Presentation Cycles Distance LOE

The presentation of the cycles will be on Wednesday 1 OCTOBER at 18’00 hours (except Higher Level Training Cycle transport and logistics postponed until further notice due to illness coordinator).

Students attend classroom reference to each group according to the following distribution:

Intermediate training cycle Microcomputer Systems and Networks: Classroom 2.02
Superior Grade Formative Cycle Web Applications Development: Classroom 2.09
Superior Grade Formative Cycle International Trade: Classroom 1.07
Superior Grade Formative Cycle Management Sales & Commercial Spaces: Classroom 1.01
Production Higher Level Training Cycle of Audiovisual and Shows: B.10 classroom

Distance public ceremony awarding vacancies

Distance public ceremony awarding vacancies

It takes place in the center of awarding public act residual vacancy has not been incurred or low enrollment of students already enrolled and not admitted lists exist for the cycle.
Place: Assembly Hall.
Hour: 11:00
Day: 24 September 2014
First they will be awarded for intermediate cycles and then for higher vocational.
It will start on time. At 11: 05 hour access to the public act will not be allowed.

Day Presentation Vocational Training Middle Grade and Higher Grade Modality

The Friday 19 September of 2014 Presentation Day will take place Vocational Training and Higher Degree Modality.

The hours are as follows:

Daytime Round: 10: 00h

evening and night shift: 17: 00h

Go to the classroom assigned to each group according to the

View to settle.

List of students admitted to the course distance cycles 2014-2015

published 12 September at 16h. If any list appear incomplete or illegible on the web, the original printed copy of the lists is exposed in the lobby of CPIFP Links.

First prize for quality in vocational guidance to the project “Enlázate the space-Employment”

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