and teachers of Transport and Logistics and our Integrated Center of BTS Transport del Lycée Pierre de Coubertin of Calais (France) have developed IV Meeting of Transport between the two schools. On this occasion, activity has focused on work groups to highlight similarities and differences in various cases of transport planning in both countries and within the European Union. It has been supplemented with visits to companies and transportation hubs. It is worth noting the high level of the conference and the participation and interest of students in both countries.

IX Business Project Competition

As in previous years CPIFP organizes Links ninth contest realization of Business Projects.
This contest is part of the program "Entrepreneurship at school" course 2014/2015 with the objective of students develop their creativity in the field of self-employment. We can raise this form of Professional Insertion medium or long term to develop a project to create a small business, analyzing its viability and explaining the steps.
As a result of this competition, may arise business ideas, that could be implanted in the Business Incubator from the center. To do students who wish will have the support and advice of the members of the Departments of Professional Information and Guidance and Employment (IOPE) and Training and Employment Guidance (FOL).

Competition rules

  1. Participants
    students of Higher Level Training Cycles enrolled in the module may participate:
    – Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. students have the module may also be submitted validated.
    They may do so individually or in groups of up to four people.
  2. Deadline and delivery
    Work may be submitted to the 27 February 2015 in the Center Secretariat as follows:
    – In a large envelope will be including "document-draft" of the business project without any indication unless the course to which it belongs.
    – In another over small, It shall be included the name of the author of the project, as well as the course and training cycle they belong.
    – A copy will be sent in digital format ".pdf" document that is on paper to competition, to the following email address:
  3. Jury
    The jury will be composed of members of the departments of IOPE AND FOL
    The result will be made public before 18 March and displayed in the bulletin board Employment center Space, on the website and in the information display in the center lobby.
  4. Awards
    The granting of any of the two awards imply the acceptance of his / s author / s participation in the previous phase of the program at the School Emprender, bringing the most detailed and advanced development of their respective projects, for what will have tutoring and counseling departments IOPE and FOL.
    The prizes are awarded by the CPIFP the links are as follows:
    First prize: 1 tablet
    Second prize: 1 external hard drive
    Third award: 1 pen drive

    It should be noted, the failure of the contest can be "wilderness" if none of the received projects gather together the quality and viability requirements estimated by the jury.

  5. Content
    The work should include the development of a business project free theme although it will be appreciated that the object or objects rotate preferably business, competency, domains and professional areas related directly or indirectly to the training cycle being enrolled.
    Work schemes allowed are developed in two training modules developed in the center:

    – OWN, book publishing TuLibrodeFP

    The minimum sections must be:

    1. Concreteness of ideas.
    2. Identification of promoters.
    3. Choice of legal form of the company:
    4. Market analysis.
    5. Company Location.
    6. Product Type
    7. Productive process.
    8. Human Resources:
    9. Plan de marketing
    10. Study of economic and financial viability.
    11. Implementation schedule.

    and matured correct implementation of the different aspects of it as well as creativity and presentation thereof will be assessed.